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Doomsday Wonderland - Chapter 56


Chapter 56: Voley Clarifies the Series of Events

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Place of issue: Hyperthermal Hell

Valid Destination: 1984

Valid From: Six months prior to the descent of 1984

This visa was issued by the Consular Officer of Hyperthermal Hell

’’Look, I'm telling you the truth.’’ Voley slumped against the wall in fear with the knife at his neck. The piece of visa fluttered loudly as his hand trembled. ’’This was requested by someone, and I've yet to hand this to that person. Luckily, I have it on me...’’

Lin Sanjiu scrutinized the visa. She found that it did match the visa that they found on Ren Nan's body. ’’Who did you issue this visa to? There isn't a name here,’’ as she said this, she stuffed the visa into her pocket.

Voley was about to cry. His expression looked oddly unsuitable on Luther's face. ’’That's for Septimus! All visas don't have names. However, they belong to whoever it is issued to... You won't be able to use it even if you snatch it away.’’

’’I don't want to talk about that now, I have quite a lot of questions for you.’’ Lin Sanjiu flashed a cold smile at him. Without giving him a chance to interject, she kicked his knee and gripped the back of the collar when he fell. ’’I'm bringing you to a place where it's safe to talk. You better not try anything funny. I can't guarantee that the knife won't slip out of my hand. You know my ability. At most, I would just give up on getting a visa. We can see if my ability is faster or yours.’’

Voley could feel Lin Sanjiu's mildly warm fingers through his clothes, they weighed like a ton on his shoulders. Voley did not dare to make a move and agreed profusely. Lin Sanjiu knew that Voley was a very wily character that could even deceive a cunning man like Li Zhijun. If she wanted to pry even a dime of truth from the man, she needed Hu Changzai's help.

Lin Sanjiu estimated that more than 20 minutes had passed, so Fang Dan and ’’Marcie’’ should have already left she listened from the door of the infirmary and confirmed it. After that, she opened the door and threw Voley onto the ground. The man landed with a heavy ’’thud’’ while she swiftly closed the door behind her. At the same time, she pinned Voley's leg to the ground with one of her feet.

As she expected, Hu Changzai was the only person in the room. Hu Changzai was startled when he saw them, and he nearly fell out of the small bed he was on. ’’What, what, what... what's the matter? Let's all settle this rationally. Isn't he your friend?’’

Sure enough, as Voley had Luther's appearance, Hu Changzai had misunderstood the situation. Lin Sanjiu did not respond immediately. Instead, she stepped on Voley a little harder before she coldly explained, ’’This person isn't Luther. Voley, if you dare to even tell a single lie, we will know. Now, let me ask you, when did you start working together with Septimus? What is your objective?’’ Hu Changzai could tell that something was wrong. He sat on his bed and frowned while he stared at Voley.

[Two people against one.] Voley knew that circumstances were unfavorable for him. He deliberated over it and decided to adapt to the situation and tell them what he knew truthfully. Even though Hu Changzai was reasonably confused by Voley's reply, he nodded to Lin Sanjiu and confirmed that what Voley said was true. Lin Sanjiu felt a sense of relief only after his confirmation.

Voley's statement of events went like this:

After Voley had escaped from the pocket dimension, he lost his car. When he was trying to look for another car, he found out about the existence of Oasis unintentionally. Following the information that he had obtained, he reached Oasis a few days earlier than Lin Sanjiu and the others. He quickly ingratiated himself with Chen Jinfeng.

However, he suddenly spotted a walkie-talkie one morning. He was really shocked when he saw it because it looked very familiar and he recognized that it was the set that he gave to Lin Sanjiu. He knew without a doubt that Lin Sanjiu and her companions were also in Oasis. Even though Voley did not wish to see her, he hid himself after he picked up the walkie-talkie. As expected, he saw Lin Sanjiu and overheard her conversation with Hu Changzai.

