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Doomsday Wonderland - Chapter 36


Chapter 36: The Missing Walkie-Talkie

Translator: Pluto Editor: Tehrn

The word ’’temporarily’’ in Lin Sanjiu sentence did little to dampen Chen Jinfeng's enthusiasm.

He gave a loud clap and spoke zealously, ’’That's the way! Everyone in Oasis will become part of

human history in the future and will be remembered throughout the ages.’’

Watching them, the members who have been loitering outside the entrance of the factory

realized that they have decided to join; they all cheered and rushed toward Lin Sanjiu and the

others. They all started clapping. Not even one of them did this half-heartedly; all of them

clapped very enthusiastically and quickly attracted even more people with more applauses.

’’Welcome! New members!’’

Lin Sanjiu felt a little at a loss facing such a hearty crowd. She turned to look at Luther and

Marcie, only to find that both her fair-skinned companions were blushing to the tip of their

ears. When Luther spotted her gaze, he sheepishly whispered, ’’They're so enthusiastic... I have

never received such a warm welcome.’’

Lin Sanjiu held back her laughter, having the same sentiments.

Chen Jinfeng only managed to get the crowd to stop after he had gestured a few times for the

crowd to calm down.

’’Dear comrades, the most important thing for our new members right now is that they

familiarize themselves with this new environment. The sun is out now, so everyone, please go

back to your beds and sleep. We can celebrate their arrival later, at night!’’

His words stirred up another round of applauses.

’’Xiao Yu, please inform the canteen staff that we have three new members today. Tell them not

to forget to prepare their share!’’ Sister Li requested with a bright smile, and a girl with a

ponytail quickly ran back into the factory. The rest of the people also left after some persuasion

from Chen Jinfeng, smiling at Lin Sanjiu and the others.

Apparently, the people here in Oasis also discovered that it was risky to do anything when the

sun was out, and the best course of action was to hide and sleep during the day.

Following which, Sister Li said to them, ’’The dormitories are too warm during the day, so we

have partitioned two levels of the basement and brought the beds downstairs... Follow me now,

I will show you to your beds.’’

’’So where should we park our vehicles?’’ Unquestionably, this was asked by Lin Sanjiu who had

already made her mind up not to be afraid of being offensive.

’’Drive it into our compound, there is an empty space suitable for parking,’’ Sister Li answered

warmly, she did not seem displeased this time.

The three of them agreed. They drove into the compound and parked their vehicles in a corner.

Lin Sanjiu only realized how huge the compound was when she was inside. The boundary walls

between four or five factories have been demolished, creating a vast open area. There was a

total of over ten buildings in Oasis. Each of these buildings had two-floored basements and

were converted into sleeping quarters for the members. Reflective sheets covered the top of

each of these buildings, and under the dangerous sun, white light was reflected everywhere. So,

as they walked around, they could hardly open their eyes.

Through squinted eyes, Sister Li looked at all of them and said in a rather embarrassed manner,

’’We are reaching soon. Can you see that building with the '42' sign? The other buildings are

fully occupied, that's the only building with available space.’’

’’If there is no one living upstairs, what is the purpose of those reflective sheets?’’ Lin Sanjiu

asked out of curiosity.

’’Professor Bai is doing an experiment on heat-insulation. He hopes to lower the interior

temperature to within 50°C. If the temperature can be lowered, we will be able to live upstairs

and even cultivate crops there with aeroponics...’’ while she explained this, she suddenly

exclaimed, ’’In the past, 50°C would sound so intimidating! Thanks to the medicine that

Professor Bai developed, everyone can resist the heat much better.’’

’’What?’’ The three of them turned to look at Sister Li what they heard this.

[Medicine? What is she talking about?]

Lin Sanjiu hesitated for a moment, but when she wanted to ask another question, they were

already in front of Building 42, and the girl called Xiao Yu, who had a low ponytail, was now

standing at the entrance. She smiled and waved at them enthusiastically, ’’Sister Li! I've made

the arrangements for their beds. We took some pillows and bed sheet from the warehouse. Why

don't you come look, Sister Li?’’

’’It's not necessary. I trust you,’’ Sister Li replied and turned to the three of them, ’’You can

follow Xiao Yu. She is in-charge of the accommodation matters in this building. Go ahead first,

I have something to discuss with Xiao Yu.’’ The three of them nodded, smiling. It felt like they

were entering a boarding school they pushed out the door and entered the hallway.

When they entered the building, they sensed that the surrounding temperature was much

lower. Their pores, which were tortured by the extreme heat, could finally start breathing again.

Even though they could tell that it was not 50°C, it was close. Compared to the murderous heat

outside, this Professor Bai's heat-insulation experiment had produced quite an astounding

result even at this point.

Lin Sanjiu was the last to enter. She had just fully stepped in when Xiao Yu opened the door.

Seeing their rather astonished reaction, Xiao Yu quickly smiled and gestured for them to wait

inside. Lin Sanjiu nodded and turned to walk away but stopped after she had thought of

something. A white light flashed over the hands she hid behind her, and a walkie-talkie

appeared. It was the one left behind by Voley.

