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Doomsday Wonderland - Chapter 12


Chapter 12: Living on with Wang Sisi?

Translator: Pluto Editor: Tehrn

In a split second, everything became chaotic.

With Lin Sanjiu's tackle, the skin on Marcie's elbow was scrapped and hurt with a burning sensation. Just as she was about to say, ’’What the hell are you doing?’’ she heard Luther yelled out. Luther lifted his knife and rushed into the room, brandishing the knife above Marcie and Lin Sanjiu. ’’Clash!’’ a metallic sound rang out. With Luther's attack, the agile thorn-like black shadow that was about to pierce Marcie's face was suddenly sent flying away. Marcie blinked her eyes and only realized then that it was the mouthpart of a duoluozhong.

Lin Sanjiu did a somersault and quickly stood up on her feet. Marcie stood up almost at the same time, feeling a sudden warmth on her face she touched her face and found that her skin was still cut by the mouthpart and was bleeding.

A few drops of blood fell to the ground leaving a few red splashes.

’’Agu... Auntie, can Sisi drink this?’’ A timid-sounding, soft child-like voice rang out.

The three of them did not move;their faces darkened.

The staff room door was wide open, and a vomit-inducing rotten stench rushed out. A duoluozhong wearing a light pink flowery dress no one could possibly call that thing a little girl was standing at the door.

She looked different from the security guard they had seen. Wang Sisi was much smaller than him and was a little plumper. She also had that wrinkly, layered brown skin, but her flowery dress still fitted her well. Unfortunately, there was a large black patch on the chest area of her dress which either came from the mucus that Wang Sisi's body secreted or some person's blood. There were a few sparse strands of thick hair that bore through that sticky layered skin on her head. They were tied together with an originally pink butterfly bow. That was probably once her ponytail.

She seemed really happy as she held her dress and swayed twice. Her mouthpart produced a ’’gege’’ sounding laughter, ’’Thank you, older brother, older sister, and auntie. Sisi can eat again.’’

Just when Lin Sanjiu was about to say something, the girl thrust her nimble, thorn-like mouthpart forward. The three of them jumped backward at the same time, dodging her attack. The mouthpart swept across the floor, and the blood on the ground disappeared.

As the blood entered her mouth, Wang Sisi suddenly made an ’’ugh’’ sound. Her mouthpart emitted a furious buzz. ’’It tastes bad! It tastes bad! I hate this!’’ Compared to the security guard, her articulation was so much better. If they closed their eyes, it would sound as if she was a normal child throwing a tantrum.

Thereafter, her lidless eyes turned and locked on to Lin Sanjiu. ’’You're the older sister just now who isn't gentle at all.’’

Lin Sanjiu could feel the acid churning in her stomach. She suppressed her discomfort and coldly said, ’’We underestimated you. I didn't know that a duoluozhong like yourself could possess such intellect...’’ She was much taller than Wang Sisi and was standing right in front of the staff room door, so she could easily see the entire interior of the room.

There was a work desk behind Wang Sisi, and a dead middle age man was lying flat on it. There was a large bloody hole near his throat, and the stretch was coming from that dead body. Under the high temperature, the dead body was already quite badly decomposed, yet that fear that was plastered on his face was still ever so clear.

At this moment, Luther's ’’eagle eyes’’ came in handy. He scanned the room, and gasped, ’’Xiao Jiu, Marcie, there is a nametag on that dead body. His name is Wang Zhiwei.’’

Marcie felt a shiver down her spine and gave a quick glance at Lin Sanjiu as she thought of something. Her conjecture was proven the very next second.

’’Do you know my dad?’’ Wang Sisi's massive eyes rolled around in her black shrunken sockets and almost looked as if they were about to fall out.

’’You absorbed your dad ’’ Before she could finish her sentence, Marcie covered her mouth, as if she was unable to hold back her nausea. She swallowed the remaining words in her sentence with her digestive juice.

Lin Sanjiu quickly understood why Wang Sisi looked a little more hydrated than the security guard. This was because she had consumed the bodily fluid from a person!

’’I understand now. Who saw you when you suddenly attacked your father? Was it the manager? She must have been shocked, so she took the opportunity and locked you in this room, right? The door was too well-built, so there was no way a little corpse like you could get out,’’ Lin Sanjiu said calmly even though all her muscles tensed up preparing for her next action. ’’When we came here, you heard our voice, so you thought of this method to trick us... I really can't tell that your dried, shriveled brain can still function so well.’’

Angered by her cruel words, Wang Sisi immediately emitted an ear-piercing buzz. She shrieked resentfully, ’’How great do you think you are, just because you are fully hydrated!’’ At the same time, she charged at Lin Sanjiu with her mouthpart without any warning.

As Wang Sisi was smaller, her mouthpart was also shorter. Lin Sanjiu was already prepared, so she rolled over to Luther's side and dodged the first attack. Without even pausing for a second, the girl swung her mouthpart toward the two of them, creating a sharp sound as it cut through the air.

