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Doomsday Wonderland - Chapter 18


18: A Happy Blessing for Lin Sanjiu

Translator: Pluto Ed扚�tor: Tehrn

The three of them did not say a single a word. They stood up silently as they raised their guard.

Kong Yun's question echoed softly through the spacious supermarket, and before it faded, there

was another furious knock. This time, she even raised her voice, ’’Come here and open the door!

I know you all are in there! That rice, didn't you get that here? Open up!’’

That's right she lived nearby, so she probably shopped here frequently. That was the reason

she was able to recognize the source of that sack of imported rice. Before the three of them

could think of anything to reply to her, they did not expect that her shouting successfully

managed to rouse Wang Sisi who was in the staff room. After an ear-piercing hiss, bangs

resonated in the air as she slammed herself violently against the door. Lin Sanjiu could not

tolerate this any longer, she suddenly walked towards the metal shutter.

Somehow, Wang Sisi's voice seemed to have startled Kong Yun. There were a few seconds of

silence outside the metal shutter. After waiting for a while, Lin Sanjiu restrained her anger and

asked, ’’What the hell do you want?’’

’’Is that the lady from upstairs?’’ Kong Yun shot back.

’’Why did you follow us here? What do want?’’ Lin Sanjiu shouted loudly, ’’Do you think I will just

obediently let myself be absorbed by you, just like your husband?’’

Kong Yun, who stood at the other side of the shutter, fell silent for a moment. After her pause,

her faint voice finally traveled through the metal shutter, ’’I actually just want to talk. Honestly,

I have to thank you.’’

Lin Sanjiu bit her lip without saying a word.

’’If you had not enlightened me, I would have just continue waiting. Without anyone around for

me to absorb, I would die in the end. On the other hand... I really hate you,’’ Kong Yun sounded

unstable, the volume of her voice fluctuated greatly, it was difficult to listen to her. ’’My hope

was ripped away from me by a young woman like you who knew nothing... I am suffering,

really. Who are you to tell me that I killed him? I can't stand it! I...I really want to kill you so

that I can feel a little better.’’

Lin Sanjiu was stunned. She could not help taking half a step back. Even though there was a

metal shutter between them, she could almost smell the abnormal aura of insanity in the air.

Kong Yun, on the side, began to speak again, ’’Forget it. You wouldn't understand... It doesn't

make a difference whether you open the shutter or not. If you don't open the shutter, I will just

converse with you... If you open them, I will turn your bones into juice and drink that.’’

Lin Sanjiu was so affected that her face turned white, she was about to open her mouth, but

Kong Yun continued as if she knew that the person on the other side was about to respond,

’’Listen carefully, I will only say this once. I can only use my ability every once in an hour. For

me, a living organism is more beneficial than a dead one. And a human being is by far more

beneficial for me than any other living creature. When I am absorbing, my... prey and I must

not move in that ten minutes. Whether it is on my own violation or forced, if I move, all my

efforts will be wasted. I will have to wait for the next hour to start absorbing again. But now at

my initial stage, I need to absorb a large amount, so I can't risk the situation of not absorbing

anything for a few hours...’’

[From this perspective, it meant that Kong Yun was only trying to drag time after she ate the

chicken porridge...]

’’Ah!’’ Marcie suddenly exclaimed, realizing something, ’’That was why you did not lay a hand on

us just now. It is not that you didn't want to, but you did not have the chance! If the others

realized that something was wrong, you would have exposed yourself and waste another hour!’’

Once she said this, Luther softly but clearly swore a string of vulgarities.

’’That's right,’’ Even though she could not see Kong Yun face, Lin Sanjiu did not know why but

she felt that Kong Yun was smiling at this point, ’’originally, I wanted to wait for one of you to

fall behind... but I did not expect things to turn out like this...’’

’’How generous of you to reveal everything about your ability,’’ Lin Sanjiu remarked

sarcastically with a cold smile, but only half believed her words.

’’So what if I told you this? The worst outcome is that I'll die,’’ Kong Yun intonation rose, ’’Do

you think I am afraid of death? If you kill me, I will meet my husband. I should be thanking you


Lin Sanjiu was shocked, she was about to speak when Wang Sisi who was in the staff room

behind her started howling again.

The inhuman howl sounded very intimidating, it became silent for a moment outside the metal

shutter, before Kong Yun spoke again. ’’What's that?’’

’’It's nothing,’’ Lin Sanjiu did not want to tell Kong Yun anything about duoluozhongs,

’’Probably, someone dying soon...’’

Despite knowing that she was lying, Kong Yun still laughed. ’’Fine, let's hope that we never

meet again.’’

