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Doomsday Wonderland - Chapter 29


Chapter 29: Discussing Pocket Dimensions and Wiping out the Other Team

Translator: Pluto Editor: Tehrn

[The names of these two people are... weird enough,] Lin Sanjiu roasted them silently in her


’’Are you Japanese?’’ Luther asked Hei Zeji inquisitively, seeming to have forgotten that just

moments before they were being threatened by that man.

’’What?’’ the latter replied in an irritated manner, frowning and showing Luther a ’’what-thehell-

are-you-talking-about?’’ look.

’’Well... Japanese are... how should I put it... that is...’’

’’Maybe in their world, they adopt a different convention in naming their children? We can't try

to comprehend using our past experience and logic!’’ Noticing that Hei Zeji face was become

darker by the second, Lin Sanjiu deeply feared that Hei Zeji would just grab his katana and

sliced open Luther if that young man asked any more questions. She quickly changed the

subject, ’’I just want to ask... what happened to our companion, Voley?’’

Just as she finished her question, an intense overbearing murderous intent erupted from Hei

Zeji's body. Unprepared, the pressure forced the three of them onto the ground again. Li Zhijun

hastily helped the two ladies up. He turned to his companion and complained, ’’Can you please

control your ability!’’

Hei Zeji looked displeased, but the overwhelming pressure and the display of strength finally

dissipated. Luther, who did not receive any help because he was a male, stood up by himself and

silently dust the dirt off his body.

Li Zhijun gestured for everyone to board the bus to continue their conversation. He found a seat

and sat down lazily. He casually scanned the bus and helped himself to a packet of chocolate

cookies. While he started eating, he finally spoke, ’’Your friend called Tian Minbo escaped from


That caught Lin Sanjiu's attention.

’’Honestly speaking, to us entering this D-level world was something we didn't expect. Arriving

in this low-level New World, we actually planned to treat it as a vacation...’’ Li Zhijun beamed as

he pointed to his companion, ’’But, some time back, this guy somehow developed a sudden

compassion. He insisted on saving a man from another pocket dimension. And, that man was

your Voley.’’

When he saw the disbelief on everyone's faces, Hei Zeji's face turned even darker.

’’Tian Minbo claimed that he admired us and wanted to be our lackey, swearing that he will

follow us to his death. It was impossible to get rid of him. He really seemed rather eager, so I let

him follow us for a period of time.’’ Li Zhijun sighed, vexation filled his limpid eyes, ’’Who would

have thought? After he had grown closer to us, he stole an important item from Zeji when we let

our guard down for a moment and escaped in the night.’’

Hearing this, the three of them were stunned. From their display of power, Li Zhijun and his

companion had no reason to lie. That would only mean...

Lin Sanjiu thought about it for a moment and looked at Luther and Marcie, holding back her

anger. ’’He said that he was looking for companions. So from the start, he already planned to

use us as his human shields?’’

Before the two of them could reply, Li Zhijun's responded with his laid-back voice, ’’I reckon

that was his scheme. He had witnessed how I chased down others so he probably knew that he

couldn't go far by himself. So he thought that I wouldn't be able to catch him just because he

joined a team... how he underestimated us... Ha! I can find him even if he enters a pocket


Marcie ran her fingers through her red hair and asked doubtfully, ’’So where is he now? Why

isn't he together with us?’’

Li Zhijun did not say a word; instead, he glanced over at his companion.

’’It is because of that item he stole,’’ Hei Zeji suddenly spoke, his gaze was cold and vicious.

’’That is a special item which I spent a great deal of effort finding, it allows its user to forcefully

break out from a pocket dimension.’’

When he said that, the three of them immediately looked at him wide-eyed. There wasn't a

need to explain how precious that item was, especially as Lin Sanjiu and the others only had one

last chance at survival.

[If one could forcefully break out of a pocket dimension, doesn't that mean that they could gain

an additional life!]

The three of them had almost changed their opinion about Hei Zeji when they heard that he

saved Voley once. However, the next moment, they witnessed a cold, calculating smile

appearing at the side of his mouth, ’’Once I get my item back, I am going to personally stuff him

into an A-level pocket dimension.’’

His calm tone was just like a predator making an opportune move as it hid in the jungle and

oozed with danger. Lin Sanjiu shuddered for a second, involuntarily.

’’There is a limit to the item, it can only be used 15 times. Otherwise, he would have abandoned

all of you much earlier during the second round. It is not that easy to find human shields

around.’’ Li Zhijun narrowed his eyes and sighed.

