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Doomsday Wonderland - Chapter 62


Chapter 62: Lin Sanjiu Might Have Poor Numeracy Skills

Translator: Pluto Editor: Tehrn

From a bird's eye view of Oasis, four figures approached the Executives' Building with an alarming speed, churning up four streaks of dust. When the streaks of dust merged together, the entire Executives' Building was swallowed by dust and sand, such that they could only see a vague outline of each other.

The person guarding the building was Hai Tianqing, the largest person among all the Executives. He was tall and had an extremely muscular built, each inch of his body was covered with bulging muscles, making him look as intimidating and sturdy as a mountain. He coughed twice, choked by the dust in the air. As if using a palm-leaf fan, he swiped his huge hands about him trying to clear the dust around him. ’’Shouldn't all of you be more discreet!’’

The dust settled a little gradually, and a person emerged from his left. It was a tall, slender man. Despite living in an extreme environment like Hyperthermal Hell, it was very obvious that the man valued his own appearance greatly. He wore a white collared shirt with a suit vest and cropped trousers which showed his ankles. His polished leather shoes were as shiny as his hair. The yuppie-styled man brushed off the sand on his shoulders and smiled, ’’Since we are here, did you get those hindrances to leave?’’

’’Wasn't the broadcast loud enough? Didn't you hear it?’’ an acid woman's voice drifted from the other side of the dust right the man finished his question.

The voice belonged to an OL [1], in office wear, wearing a pair of black framed glasses. Even though her tight office top and pencil skirt accentuated her full bosom and good figure, her hair worn in a tight bun and her stoic, uptight expression only gave her the image of a strict primary school educational director.

At that exact moment, there was a hurried voice over the loudspeakers: ’’Dear Oasis members, please return to your own dormitories and gather there...’’

The yuppie gave a disapproving snort. Seeing the both of them acting hostile the moment they met, Chen Jinfeng quickly soothed the situation, ’’Alright, alright. Can you set aside your difference today on my account? Let's work together to defeat those traitors?’’

’’If we want to bring that up, isn't this mess caused by you?’’ the fifth Executive suddenly spoke loudly a brown rabbit emerged from the sand. The group of people threw a glance at the rabbit without a hint of astonishment.

The color of the sand-covered rabbit was no different than when it was clean. It was a brownish yellow. However, the rabbit shook its body agitatedly. After shaking all the sand off his fur, it opened its rabbit lips and let out a human-like cold laughter. ’’Chen Jinfeng, I forgot to ask you something. Have you gotten your hands on that Pocket Dimension Escape Portal? Have you had se* with that Caucasian woman? This entire hubbub was created because of your f*cking idiotic greed.’’

As a rabbit, its words were considerable uncouth and malicious, ’’After they discovered those duoluozhongs, you were also the first person to report to Professor Bai. From the current situation, things seem to be escalating. I'm really curious. I wonder what sort of sh*t is brewing in that vile gut of yours.’’

Although he was mocked by the rabbit, Chen Jinfeng surprisingly suppressed his anger and did not say a word. However, his contorted face was red with anger. Hai Tianqing sighed and stepped forward. ’’Enough. Just shut up now. When this is over, you can quarrel all you want. Rabbit, you better watch your words. Even if you wake up with a bad temper, you should know when to stop.’’

The brown rabbit scratched its ears with its back legs as if it did not understand. The five people if they could be all called ’’people’’ kept quiet. Standing or sitting, they waited for Lin Sanjiu and her group to arrive.

Ten minutes passed. No one moved.

Fifteen minutes passed. The yuppie took out a mirror and looked at his own reflection.

Twenty-five minutes passed. Hai Tianqing finally stood upright, ’’Why aren't they here yet?’’

Actually, Lin Sanjiu and her group had already reached the building some time ago;however, they were trying hard to come up with a plan. To avoid alerting Lin Sanjiu and her group, the broadcast mentioned that everyone would gather in their own dormitories. However, activating her【School of Higher Consciousness】, Lin Sanjiu already concluded from the information she processed that their plan to go to the Executives' Building had been leaked. They also knew that all five Oasis Executives were waiting for them at their destination. Furthermore, the situation was not in their favor. Five to four.

After thinking for a while, none of them came up with any good idea. Just when they were discussing to ditch the plan altogether, Lin Sanjiu suddenly came to a decision, ’’Let's just rush in there!’’

