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Doomsday Wonderland - Chapter 30


Chapter 30: Luther Goes in for the Attack

Translator: Pluto Editor: Tehrn

Luther spent almost an hour walking the distance covered over their 20 mins drive the last two


According to Li Zhijun's intel, the duoluozhong would usually pace around the building that it

stayed in, looking for people who had wandered away from their groups. However, Luther had

already walked a few rounds around the area about 500m away from that particular building.

Yet, he did not even catch a glimpse of any duoluozhong

’’So it seems like that chap is quite prudent, it is not willing to stray far from the building,’’

Luther heard Lin Sanjiu's pensive voice over the walkie-talkie. ’’In that case, you can go a little

closer. Just remember, you must hide yourself if you spot it, then you know what you'll have to

do, right?’’

Luther replied, ’’Uh-huh. Don't worry! I have the relevant experience.’’

’’Okay, let's keep in contact.’’

He switched off and kept the walkie-talkie, then he slowly approached the building where their

opponents were located in. He activated his Eagle Eye ability to its maximum capability so that

he would immediately discover anything amiss in the area.

Luther exhaled slowly as his heart raced. The highlight of their battle today was all on him, so

he was feeling the mounting pressure.

As he cautiously headed for the building, Luther did not forget even for a second to seek cover

each step of the way. If he was spotted by that woman and sniped down even before he found

the duoluozhong, it would be such a waste... Thankfully, Luther had learned quite a few stealth

techniques during his year in that war-ridden world, so he did this quite skillfully.

The building which harbored the sniper stood out from the rest of the surrounding apartments.

Many buildings within the area were still intact, there were quite a few six, seven-story

residential apartments, and the street which was usually bustling with small shops and

business was now dead even the dead bodies had already turned to dust.

The silhouette of a man with a long hanging shadow from his face suddenly swung round the

corner without any warning, it dragged its feet sluggishly. Luther's heart missed a beat, as he

immediately shrunk backward, hiding behind a sand-covered signboard.

Estimating that the duoluozhong should not be able to hear him from his position, Luther

switched on his walkie-talkie.

’’I spotted it,’’ he said as quietly as possible. ’’Xiao Jiu, are you sure that it called that sniper 'his

woman' previously?’’

’’Yes. I am a 100% sure of it.’’

’’Okay, then I'll start.’’

Once he had said that Luther locked onto the duoluozhong which looked rather carefree.

’’Girlfriend,’’ he said silently in his mind. Almost instantaneously, Luther observed that locks of

luscious black hair fell over his shoulders like a waterfall. No matter how many times he had

transformed, each new form was a refreshing experience for him. He reached out to touch his

smooth hair and his small, exquisite face. He realized that his hands were now fair and dainty,

and he was even wearing an expensive looking bracelet on his hand.

’’I succeeded... Hey, I think this guy's girlfriend is little Ms. Perfect, fair-skinned, rich, and

beautiful,’’ Luther chuckled over the walkie-talkie, ’’She's not bad. She has big boobs, a thin

waist, and long hair...’’

The two women on the other side of his walkie-talkie scoffed. From the background, he could

hear Marcie mumbling about puberty or something. Lin Sanjiu voice was clear, but she sounded

rather exasperated, ’’Can't you be a little more serious? Alright, get out there... Hey... Li, Li

Zhijun, what are you doing?’’

A cackling noise followed her shocked voice as if the walkie-talkie had been snatched from her.

The next moment, he could hear Li Zhijun shouting sternly over the walkie-talkie, ’’Don't go


Luther froze as he had just taken a step in his red mid heels

’’I have seen that sniper. She is not beautiful, she is an average looking woman with cropped

hair!’’ Li Zhijun continued anxiously, ’’You changed into the wrong person! Hey? Hey! Can you

hear me...’’

No matter how he yelled, he did not receive a response because Luther had already silently

switched off the walkie-talkie. Li Zhijun's warning was still a step late.

Just when Luther stepped out from his cover, of all times, it just had to be when the

duoluozhong turned to look over. Within the time that Li Zhijun took to say those words, the

duoluozhong had already rushed over happily. From its speed, it will only take about ten

seconds for the two of them to meet face-to-face.

Luther contained his nervousness and remained in his position as he quickly kept the walkietalkie.

Following which, he crossed his arms and held his shoulders crying out ’’Ahh!’’ using the

woman's voice, acting like he was afraid.

Just as he expected, the duoluozhong suddenly stopped in its track just as it was about to reach

Luther. Even that long horrendous mouthpart could not hide its surprise: ’’Meiye?’’

Luther looked up with a face full of fear, he revealed his beautiful, endearing feminine face. His

white face was covered with streaks of tears. The next words from the duoluozhong

immediately confirmed that Lin Sanjiu's information was not wrong, it was just a godd*mn

accidental mishap.

