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Doomsday Wonderland - Chapter 14


Chapter 14: Corpse Looting

Translator: Pluto Editor: Tehrn

’’Say, what was that with Kong Yun just now?’’ Lin Sanjiu asked, full of suspicion. Her light footsteps followed her voice as she climbed up the stairs. ’’When I offered her something to drink, what did her expression change?’’

’’Who knows?’’ Luther looked at the items that he was carrying, ’’Maybe she kept cartons of water in her apartment and was afraid that we would snatch them from her if we found out.’’

This was not implausible. Lin Sanjiu tried to recall if she had seen Kong Yun before, but she really had no impression of her. She fell silent for a few seconds listening to their soft footsteps which filled the stairway.

’’Anyway, we have to be careful when we visit her later,’’ Marcie concluded.

They continued their conversation and made a turn. Finally, they saw the large number ’’38’’. ’’We're here.’’ Lin Sanjiu stood at the stairway exit. She inhaled lightly and pulled open the unlocked door. She took a step into the apartment.

The door to the emergency stairway was beside the nanny's room which opened to a corridor leading to the living room. As they walked into the living room, Luther scanned the room and was the first one to exclaim, ’’Xiao Jiu, what were you working as in the past? This apartment is huge! Oh, you even have a personal lift in your living room!’’

Lin Sanjiu looked around the living room. It was still the same. The exquisite, refined parquet flooring was covered with shattered glass, the sofa was askew, and the floor was a mess. Even that boning knife which she had used to kill Ren Nan was still lying at the same spot. Apparently, no one came her after she left.

’’This is not my house,’’ she replied blandly and kicked the shattered glass to a side. ’’Ren Nan tricked me here. This is not his either. He ate the original owner, settled here and took over the place.’’

When she mentioned this, she was surprised to find herself rather calm. Watching Lin Sanjiu explaining and entering the bedroom, Luther threw himself into the sofa. He immediately sank into that spacious, soft sofa. He gave a sigh of satisfaction, ’’Woah... This is really comfortable. This is much better than those towels at the supermarket... why don't we sleep here for a night?’’ Marcie jeered.

Lin Sanjiu smiled slightly when she heard the conversation outside. She grabbed her pajamas pants from the bed and dug into the pocket. As expected, she found the 【Ren Nan's Corpse】 card.

Looking at the crayon drawing on the card, and being in the creepily familiar room, she could not help remembering that snow white face she saw every night she shivered for a moment and quickly kept the card.

With a little tremble, salt could fall from the clothes that she was wearing now. She should have changed out of it long ago. Lin Sanjiu was unable to imagine how much she perspired over the day. As she changed into a new set of clothes, she felt speechless. She got out two duffel bags and stuffed them with some clothes and shoes suited for exercising.

After she had packed her bag, she came out and saw that the two people were in the kitchen. The packet of rice was opened yet Luther was trying hard to stop Marcie from cooking: ’’Marcie, it was difficult for us to bring that water and rice up here... No, I'm not implying that your cooking tastes bad. Mainly, well mainly, porridge is too simple a dish for you. It is not worth your vast expertise in cooking...’’

Lin Sanjiu laughed softly. The faint feeling of coldness in her heart faded.

Hearing her voice, Luther quickly said, ’’Oh, Xiao Jiu is here. Let's look at the dead body before we discuss food. Okay?’’ Marcie's face darkened. ’’Cling!’’ she left the pot behind as she walked into the living.

’’Her cooking sucks.’’ Luther took the opportunity and gestured behind her back. He mouthed the words to Lin Sanjiu, ’’Don't let her cook! Please!’’

Lin Sanjiu turn to one side, unable to hold back her laughter. She cleared her throat and asked, ’’Should I place him here?’’

The two others nodded.

After a flash of white light, a black figure fell from Lin Sanjiu's palm. With a ’’peng’’ sound, it fell heavily onto the ground.

The eyes filled with ecstasy, that large mouth which split both cheeks, and that red knife tip that stuck out from that mouth... When she saw that corpse once again after a day had passed, Lin Sanjiu could not help feeling a tremor in her heart;she looked away. Almost immediately, she forced herself to face the corpse again and tried her best to remain composed.

’’Sheesh!’’ Luther drew a breath, ’’Hey, how can you call him handsome? The standards in your world are really different...’’

Before he could finish his sentence, Marcie smacked him. The second half of his sentence was thus smacked back inside.

