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Doomsday Wonderland - Chapter 41


Chapter 41: Let's Get on with Proper Business

Translator: Pluto Editor: Tehrn

Lin Sanjiu inhaled deeply. The cubicle must have been empty for some time

because she immediately felt an irritation in her lungs due to the dust in the

air. But that was the least of her concerns...

’’Seventh? Marcie, can you tell me how many personalities Luther possesses?’’

she asked, trying to keep her composure.

’’Err... Apart from Luther's own dominant personality, he had been diagnosed

with twelve other observable personalities. At least, that was before the New

World descended...’’ Marcie's words trailed off as she grabbed her red hair in


Throwing a glance at Septimus's idle face, Lin Sanjiu still could not come to

terms with what had happened. ’’So, why haven't I met this personality?’’

’’The other personalities are dormant right now. A personality only emerges

when it is about to take on a corporeal form. After the awoken personality

'occupies' Luther's body for some time, it will take on an independent

corporeal form... just like me,’’ Marcie tried her best to explain as she looked

agitatedly at Septimus. ’’We didn't mean to keep this from you. We just

couldn't tell when the next personality would emerge. Look, I have almost

been in this form for 28 months before Septimus...’’

Taking a sharp breath, Marcie faced Lin Sanjiu directly and said, ’’Besides,

among all the other eleven personalities, my relationship with this guy is the


Septimus seemed to agree with her wholeheartedly as he nodded his head and

added, ’’We hate each other.’’

’’Huh, why?’’ Lin Sanjiu suddenly didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

’’He is genderless, but his personality is the worst! Egotistic, arrogant, and

rude!’’ Marcie exploded, ignoring the fact that the person she was insulting

was right there with them. ’’I don't know how this androgynous fellow can be

so conceited!’’

[Genderless...] Lin Sanjiu turned to look at Septimus with her mouth wide

open, but she was still looking at Luther's face so she really couldn't tell.

After hearing those words, Septimus's expression didn't even change one bit.

He(?) picked the dirt from his nails and retorted, ’’Biologically speaking, the

sole purpose for the existence of two se*es is just for se*ual reproduction.

Marcie, it seems like you are still hung up on the fact that you lack such


Septimus really stirred up the hornet's nest when he said those words. Marcie

leaped up from the ground, clenching her fist as she got ready to pounce on

him. Lin Sanjiu pulled Marcie back hurriedly, as words shot out from her

mouth, ’’That is Luther's body! Luther's body...’’ It took some effort for her to

finally dissuade Marcie.

Before she could breathe a sigh of relief, Septimus interjected, as if eager to stir

up more trouble, ’’Ha. Your ability didn't even progress one bit, but you still

have quite the temper.’’

Lin Sanjiu now knew why their relationship was so poor she was at her wit's

end. She restrained Marcie, whose face had turned fuming red while she glared

at Septimus, shouting, ’’Cut to the chase and stop this nonsense!’’

’’Fine, I really do have something to say anyway.’’ Septimus repositioned his

pillow against the wall, finding a comfortable position to lean back before he

continued leisurely, ’’Aside from those unbelievable lies that these Oasis people

spew, what do you plan to do next? What's your goal?’’

His questions stumped both Lin Sanjiu and Marcie. They quickly exchanged

glances and muttered unconfidently, ’’We can stay here for some time, have a

look at this place...’’

’’Since, we are already here...’’

Septimus made a dismissive tut-tut sound as a cryptic smile appeared on his

face. Despite having the same facial features and even the same body, a single

expression from the ’’Luther’’ in front of her simply changed his entire

persona. He bent over whispering to the two of them sitting on the floor,

’’Didn't we came here to look for a Consular Officer? Have both of you


To tell the truth, even though Lin Sanjiu had not forgotten about it, she did not

give it a deeper thought. Now that Septimus brought it up, she found herself


’’But most of the members here are just normal people, will we even find a

Consular Officer here?’’ Marcie carped.

’’With 1800 people here, I think it'll still be worthwhile trying.’’ Septimus

refuted, ’’That's unless you know where we can find another base filled with

only posthumans.’’

Seething with anger, Marcie refused to speak.

’’If we don't find one here, we have to move on quickly,’’ Septimus's tone

became resolute when he saw that both women had no objections. ’’We still

have 12 months and 23 days to do this, we shouldn't waste all this time in


[That's right.] Lin Sanjiu agreed with him inwardly. Septimus may have an odd

personality, but Lin Sanjiu was surprised to know that he was clear-headed.

Just as she was about to speak, someone suddenly shouted from outside, ’’Miss

Lin, which room are all of you in?’’ it was Xiao Yu's voice.

Lin Sanjiu lifted the curtains and stuck her head out to look. What greeted her

was a narrow snake-like corridor flanked by densely packed cubicles, she had

no idea where Xiao Yu was. She raised her voice and yelled back, ’’Is that you,

Xiao Yu? We are at 1734! What's the matter?’’

’’Executive Chen informed us that someone in your group was not well. I'm

here to deliver your dinners,’’ Xiao Yu explained as she walked toward Luther's

cubicle, carrying a few traditional metal lunchboxes. She was rather quick, so

she reached them in no time. As if she had totally forgotten the unpleasant

incident in the morning, Xiao Yu handed the lunchboxes to Lin Sanjiu

cheerfully, as she asked, ’’Who was unwell? We have an infirmary, why didn't

you go over?’’

Even though metal products didn't melt like plastic under the Hyperthermal

Hell's temperatures, they could get very hot. Lin Sanjiu placed the lunchboxes

on the bed hastily and thanked Xiao Yu, ’’It's just a minor condition, he'll be

fine once he rests up. Have you eaten? Do you want to eat with us?’’

’’Nah, thanks for your offer. I've already eaten,’’ Xiao Yu replied politely. She

frowned when she saw ’’Luther’’ smiling, she seemed to sense that something

was different about him, but she did not bring it up. Luckily, she did not mull

over it but instead smiled at them and said, ’’After you finish your dinner,

please bring the lunchboxes back to the canteen. Please go over to Executive

Chen's office after that. It is in Building 37, 306 on the 3rd floor. You will be

assigned your duties today.’’

Lin Sanjiu suddenly recalled what Fang Dan said to her. She hesitated for a

moment, then she smiled and asked, ’’Do you know what jobs we'll be


She did not know if it was her misperception, but Xiao Yu's smile suddenly

turned ambiguous, ’’You'll find out once you're there.’’


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