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Doomsday Wonderland - Chapter 11


Chapter 11: The Person Behind the Door

Translator: Pluto Editor: Tehrn

’’What's that? Didn't you say that there was nobody else in the supermarket?’’ Marcie spoke very softly as her body tensed up.

’’There was really nobody just now. Who knows where they've come in from?’’ Luther scolded back quietly.

At that moment, the three of them were all holding kitchen knives. The group was led by Luther, followed by Lin Sanjiu, then Marcie, who was keeping a lookout for anything that might come from the side. They headed slowly toward the direction where they heard the collision.

Getting the kitchen knives was Lin Sanjiu's idea. They managed to find them at the Ready-To-Eat section. Perhaps because they have been used for cutting Lou Mei (braised meat), they were not that sharp they carried a faint stench of rotten Lou Mei even though they have been wiped. Nevertheless, with the knives, the three of them felt much more confident.

’’Bang!’’ another dull sound rang out through the air.

This time, the three of them recognized immediately the correct direction where the noise came from and headed in the upper left direction. ’’It's here!’’ Marcie pointed.

Not far from them, under the dim light of the candles, they could see a door with the sign ’’Staff Only’’. The three of them looked at each other. Lin Sanjiu nodded and started to speak it didn't matter who the person was, a young female voice would certainly always let the other party lower their guard. ’’Who's inside? Come out now!’’

The air stood still for a few seconds.

After they waited for a while, and just when Lin Sanjiu was about to impatiently ask again, an unmistakable sobbing sound came from behind the door. They heard a bright, timid voice asking, ’’Who are you?’’

The three of them looked at each other with some astonishment, and feeling slightly relieved, they lowered their kitchen knives. This was not only because they could clearly tell that it was a female voice but also because the voice sounded child-like the person behind the door was definitely no older than fourteen.

’’Hey, little girl? How old are you? We are not bad people...’’ Lin Sanjiu cautiously followed with a question, ’’Are you alone behind that door?’’

The little girl muttered a ’’yeah’’ with a sobbing tone and replied, ’’I am eleven.’’

Hearing this, the three of them placed their kitchen knives down. Marcie even went so far as to grab a towel from one of the shelves and covered them. Almost as if she was afraid to scare the little girl, she asked in a gentle voice, ’’Why are you here alone? Where are your parents?’’

The little girl's sobbing suddenly intensified: ’’My, my... dad works here. He brought me here last night. Afterward, many people rushed into the supermarket and started fighting over items,so my dad locked me here and told me not to come out...’’

Sympathy flashed across their faces. Needless to say, the little girl's father must be dead he might even be one of those dead bodies that they carried outside.

’’Little girl, what's your name? Why don't you open the door first?’’ Marcie knocked the door gently.

’’My name is Wang Sisi. My dad warned that I should not open the door unless it was for him...’’ the little girl sobbed again, ’’but he is not even back now...’’

The three of them could not help feeling emotional. She was just a little girl, they did not even know how she managed to survive that night...

’’You should also say something. Comfort her,’’ Luther hinted softly to Lin Sanjiu.

For a split second, Lin Sanjiu had a difficult expression on her face. Marcie who was still speaking softly at the door gave Lin Sanjiu a look of encouragement, so Lin Sanjiu had no choice. She coughed and steeled herself to say, ’’Wang Sisi, stay strong!’’ just as these words came out from her mouth, the two others immediately looked at her as if she was some freak.

Lin Sanjiu looked back helpless, showing that it was beyond her. Even though she was a woman, she was raised like a boy since young and was at her wits ends when it came to dealing with children. Furthermore, in such a situation where that child was already so frightened and fragile it would be considered pretty good if that her ’’comfort’’ did not leave any sort of mental trauma.

Faced with Lin Sanjiu's cold words, Wang Sisi instantly stammered and stopped speaking.

Marcie rolled her eyes at Lin Sanjiu and whispered to the both of them, ’’The little girl probably already gained Heat Resistance Adaptation. It is not right for her to keep staying inside.’’ Then, she quickly said, ’’Sisi, your dad told you not to come out because it wasn't safe at that time. It is safe right now. Why don't you come out? We can wait for your father together, okay?’’

Wang Sisi, who was behind the door, seemed rather hesitating. She made two sniffling sound as if she was unable to make a decision.

At this point, Marcie, who was now overwhelmed with a sense of maternal instinct, felt her heart melt when she heard the girl's sniffles. She walked quickly to the door and continued in the gentle voice, ’’You have been inside since last night, I guess you should be hungry now. Auntie has a lot of food here, what do you like to eat?’’

’’Well, I am very hungry. I wish I could see the fish that my mom cooks...’’ Wang Sisi said timidly, ’’and a chocolate bar...’’

Tears welled up in Marcie's eyes, she wiped the corner of her eyes and replied rapidly, ’’Sure, sure. Let's open the door. Auntie will bring you to get some food, okay?’’

Seeing that she was handling the situation pretty well, the two idle people behind her started to gossip in whispers.