Due to the events in the pocket dimension, Voley did not dare to meet them or show himself as he was afraid that they might seek revenge against him. Nonetheless, he knew that he could not just leave it like a ticking time bomb, so he looked for Chen Jinfeng. He lied to Chen Jinfeng that Lin Sanjiu had a good item hoping to stir up Chen Jinfeng's greed, and it was surprisingly easy. Besides, due to some reason, it was common practice for Oasis to send posthumans out for suicide missions. As a result, Chen Jinfeng did not think much about the matter and immediately decided that Lin Sanjiu, her companions, and even Hu Changzai would be sent out on a mission with Xu Xiaoyang's squad. At the very last moment, Chen Jinfeng kept Marcie behind.

The only problem was that both men didn't expect that Lin Sanjiu and her companions would return unharmed. After this, the development of events was out of his expectation.

Just a few days ago, Voley was summoned by Jin Chenfeng and was introduced to a new ’’assistant’’. When Voley saw that person, he almost ran away, thinking that he had fallen into a trap. The assistant was none other than Luther. Chen Jinfeng quickly explained everything. Voley found out that the Luther he saw was actually Septimus now. Somehow, Septimus wanted to get rid of the same people. As they shared the same goal, naturally, they decided to team up.

After Marcie had disappeared, Septimus did not comment about it. Septimus only requested for Voley to act like him while he disguised himself as Marcie. Both of them worked together and fooled Lin Sanjiu for a couple of days...

When Lin Sanjiu saw the familiar face which had gone through so many dangerous events with her, she simply could not control her anger, ’’That's why 'Marcie' has been commenting about how powerful that sandstorm was. All of you are trying to find out about my ability!’’ There were a couple of times when she nearly told Marcie the truth, but she did not do so because she had been disturbed by the constant warnings from her Keen Senses ability. Unexpectedly, Hu Changzai turned pale when he heard this.

’’You mean that is not really 'Marcie'?’’ he stammered. Lin Sanjiu's heart skipped a beat when she heard this. ’’When she came in with Fang Dan to get some medicine just... just now. We chatted for a while, and I told... told her what happened.’’ Lin Sanjiu could feel her blood pressure rising, if Voley wasn't here, she would have screamed out loudly. She composed herself and finally asked amidst Hu Changzai's frantic explanations and apologies, ’’Did you tell her the logic behind 'that'?’’

’’No, no! I only told her that you have 'that thing'!’’ Hu Changzai shot a glance at Voley before he replied hastily. Voley rolled his eyes suspiciously.

Lin Sanjiu remained silent for a minute.

’’Voley, here's another question. Does Chen Jinfeng know that both you and Septimus are in disguise?’’ she asked after some time.

’’No... he doesn't,’’ Voley replied quickly, ’’Septimus only made that request after Chen Jinfeng left...’’

’’If that's the case...’’ She looked at Voley then at the guilt-ridden Hu Changzai. Suddenly, she walked over to Hu Changzai and whispered a few sentences to him.

Voley tried his best to listen, but he could not hear what she said. He only saw Hu Changzai immediately nodding after Lin Sanjiu finished what she had to say. Hu Changzai looked eager to atone for his mistake and quietly said a few words in reply.

[What were they talking about?] Just as Voley was trying to guess the content of their conversation, his attention was drawn to the sound of flapping wings coming from his right shoulder. When he turned to look, he realized that a dark green praying mantis had landed on his shoulder.

That pair of blood red compound eyes covered with black patterns was almost the size of his face. The praying mantis moved its triangular head in front of Voley. Its scythe-like front legs gripped the base of Voley's neck tightly as if it could tear through his skin any moment. Voley, who stood up just now, quickly fell to the ground again as his legs grew weak. He was so scared that he couldn't say a word.

’’I want you to do something for me right now... If you don't obey me and try to activate your ability, this creature will cut your head off immediately,’’ Lin Sanjiu said mildly as she smiled.


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