She did not know why, but she was curious to hear what Oasis' members would say in private

when there were no outsiders with them. When Xiao Yu turned to walk away, she stealthily

placed the walkie-talkie at the gap of the door before walking hastily into the main hall on the

first floor. There weren't any people around in the main hall, most likely because everyone

went to sleep, so only Luther and Marcie noticed what she did.

Since they have been through a few life and death situations with her, they both didn't say a

word even though they were a little appalled. They quickly adjusted their expression to look

natural while Lin Sanjiu took the walkie-talkie that hung on Marcie's waist and switched it on


Amidst the crackling sounds, they heard Sister Li's voice.

’’Even though Executive Chen appeared... I was the first one who spotted them... I even brought

them around...’’ a walkie-talkie was not a tapping device after all; furthermore, the sound came

from behind a door so the sound quality was really bad. Just when the three of them were about

to plastered their ears to the speaker, they heard a clear sentence: ’’These three people should be

counted as mine, no matter what, right?’’

The three of them were stunned. They looked at each other and gathered around the walkietalkie


Xiao Yu seemed to be avoiding a straight answer as she said, ’’Normally, it should be counted as

yours... but since Executive Chen stepped in... why don't you ask...’’

’’Look for him...he is an executive...’’ Sister Li complained but quickly laughed and said

cautiously to Xiao Yu, ’’Don't say anything to the others. You know that I...’’

Xiao Yu seemed to nod in agreement.

’’Quick! Keep it!’’ Luther, who had been keeping a lookout for them, urged. ’’Their conversation

is ending.’’

Lin Sanjiu quickly switched off the walkie-talkie, and Marcie hung it at her waist again. The

three of them quickly stood apart from each other. At the same time, Xiao Yu already bade

farewell to Sister Li and opened the door. Lin Sanjiu looked cautiously in the direction of the

location where she had hidden the walkie-talkie. Unfortunately, it was too late to retrieve it

because Xiao Yu had already greeted them, ’’All of you, come with me. You can look around your

living quarters. We spent a lot of time trying to make it comfortable!’’

She had no choice but to find another opportunity to retrieve it. Lin Sanjiu dragged her feet so

that she was at the back of the group. With a flash of white light, a card flew above the walkietalkie,

and a black cloth covered it.

Luckily, Xiao Yu was totally unaware. She was a round-faced girl who was not very tall, and the

first impression she gave was that she was a friendly and direct person. But after conversing

with her, one could sense an obsequiousness about her that came from her stepping into society

too early. However, it was hidden behind her smile and was not irksome. Xiao Yu led them to

basement one and smiled a little apologetically, ’’The lower level is cooler, so it had been fully

occupied. You'll have to compromise and sleep here.’’

After that, she opened the metal door in front of them. They could no longer recognize what the

basement was used for in the past. The vast area that basement one covered was filled with

small little cubicles partitioned by white building planks. There was a rectangular opening for

each cubicle and curtains with all sort of designs were hung as replacements for doors.

The rooms segmented the space into a few large divisions, and the corridors were all very

narrow. Even though there were fluorescent lights in the basement, the electricity was turned

off, so the cramped corridors were extremely dark. The soft snoring sounds from some of the

rooms and the presence of other humans created an oddly sleep-inducing atmosphere.

’’Come. Miss Lin, you can stay here.’’ She opened a door and walked about seven to eight

minutes. Xiao Yu finally stopped at a cubicle and pulled open the curtain. Lin Sanjiu looked up

and saw her cubicle number: 1629. She looked inside. The metal bedframe was not big, and

there was only a thin mattress. There were a flat pillow and a bed sheet that probably acted as a

blanket. If this was before the apocalypse, it could have been considered a slum, but to Lin

Sanjiu, it was really not bad since she had slept on the floor for almost a month.

Luther's and Marcie's cubicles were very far from hers. One of them was staying in 1734, and

the other was in 1736. They were about one hundred over cubicles between them. Xiao Yu had

explained that this was due to the increasing population in Oasis, so rooms were running out.

’’Once Professor Bai's heat insulation experiment is successful, we will be able to move upstairs.

I will arrange for the three of you to be together then,’’ she said smiling.

’’You can go ahead, I will just make myself comfortable here,’’ Lin Sanjiu said to Xiao Yu quickly

she wanted to retrieve that walkie-talkie as soon as possible, and this was a good


Xiao Yu agreed and gave her some advice before walking away with Luther and Marcie. They

had barely left when Lin Sanjiu immediately rushed back to the main hall on the first floor. She

pushed open the door and looked around. Just as before, there was nobody around. She rushed

to the door at the entrance. Unexpectedly, she found no trace of the walkie-talkie.

She was shocked. ’’Huh?’’ she could not help exclaiming softly as she scanned the area around

her. Just then, she felt a tap on her shoulder.

’’What are you looking for?’’


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