The other three people looked at her as if she was a lunatic and shook their head vehemently.

’’Let me finish. To simultaneous guard each direction, the five people would stand far apart from each other. So, we mustn't go too close. Once they notice us, we will run away and split them up. We can fight them one on one. After that, we can gather in front of the Executives' Building. If anyone of us is chased by two people at the same time, just raise the alarm and wait for the others to save you after they've finished with their battle.’’

’’It's still very dangerous...’’

’’Think about it. We must fight with these Executives no matter what. If we don't fight with them today, there is no way we can escape!.’’ Lin Sanjiu gave it to them straight.

With that, the three of them had nothing to say. ’’Are there any objections? Okay, let's discuss about our tactics.’’

’’That's just like Xiao Jiu's style, leading just by brawns...’’ Fang Dan grumbled. Subsequently, the four of them gathered and started discussing for a long time. Thanks to that timely broadcast, the crowd had already returned to their own dormitories. If it wasn't for that, Lin Sanjiu and her group would have long been discovered.

Right now, they had already spent 20 minutes discussing on their battle tactics, while the Executives were waiting angrily. The yuppie had already styled his hair three times;Hai Tianqing swore like a sailor as he sat at the staircase to rest.

The OL crossed her arms, her head was lowered so her expression couldn't be seen. The rabbit curled up into a fur ball and closed its eyes, it wasn't clear if it was asleep. Chen Jinfeng was the only one who was searching for a glimpse of their target he tiptoed and cast his eyes into the distance.

From the corner of his eyes, he suddenly spotted a turf of fiery red flashing past the yellow sand. From afar, it reminded him of Marcie's hair color. Chen Jinfeng felt a sudden rush of energy, he licked his lips and smirked. Without turning behind, he shouted, ’’I think I spotted one!’’ After he said that, he rushed forward and started chasing. He slowly disappeared leaving only four people behind.

’’I will also...’’

’’Don't move!’’ the OL commanded after Chen Jinfeng left. She stopped both Hai Tianqing and the yuppie. ’’They might be trying to lure us away.’’

Hai Tianqing went back to sit at the staircase, gloomily. From his expression, it was clear that he would rather fight than sit around doing nothing. Hearing this, a smile appeared on the yuppie's face, ’’No, no. They're not trying to lure us away. They are trying to split us up and defeat us one-on-one,’’ after he said this, he pointed to a figure in the distance. ’’I am interested in that one, let me take on that opponent.’’

Hai Tianqing gave a grunt and remained in his spot as a signal of agreement. The OL frowned. After the yuppie ran out quickly, she turned to look at the other remaining person and rabbit. ’’Trying to fight with us one-on-one... isn't that too naive? Even if we each chase after one of them, we can still leave one person to guard the door. Do you think anyone in their group can handle two Executives at the same time?’’

After she waited for a moment, no one answered her. The brown rabbit seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep since just now;its round furry tummy rose in the same rhythm as its breathing. It looked very relaxed. Hai Tianqing leaned forward and listened for a moment, he stood up and flashed a satisfied smile, ’’Finally, it's my turn, right?’’

The OL sighed, repositioned her glasses and nodded.

Kicking up a cloud of dust, Hai Tianqing chased after his target rapidly.

The OL's deduction was actually accurate, Lin Sanjiu's tactic was almost akin to just attacking them straight on. It really wasn't that well thought out. However, due to the pressure, Fang Dan and Hu Changzai had forgotten to inform Lin Sanjiu about a single thing.

With an average pace, footsteps approached them. The OL raised her head and looked up vigilantly.

A person walked toward them with her hands in her pockets. That person with a nonchalant attitude was none other than Lin Sanjiu.

Due to the information that Fang Dan and Hu Changzai missed pointing out, at that instant, Lin Sanjiu decided to abandon her tactic to run after being spotted. Instead, she decided to walk straight up to her enemy.

When they were just 20 meters away from each other, Lin Sanjiu stopped. She looked at the OL who was shocked and began to ask, ’’Wasn't there supposed to be five Executives? If it's just you, I am confident that I can mow you down.’’

TN: [1] The author used the term office lady (OL女) to describe the woman in office wear. I kept the term, but unlike in Japan where the term usually refers to a young, unmarried, low-level female employee, it holds a more generic meaning of a white-collared female employee in China.


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