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Doomsday Wonderland - Chapter 58


Chapter 58: You Thought You Could Guess What Was Coming Next

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Just when Voley had been bundled up like a parcel and thrown into the back of Lin Sanjiu's truck, Marcie crouched beside Septimus in her cubicle.

’’Hey, wake up,’’ as she said this, she slapped Septimus's face.

The latter quickly opened his drowsy eyes. Once he woke up, the pain at the back of his head also started throbbing. Septimus breathed in deeply with a hiss before asking, ’’What's going on? Why am I tied up?’’

Marcie stared at him with her emerald eyes. ’’Nothing. I just have the sudden impulse to talk to you.’’

’’Why do you have to tie me up? Oh... it must be Lin Sanjiu, right? Is she here?’’ When Septimus thought of this, he immediately looked around cautiously but spotted no one else. Marcie smiled at him and sat across him so that their eyes were at the same level.

’’Septimus, even though our relationship is the worst, and we argue everytime we meet I have to admit that this time we seemed to get along quite well.’’

’’Did Lin Sanjiu said something to you?’’ Septimus asked in response, then he coughed a few times. ’’I'd advise you to listen to my side of the story...’’

Without giving a proper response to Septimus, Marcie continued her monologue with a smile, ’’Of all the other eleven personalities, you are the second from last person I don't wish to see.’’

Those words seemed to possess some sort of magic as Septimus suddenly fell silent. He did not ask her who the first position belonged to.

’’Isn't it great that the sociopath didn't appear? What sort of disorder did the sociopath have again...’’ She looked at the person in front of her and continued, ’’You should still remember what happened, right? Luther was sent to a mental asylum. Many international experts came to diagnose him and confirmed our presence, they confirmed 11 personalities.’’

Marcie's gentle feminine voice reverberated in the small cubicle, but the bounded person became quiet.

’’None of the doctors met the last personality before, and we were also unfamiliar with him. Just when everyone thought that the 12th personality did not exist, a female doctor arrived. Do you still remember? She was quite beautiful... To understand more about this rare multiple personality disorder, she spoke to Luther for one entire night... The next day, people found her stark naked in her own office.

’’They found her looking like a pregnant woman with a bulging belly. Inside her, they found items in her office such as her cushion, her files... all soaked in blood. They also found the words 'I'm 12th' sewed on her belly, and there was even a heart-shaped mark left beside those words.

’’12th. That was the only thing the doctors knew about that personality. No one had ever seen him. Is it male or female? How old is he? What is his name? Nobody knew a thing. They could only conclude one thing from his behavior, he is a sociopath with a ’’

Septimus opened his mouth: ’’ antisocial personality disorder.’’

His manner of speaking was a little weird. His enunciation carried a vague, ambiguous allure, his voice was velvety, and he seemed to pronounce each word with a twisted charm which made others want to hear him speak. Whether it was Luther or Septimus, they both did not speak that way.

Marcie's expression changed immediately since just now, she had been trying her best to stop her hand from trembling. She inhaled sharply and asked, ’’How can you prove that you are the real Septimus?’’

He lifted his head and looked at Marcie for a moment before he flashed her a sincere smile.

’’Oh, forget it. To be honest, it is quite tiring to mimic the way Septimus speaks,’’ he spoke in a light and mild-mannered tone, it was a little unclear, but entirely different to how he usually spoke.

Marcie was dumbstruck for a moment as she looked at him blankly.

’’That's weird. I chose specifically to act as your sworn enemy, Septimus, so that you wouldn't find out. Isn't it normal that he would go against you? Why did you become suspicious of me?’’ Septimus or rather 12 asked as he tilted his head, perplexed.

’’Your enemy knows you best.’’ There was a smile on Marcie's pale face.

12 nodded his head as if he fully agreed. ’’Of course. But, I am the one in control of Luther's body right now. If I can bring you out, I can definitely keep you back in... Even though it might be a little troublesome. Don't you remember?’’

Marcie gritted her teeth, and with a swoosh, she extended her nails while their eyes locked, ’’Why don't you try?’’

12 gave her nails a glance, then he frowned lightly. ’’It is useless, obviously. Yet, you still want to extend those... Oh, I remember! Apparently, you have leveled up... Let me see how much better you are after that level up.’’ He suddenly showed a stiff smile. If a plastic mannequin could smile, it would definitely look like that.

’’Let me warn you...’’ Marcie stood up and swiped her nails toward 12's body viciously. A draft created by the speed of that movement lifted the curtains at the doorway, ’’Don't make that expression with Luther's face!’’

Despite being bound into a bundle, 12 moved agilely like a fish. Using both of his legs, he pushed himself, rolled on the ground, and avoided Marcie's nails barely in time. He began to struggle, trying to escape from the ropes. However, there was no way Marcie was going to give him that opportunity. She struck again with her claws 12 felt his eyes twitched, as a look of realization appeared on his face.

Marcie's nails had changed, it no longer had that metallic luster. Now, her nails seemed to have changed into a material with a matt glaze, and they were dangerously durable. There were deep slashes on the wall where her nails had struck, and he could even see the bed of the adjacent cubicle through the damaged walls. He understood now...