She was surprisingly blunt. After she had said that, they could hear her footsteps changing

direction. She climbed the escalator, and gradually, her footsteps faded into the distance. Lin

Sanjiu tried her best to steel herself just now, but after she had heard that woman leave, she

finally gave a sigh of relief.

The three of them walked back to the area where they had laid out the towels. Lin Sanjiu wiped

her face then laid on her ’’bed’’ lethargically. Wang Sisi's howling continued, but the three of

them seemed to have gotten used to it. After they had discussed for a while about Kong Yun,

somehow Marcie and Luther came to the subject on logistics. The two of them discussed for a

short moment before deciding to gather the remaining food and water so that they could check

the numbers.

’’Both of you, go ahead.’’ Lin Sanjiu's heart and body were weary. She did not feel like moving at

all, she waved her hands saying, ’’Let me be lazy for a while.’’

’’Don't worry. That woman can't do anything to you.’’ Marcie thought that she was still

concerned about Kong Yun, so she smiled and patted her head. After that, she stood up and left

with Luther.

The Ability Polishing Agent glowed brightly in the tiny bottle, and the surroundings were lit up

with a swirling silver light. If Wang Sisi's banging and howling didn't spoil that atmosphere, it

was actually considerably peaceful.

After laying for a while, Lin Sanjiu found that her mind was crowded with a lot of thing Ren

Nan, the New World, her own abilities, her dead parents, Zhu Mei, Kong Yun... these things

floating in her mind, one after the other, almost suffocating her. If she had discovered this

earlier, she would rather find something to do. Lin Sanjiu tossed around a few times before she

finally jumped up frustratedly. She decided to look for the other two people and help check

their inventory of supplies.

To her surprise, once she left the ground, she felt a warm flow traveling from her head to her

feet. In that split second, Lin Sanjiu felt all her muscles twitching, her blood rushing through

her blood vessels like crazy, and her teeth even started to chatter. She had never experienced

this before; it was strange as though she had lost control of her body. A low cry escaped her

throat uncontrollably.

Coincidentally, Wang Sisi had stopped at that moment. Her voice immediately traveled through

the supermarket. Almost immediately, Marcie hastily asked, ’’What's wrong?’’

Lin Sanjiu wanted to open her mouth to say something, but she totally could not control her

muscles and her tongue. Her ears were only filled with the sound of her teeth which chattered


’’We'll go over!’’ Luther yelled out.

The footsteps of the two of them approaching sounded very distant and indistinct to Lin Sanjiu.

She only felt Marcie's cold breath when the two of them were kneeling beside her. ’’What...

what's the matter?’’

Luther sounded very anxious, ’’Her... her face. No, her whole body. What's happening?’’

At that moment, Lin Sanjiu was just like a large piece of human-shaped jelly, she was trembling

non-stop under some sort of external force. Her skin, hair, and muscle vibrated like water

ripples. After almost a full minute, this weird vibration gradually faded away. Her body slowly

calmed down.

When Lin Sanjiu opened her eyes, she saw two large faces, looking very closely at her with

worried expressions.

’’What... what happened to me just now?’’ she pinched her own skin bewilderedly. The tight,

delicate skin which belonged to a young woman like herself looked so normal. Her muscles,

bones, and blood also reverted back.

Luther and Marcie looked at each other, feeling a little at a loss.

’’Let me draw your blood; I will help you check,’’ Marcie said as she extended her nails and gave

Lin Sanjiu a tiny scratch. Lin Sanjiu had the same idea. She looked nervously as her second drop

of fresh blood disappeared into Marcie's palms. Maybe it was because she already collected

some base figures, so they only had to wait nervously for about 20 minutes before Marcie

opened her eyes. She looked at Lin Sanjiu, and her lips curled up. A few smiling crow's feet

appeared at the corner of her eyes, ’’Xiao Jiu, congratulation, you have a happy blessing![1]’’

With a ’’Pshhh!’’ sound, Luther, who was standing beside, drinking a bottle of water, spurted

water out from his mouth, wetting Lin Sanjiu's hair and face.

Lin Sanjiu vision darkened, her face was totally white. She did not even bother to wipe the drops

of water on her eyelashes, ’’That's not possible!’’

’’Why not? This is the natural order of thing.’’ As she was puzzled, Marcie's smile somewhat

faded. She looked at both Luther and Lin Sanjiu, ’’Isn't it a happy blessing now that she has

developed her third passive skill?’’

She could not understand when she saw the jaw-dropping expression that the two of them had.

’’And her third Passive Skill is a high-tiered physical enhancement ability. Hey, what are you

doing... Wait.. Wait... Luther, why aren't you stopping her? Hey! It hurts!’’

Translator notes: [1]The author use a bit of wordplay, the term in Chinese roughly translates to

’’fortunate event’’ which can mean that one is pregnant or something happy has happened.


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