Luther said softly, ’’Marcie told me that she was married once before. But the two of them could not have children, so it ended in a divorce...’’

[No wonder!] Lin Sanjiu was a little fazed when she heard this. [So even a split personality that had taken corporeal form can indeed own a completely different set of life experiences...]

Just when the two of them were chatting idly, Wang Sisi finally agreed to come out under Marcie's persuasion. ’’Auntie, I am coming out...’’ Wang Sisi called out apprehensively. They heard the ’’click’’ of the door, and the doorknob turned.

However, the door did not move.

’’Huh?’’ Marcie was surprised. She lowered her head and examined the door, then facing the gap at the door frame, she asked, ’’Sisi, did you father locked the door from outside when he left?’’

The little girl suddenly became panicky and replied, ’’Yes... I think so. I can't remember!’’

The three of them frowned. As the supermarket's main target group are high-end consumers, the materials used for the interior construction were all specifically chosen. Hence, even the staff room door was quite thick. Marcie examined the keyhole and yelled determinedly: ’’Back away, Sisi! Auntie will kick the door down!’’ Before the other two people could stop her, she already gave the door a forceful kick.

Marcie drew in a breath and immediately sat down on the floor holding her leg. The door did not even budge a little.

’’What should we do?’’ She turned and looked at the two people behind her feeling slightly helpless.

Lin Sanjiu opened her mouth but finally kept silent. She might be able to ’’store’’ the door away. That is if the metal gates didn't count just now which would mean that she only had one more chance to use that ability. But, it is only seven thirty in the morning right now... Besides, she could not tell for certain if she indeed had one more chance... Lin Sanjiu hesitated for a moment and did not say anything in the end.

After all, there were other methods to open that door. If indeed she could still use that ability one more time it might be better for everyone if she kept it for something else. ’’When we were carrying the dead bodies, I noticed that some of them were the staff from the supermarket. They even had their uniforms on,’’ Luther spoke first after he ruminated for a while. Lin Sanjiu secretly felt a sense of relief and less guilty about it. Luther eyed the entrance of the supermarket, hinting to the two others, ’’Perhaps, a person lying over might have the key...’’

That must be it. Since Wang Sisi's father locked the door, he must have the key. If his daughter was in the supermarket, he definitely wouldn't go far. He most likely died in the supermarket and was brought upstairs by them.

Following this flow of logic, the three of them got their spirits up and gathered together to discuss.

As the sunlight outside was very strong now, the temperature must be presumably high. Since Lin Sanjiu's body had not been ’’strengthened’’, they decided that she will stay behind to guard the staff room door. Before she left, Marcie stressed to Lin Sanjiu with a very worried look: ’’Don't say anything you shouldn't. Don't scare that kid!’’

Lin Sanjiu nodded with a face full of awkwardness.

When the two of them left, the supermarket instantly became quiet again. Wang Sisi seemed to realize that the stiff ’’stay-strong sister’’ was the only one left outside. Other than the occasional sob, she did not say a word, so Lin Sanjiu was bored stiff. She started to play with the kitchen knife in her hand as she sat on the floor.

Honestly speaking, now that Luther and Marcie left, this was a good time for her to try out if she still had one last chance to use her ability for today. However, she could not convince herself to make the decision. Other than that slightly smelly kitchen knife in her hand, she did not have anything worth storing. If she wasted her last chance just like that, she would really weep without tears.

She did not know how long she struggled with it and hesitated before she heard the footsteps by the escalator near the entrance. Lin Sanjiu stood up and looked over. It was Luther and Marcie.

’’That was fast?’’ she asked, puzzled.

Luther showed her his two buckteeth and laughed, ’’We were lucky. The first woman we searched was the manager of the supermarket. I found a bunch of keys in her apron...’’ after he had said this, he took out and showed Lin Sanjiu, a bunch of clanging keys. ’’Lucky for us, this manager labeled all her keys. So, this should be easy for us.’’

Lin Sanjiu paused for a moment, as she eyed the entrance. ’’Wang... where is her father? Weren't you supposed to,’’ she lowered her voice, ’’find that from her father's dead body?’’

’’Sigh, the main thing is that we have the key. It might not be a bad thing that we could not find... that person.’’ Luther handed the keys to Marcie casually.

’’Sisi, auntie is back. I will help you open the door now,’’ Marcie said as she squatted down. Just as Marcie slot the key into the keyhole, Lin Sanjiu suddenly felt her heart skipped a beat. When she was finally aware of what she was doing, a white light had already flashed in her palm. The kitchen knife had turned in a card, and she pinched it tightly in her hand.

Lin Sanjiu looked at the card in her hand with some shock. Before she could regret over her impulsive action, she could hear the sound of the door being unlocked. Next, Marcie gently pushed opened the door and said, ’’Sisi, auntie already opened the door...’’

Just as Marcie took a step forward, Lin Sanjiu suddenly tackled her and pushed her to the ground.


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