With those words, Luther, being the upright young man he was, jumped up furiously. His face

turned red with anger, ’’When we find that son of a b*tch, I am going to give him the thrashing

of his life! Brother Jun, if there is any way we can help, just let us know!’’

Seeing Li Zhijun cheerful expression, Lin Sanjiu rolled her eyes in her heart. She coughed and

said softly, ’’Luther, sit down. Our top priority is to survive and escape this pocket dimension.’’

’’Right, since we are talking about this... Entry into a pocket dimension is only possible at the

point of commencement, so myself and Ah Ji are actually 'illegal entrants'. We can't actually

help you in battle...’’ Li Zhijun's fox-like eyes narrowed with his smile, ’’So we will provide you

intel and play a supporting role. You can come up with your strategy. After we exit this pocket

dimension, we still need a favor from all of you.’’

Lin Sanjiu eyed him for a moment and felt a little indecisive.

[There is no such thing as a free lunch. This Li Zhijun might be smiling, but he doesn't seem

like he'll be an easy person to deal with. Who knows what he will ask from us as repayment for

their kindness?]

But putting things in perspective, the three of them were in no position to negotiate. As she

thought of this point, she gritted her teeth and gave a light nod to Luther and Marcie.

’’Let's do this.’’

Once the decision was made, the few of them started discussing their strategy.

The information that Li Zhijun and Hei Zeji provided was so detailed that it was as though they

knew the opponents personally. According to the duo, they managed to gather all the relevant

intel about the opponents just after circling that area for a few rounds.

Sure enough, just as what they had inferred during the second round, they were ambushed by a

two-man team. The first member was a duoluozhong who always patrolled around the few

blocks of buildings, and the other member was a human who was hiding on the 15th floor.

Other than the fact that the duoluozhong was well-nourished, and retained its normal build.

They basically did not need to fear it. The one who was truly dangerous was actually that


Currently, the woman had already developed two skills sniping and setting traps.

Lin Sanjiu's party had already experienced the power of her sniping skills, and it was different

from how military snipers worked. The metallic ray from that woman used was like a bullet;

however, she neither faced any issues with accuracy associated with gun precision nor required

a long time to take aim. All she had to do was to lock onto the target with her eyes and pull the


No matter how good Lin Sanjiu physical capabilities were, she hadn't reached the stage where

she could be faster than a bullet.

Furthermore, the greatest weakness of a sniper close combat was solved perfectly by her

ability to lay traps.

’’I actually wanted to head upstairs to take a look, but once I stepped into the building, I was

shocked. From the first story all the way to the fifteen story, the entire floors were covered with

her traps. Even though it wasn't difficult to destroy those traps, but our illegal status will

definitely be discovered,’’ Li Zhijun continued, ’’you must know, we can't engage in a battle,

because we will only be on the receiving end of the attacks.’’

’’What sort of traps are these?’’ Lin Sanjiu asked feeling slightly anxious.

’’I have no idea.’’ Li Zhijun shrugged, ’’Didn't I tell you, I didn't try to set them off.’’

Lin Sanjiu gave him a look of frustration, ’’So you are saying, we shouldn't head upstairs, right?’’

Li Zhijun nodded calmly.

[How were we going to fight if we can't go upstairs!] Lin Sanjiu could not help feeling


’’There is one more information you should all know.’’ Beaming, Li Zhijun passed Lin Sanjiu and

Marcie each a bottle of water, ’’In this pocket dimension, only your group retains memories of

the previous rounds.’’

The three of them instantly lifted their heads to listen.

’’Even though yourselves and they entered the same pocket dimension, but them being on the

'attack team' do not have any consciousness that they are in a pocket dimension. They were

just doing what they planned to do on the same day when they first entered the pocket

dimension, and that is to hunt,’’ Li Zhijun looked more and more excited as he said this, ’’that is

to say, if you attacked today, you will still catch them off guard. If you strategize this right, your

counterattacks should definitely work...’’

Perhaps it was the unruffled manner in which Li Zhijun had explained that, but the faint fear

that surrounded their hearts seemed to have lessened.

Li Zhijun went through with them once again all the various points that they should pay

attention to. After that, deciding that it should be sufficient, he called to the sleepy Hei Zeji that

it was time for them to alight.

’’It is up to us now.’’ Looking as the two of them walked into the distance, Lin Sanjiu looked at

Luther and Marcie with her bright eyes, and said in a determined voice, ’’We will definitely


Translator note: The Chinese characters and thus the original pronunciation of names Li Zhijun

and Hei Zeji are rather unique sounding names, but the romanization does not reflect this.


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