Luther used his kitchen knife to block the blow hurriedly. With the sound of a clash, the mouthpart was blocked for an instant, but his knife flew out of his hands and landed far away from them. At this moment, they were now both empty handed.

Noting that the situation was bad, Marcie rushed forward with her extended half-meter long nails. She aimed directly for Wang Sisi's eyeballs;however, that mouthpart was really too agile. It recoiled back like a snake, and launched a counterattack, totally destroying Marcie's attack.

Wang Sisi made two clicking sound. It was a pity that her attack landed on that person in front of her, the nasty tasting one. Without waiting for Marcie to look clearly, the mouthpart made a buzz again and once again headed toward Lin Sanjiu.

This time round, Lin Sanjiu did not try to dodge and faced the attack directly. Just when the mouthpart was about to touch her throat, she suddenly grabbed onto the sharp end of the mouthpart. She mustered her energy and pushed the mouthpart a slight distance away from her.

The layers of skin of Wang Sisi face gathered together in that instant, she seemed happy as she said, ’’HAHA! Idiot. I can draw blood from your hand too!’’

Luther and Marcie were shocked. Just as they rushed forward to help, there was a flash of white light. At the very next instant, they heard a sharp screech from Wang Sisi who was shaking her head violently, struggling. Her screech was so loud that items nearly fall off the shelves from the reverberation. A kitchen knife had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was now embedded in her thorn-like appendage which was originally covered in a sticky fluid. Furthermore, the handle of the knife was in Lin Sanjiu's grip.

Hearing Wang Sisi's screech, Lin Sanjiu smiled viciously as she held onto the knife handle firmly with both her hands. In this manner, she had managed to secure control over that most dangerous mouthpart. As she held on tightly, she yelled to the other two people, ’’Luther, kick her back into the room! Marcie, close and lock the door!’’

Everything happened at lightning speed. Even though Wang Sisi heard their plan, it was already too late. A dark shadow flew toward her, and a kick landed heavily on her chest a crackling sound filled the air, almost as if Luther had shattered her ribcage. Lin Sanjiu timed her action well, releasing her grip. The knife which was still stuck on the girl's mouthpart flew backward with the girl who landed far back into the room. Marcie who was standing to the side was long prepared, she rushed forward at that moment and grabbed the door handle.

Just then, a clear mournful girl's voice came out from the room: ’’Auntie, I know I was wrong. Auntie, please don't lock me up. Boo hoo. I'm in pain. Auntie Marcie, I won't do that again...’’

Marcie froze for a moment, but she quickly cursed back in a low voice, ’’Damn you! I am not your auntie!’’ She locked the door even before she finished her sentence. The bunch of the key was still hanging from the door. Two turns of the key ensured that the door was once again safely locked.

It was only at this point that Lin Sanjiu finally took a deep breath. She could no longer support her body as she slipped weakly to the ground. With a ’’gu dong’’ sound, Luther also lay beside her;with a face of total exhaustion.

Wang Sisi continued with her wailing. Sometimes, she was acting like a pitiful sobbing girl. Sometimes, she targeted Marcie and continued begging and making promises. When that did not work, she shouted furiously with her ear-piercing voice. But no matter how she screamed or rammed the door, the three of them outside acted like they couldn't hear her.

’’What should we do?’’ Luther grimaced as he grabbed a few towels and threw them toward Lin Sanjiu and Marcie. ’’Does this mean that we will have to settle down here with this duoluozhong?’’

Lin Sanjiu could feel her heart pounding. She wiped the blood off her wounded bleeding palm. Then, she finally sighed and said, ’’Let's find a few shelves to block off this door... Where else can we stay, other than this place?’’

Marcie nodded her head and agreed: ’’We almost fainted under the heat when we went upstairs to look for the keys...’’ When she thought of this, she continued sadly, ’’These duoluozhongs retained their intellect, so how can they bear to attack their loved ones?’’

Unfortunately, no one could answer her question.

The three of them drank some water and somewhat rested. Next, they worked together and blocked the staff door entrance with a few shelves and sealed off the door tightly. Each of the shelves was extremely heavy;they even left the useless items on those shelves. This made it even less possible for Wang Sisi, who could not knock down the door, to ever come out.

After they had finished their task, Lin Sanjiu was extremely tired. It had only been five to six hours since she had woken up from the heat in the middle of the night. Yet, her whole world had totally changed. She had never gotten into a fight before, but now she was not above killing a person...

As the supermarket did not sell bedding accessories, Marcie took a large pile of big towels and laid them on the floor, treating them like bedsheets. Lin Sanjiu carefully used half a bottle of water to clean the smelly sweat on her body, before falling asleep on a towel.

They had already pulled down the metal shutter at the entrance of the supermarket and locked it with the key from the dead manager. The sunlight outside was so strong that it could kill, but inside the supermarket, the darkness allowed for their survival. The three of them slept shoulder to shoulder on a towel, listening to that not-too-distant sharp, helpless wails from Wang Sisi. Gradually, the things around her got blurry, and the noise faded... Lin Sanjiu fell asleep just like that.


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