When she attacked him again, 12 did not dodge but took the attack straight on. The nails instantly drew a deep wound over his body. Fresh blood dripped on the floor accompanied by a pattering sound. He was using Luther's body right now before Marcie felt sorry for injuring Luther's body, the ropes that bound 12 fell to the ground.

’’Thanks for getting rid of those ropes,’’ 12 said in an exceedingly polite manner, as he stepped out from the torn pieces of rope. ’’Now, just go back and see how I'll have fun.’’

Marcie immediately stood still. 12 laughed and stepped forward. Just when he was about the activate his ability, he uttered a soft, ’’Huh?’’

’’Your ability is gone, right?’’ the woman in front of him spoke, she sounded very pleased, ’’How unlucky! Even your passive skills are gone!’’

12 looked up at her in shock. No matter what expression was on his face, it was as if an invisible screen covered his face, they were so superficial that none of them looked genuine.

When Marcie saw ’’Luther's’’ expression, Marcie suppressed the discomfort she felt and rushed forward once again.

【A laundry bar soap will turn dirty itself】

Introduction: Anyone who is injured by the user's nails will have their abilities (both passive and active skills) cleanly washed away for 120 seconds. A nail which had been tainted by the opponent's blood will not possess this effect for the next 24 hours. The user can only proceed with activating this ability if the particular nail is clean.

After 12 had lost all of Luther's ability, he was no different from an average person. He could not even last ten seconds. He was pushed onto the ground by Marcie who pinned him to the ground with one leg. She pulled both his arms to his back and secured them tightly with the bedsheet. Next, she apologized to Luther in her heart, reverted her nails to their normal form and landed a heavy blow to the back of 12's head. 12 immediately fainted again.

This was the first time she used her ability, and she was able to subdue a scary person like 12. With this, Marcie gave a sigh of relief as she felt her body go limp as the tension slid away.

When she saw 12 lying on the ground with his eyes closed, her brows knitted. She suddenly felt that things might get a little thorny. After she thought for a moment, she decided that she had to inform Xiao Jiu... Marcie sighed and pushed 12 under her bed before she left her cubicle.

When Xiao Jiu left, she had forgotten to even ask where she was going. Just when Marcie was at the door of the basement floor feeling a little worried, not sure where to look for Lin Sanjiu, she suddenly heard someone calling her: ’’Marcie!’’

She turned her head and saw a woman with long black hair. She didn't recognize that women. If Lin Sanjiu was around, she would have introduced Fang Dan. However, due to Luther's split personality and shapeshifting abilities, the situation now became quite complicated.

During the few days that 12 had disguised himself as Marcie, he met Fang Dan many times due to Lin Sanjiu, so Fang Dan recognized Marcie. However, on the day that Lin Sanjiu got to know Fang Dan, Marcie disappeared. Resulting in this situation where Fang Dan was a total stranger to the real Marcie.

’’Who are you?’’ Marcie stared at the woman warily. After the events with 12 and Chen Jinfeng, Marcie became suspicious about others unconsciously.

Fang Dan wanted to say something, but she stopped. She looked at Marcie as if Marcie was a mental patient, she had no idea what that woman was thinking, ’’If you are looking for Xiao Jiu, she is helping the well management team!’’

After she said that, she left. Before they left for the canteen, Lin Sanjiu told Fang Dan that she should tell Marcie that she was with the well management team. The thing was that the fake ’’Marcie’’ did not ask her that question, but Fang Dan kept that in mind. Since the real Marcie looked like she was looking for someone, Fang Dan decided to follow Lin Sanjiu instruction based on her own judgment.

Marcie was puzzled, but she followed that clue and went over to the well management team. The well management team worked very far from their building. Due to the unfortunate combination of events, it took Marcie a few rounds before concluding that Lin Sanjiu was not there and forty minutes had already passed by then.

Somehow, they finally found each other. After Lin Sanjiu heard Marcie's words, she was stunned. She did not expect this complication to arise. After she got over her shock, she thought carefully for a moment and suddenly turned pale, ’’You just left him under the bed? What if he wakes up and keeps you back?’’

’’Don't worry. It isn't that easy to use Persona Separation to merge a persona back to Luther's body, it is not a matter of a single thought...’’ Marcie consoled Lin Sanjiu with a smile. ’’But how we should handle him next is the bigger headache.’’

Even with that said, the two of them went back to the basement and headed toward Marcie's cubicle. Lin Sanjiu informed Marcie about Voley's identity, ’’Since we already found a Consular Officer, there is no reason for us to remain here. We will just put him in our vehicles and leave...’’ At the same time, Lin Sanjiu lifted the curtains and entered the cubicle. She bent over and looked under the bed. Marcie looked at Lin Sanjiu's back and laughed out, ’’Did I beat him up too badly?’’

Lin Sanjiu slowly turned her head to look back at Marcie. Her face was a deathly white, ’’But, there is no one under your bed...’’


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