’’Meiye? Why are you here? Where is your boyfriend?’’

[Oh f*ck!] At this point, this was the only thing Luther wanted to say. Lin Sanjiu did not know

the largest shortcoming of his ability. Luther had to state the relationship between his form

and the target to activate his ability. In reality, he could only transform into the person that fits

the criterion of that relationship based on how his target really feels. Apparently, the

duoluozhong did not acknowledge in his heart that the sniper was his girlfriend. Instead, this

woman called Meiye, who already had a boyfriend, was who it recognized as his true girlfriend.

[That's why I hate these sort of people with complicated romantic relationships!] Luther

grumbled inwardly. Despite that, he retained his fearful and pitiful looking expression, ’’I, I lost

contact with him... But how did you become like this?’’

The duoluozhong looked up and down, trying to size up the woman in front of him. Thereafter,

it immediately smiled and said, ’’I evolved and gained a body alteration ability. I don't look great

right now, but I am quite powerful.’’

To maximize the effectiveness of his Shapeshifting, Luther had spent a significant amount of

effort polishing his acting skills. Despite knowing that the duoluozhong was full of nonsense,

he still managed to nod his head, as if he was a little frightened, and diverted his gaze away

from the mouthpart. ’’This world now is so scary...’’ he sobbed spasmodically.

’’What about your dad? He's so rich, he must have a backup plan,’’ the duoluozhong asked

casually. ’’And, have you evolved? What abilities did you gain?’’ it asked excitably.

[So that's how it is.] Luther sneered in his heart.

’’We have an... underground bunker stocked with food and water. I hid there all this time. If you

need to, you can come over,’’ Luther observed its expression secretly as he said this. Seeing that

the duoluozhong did not show any reaction to the words, ’’food and water’’, he continued, ’’as for

my abilities. I think I only have a heat-resistance ability and nothing else.’’

Now, the duoluozhong's expression started to change. At the start, a flash of disappointment

seemed like it was trying to smile. The muscles under the duoluozhong eyes wrinkled together

as it narrowed its eyes. ’’So you don't have other abilities? So why did you come out here?’’

Before Luther could think of an answer, it continued speaking, ’’Let me see, why don't you

follow me back? I will protect you? How's that?’’

As it said this, that uncomfortable half-smile on its face became more visible.

[Do you plan to consume me after we go back? Or slowly rear me like a livestock?] Luther

mocked in his mind, yet he had an ’’I'm saved’’ expression on his face. ’’That's great! I will just

follow you,’’ as he wept gratefully.

The duoluozhong primped himself and actually gestured for Luther to walk first. Luther smiled

at it shyly like a girl and walked ahead. The duoluozhong followed behind.

Deep in the night, their unhurried footsteps filled the empty streets. ’’Meiye, do you still

remember when we first met?’’ the duoluozhong asked from behind him.

Luther felt his heart skip a beat. His shapeshifting skills did not provide him any sort of

information, so he just muttered a sound of affirmation.

’’When I first saw you, I knew you were that you were the right person for me.’’ That wellnourished

duoluozhong which had no worries about food actually had the mood to recall its

good memories. ’’Do you remember? We were so happy together.’’

’’Y... yes.’’

’’Because you liked the beach, we went to Boracay, the Maldives, Tahiti... all those places. When I

think about that, the time spent with you was just like a dream,’’ as it continued talking,

something else crept into its voice, ’’If only your dad didn't intervene. Haha. I admit that you

had spent a lot during the time when we were together. But, I was truly in love with you.’’

Luther was actually clueless about what to say next. After he had thought about it for a

moment, he started sobbing fakely, ’’I understand.’’

’’You understand? If you understood my feelings, why did you end up with that secondgeneration

heir? You are just like your father, you think that I am not good enough for you,

right!?’’ the duoluozhong suddenly raised its voice, genuinely scaring Luther a little.

Unexpectedly, he suddenly smiled again, ’’Meiye, you don't know how the world has changed, I

am so happy!’’

Luther felt a slight breeze behind his back. He could hear a faint sound of moving air heading

toward him. He was long prepared for this, as he focused his full attention behind him. He bent

forward as he heard the sound of moving wind.

When he bent down and dodged to the side, he saw a long black shadow sweep above his head.

The duoluozhong, which didn't expect to miss, stared at Luther in shock.

Luther smiled coldly as he kicked off the mid-heels on his feet and adopted a fighting stance.

Luther stepped onto the hot tar road with ’’Meiye's’’ delicate bare feet. It was so hot that it hurt

slightly, but it somehow cleared his mind.

’’You managed to dodge that?’’

’’I think you lived off too many women, so you aren't as nimble as you think.’’ Luther laughed.

Before he even finished his sentence, the mouthpart lurched forward at him again.


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