Lin Sanjiu was too lazy to explain. Feeling a little at loss whether to laugh or cry, she placed her hand on the tip of the knife. After that incident with Wang Sisi, she discovered something. Her ability allowed her to transform up to four items a day and was not limited by four uses a day. It was not yet 12 pm, and since the chef's knife can be considered a weapon, she stored it away. She held the thought in her mind, a white light briefly flashed past, the knife disappeared into her hands.

The corpse looked considerably better without the murder weapon.

’’I already checked the kitchen, he doesn't have any sort of bag or container... I lived here for a few months, but I have never seen him carrying a bag around him.’’ Lin Sanjiu put on a brave face and sat down on the floor. At the corner of her eyes, she could still see that large stiff torn-open mouth.

’’This is something you don't know,’’ Luther licked his buckteeth and grinned, ’’Let me give you a lesson!’’ After saying this, he unexpectedly reached out to undo the collar button of the shirt that the corpse was wearing.

’’In the New Worlds, we can sometimes obtain, by chance, some special items which are somewhat more valuable... And, no, don't show me that kitchen knife. It is not something valuable even if you've used it to kill someone.’’ Luther's hands nimbly groped the corpse's neck and chest, with his pair of bright eyes that sparkled from the excitement, he simply looked like a... pervert.

’’If you manage to collect a few good items, you must remember this: don't ever walk around carelessly with the items in your bag... If you meet that sort of unscrupulous person, they might snatch your item. But worst of all, they might plot to kill you for your items.’’

Luther did not stop talking, and his hands also continued. Very quickly, he started to search around Ren Nan's ears. Next, following his fair fingers, Lin Sanjiu gaze fell on an obsidian ear stud. She laughed and said, ’’This is not a treasure...’’

She just started, but Luther had already pulled out the black obsidian ear stud on Ren Nan's left ear. Before Lin Sanjiu could react, there was a sudden silver glow. ’’Ding!’’ The ear stud fell to the ground. However, the silver glow remained in Luther's hands, it illuminated half the living room.

’’What is that?’’ Lin Sanjiu was stunned, she placed her face closer to his hands. She only realized then that he was holding a transparent bottle. Within it was a lump of glowing silver fluid which moved continuously.

Luther squinted his eyes due to the glare and read the words: ’’Ability Polishing Agent... Note: This is not suitable for users at basic levels of evolution...’’

Looking at Marcie's and Luther's confused faces, she could guess that they had never heard of that [polishing agent] before. Despite that, they could get the general idea of its function from its name. [It probably has something to do with improving or upgrading one's ability,] Lin Sanjiu thought as she scrutinized the beautiful glowing silver bottle.

Even though the item was not bad, the three of them were not really considered the sort of combatant type. Additionally, they had not evolved much though Luther would never admit as a result, they did not really care much for it, they simply placed it aside.

’’How strange... this ear stud was my gift to him. How can such a thing be hidden inside?’’ Lin Sanjiu was puzzled by this and asked Marcie while she looked at Luther who continued with his search.

’’All the special items have a very unique property. They can be reduced to their molecular form and later integrated into another item. Of course, one object can only contain one of these special items. When you want to take them out, they can be drawn out in their molecular form and later reconstructed back into their original form. Thus, for safekeeping, everyone usually carries their most valuable items around with them wherever they go.’’

Lin Sanjiu was flabbergasted when she heard this, she turned her head blankly and looked at Luther.

Luther was now holding the Patek Philippe watch which Ren Nan wore around wherever he went. As a posthuman, he found his target quickly after tapping a few times on the face of the watch. Almost instantaneously, a black shadow slid out from the watch. ’’Pa!’’ it fell to the ground and rapidly congealed into the shape of a wallet.

Lin Sanjiu opened her mouth in shock as she picked the wallet up. She carefully opened the wallet with an emotion close to reverence.

The wallet was not big, it was only the size of a palm. Unlike the normal wallet, there wasn't a compartment for cash. Rather than calling it a wallet, it was more accurate to call it a card case. After she had searched the card case thoroughly, she found only a single piece of paper in it and nothing else.

Using the ability polishing agent as a light source, Lin Sanjiu drew out the paper.

Without discussion, the three of them gathered together and looked at it.

The first ten seconds that they laid eyes on it, the three of them could not react. They stared at it for another few seconds before Lin Sanjiu suddenly gasped. She could not believe it, and she looked at the other two of them blankly. Consequently, she could not help looking down at the words on the paper once more.

[That's right, there is no mistake...]

Marcie and Luther also realized what it was. Marcie's voice trembled a little, ’’If I am not wrong, this is...’’ Suddenly, a ’’thump’’ from the direction of the emergency door interrupted her.


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