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Doom Lord - Chapter 137


Chapter 137

Chapter 137 - Subdue A Pet

The white tiger struggled several times to stand up, but in the end it was still unable to get up from the ground. That last blow has already consumed all its stamina.

The boa leisurely slowly crawl up to the side of the white tiger. Don't know if it was due to the pain from rubbing against the ground or because it wants to deliberately crush it's enemy's will that caused it move slow, but the latter was more likely to be true.

The boa flicked its fork tongue as it began to circle the white tiger. At this time, the poison on the white tiger has not subsided yet, but the giant boa knows that wanting to rely on poison to finish off the white tiger was extremely difficult. It also didn't like waiting too long, therefore it was ready to use its most adept move to strangle its foe alive.

The white tiger was tightly entangled and was unable to resist the giant boa's action. It knows that this time it had been too arrogant and has greatly underestimated its opponent. Even though it was an alienation beast, the monster in front of it was also not something to be trifled with. In particular, its toxin attack made it feel dread.

They were originally evenly matched. Both side's health loss also didn't differ much. If the battle had continue on like that, the result would have been both side mutually suffering injuries and then respectively retreating. But who would have thought that the boa would possess long-range attack capabilities. After being poisoned by the boa's toxin attack, it made a gamble to use its final trump card to kill the opposition.

However, the result pushed it into endless despair. Its final blow was unexpectedly unable to finish off the boa. Hence, it could predict its near bleak future.

Just then a puck suddenly shot out from the distant bushes and directly hit the boa in the forehead.

The boa with its mouth initially wide opened, began to reluctantly close. Its body that seems to be without bone fell to the ground like soft meat.

The mighty boa has died. In this way, the first wild second early-order enchanted beast was killed. This was without doubt the first second-order enchanted beast to die in the hands of the human race.

The white tiger was still staring blankly at the boa's corpse. It has no a clue as to why it was still alive and kicking while its foe has suddenly dropped dead. It also didn't know where the ice puck came from.

Hiding in the bushes, Cheng Yang secretly praised his luck. He didn't expect a move that he took with great risk would directly kill the boa. The only explanation for this was that the boa has been forced on its last leg after getting hit by the white tiger's last blow. And due to enchanted beast belonging in the rules' jurisdiction, its injuries would not affect its combat effectiveness as long as its health wasn't fully depleted,, which why it could still counterattack.

Also seeing the white tiger exhausted, more affirmed his guess that this monster was an alienation beast because only alienation beast under the incomplete rules could possessed skills that consume stamina, in contrast from enchanted beast where skills would consume mana.

With the boa confirmed dead, Cheng Yang came out from the bushes. Then while remaining vigilant, he came to the front of the white tiger.

’’I know that you can understand me. If you want to stay alive, surrender to me!’’ said Cheng Yang with a low voice.

The white tiger lay there motionless, as if not having heard what Cheng Yang had said.

Cheng Yang raised his his mythril staff and coldly said, ’’You'd better not think about delaying time. I know that your stamina will recover soon, but do you think I will give you this opportunity?’’

A hint of fear flashed within the white tiger's eyes when it saw a ice puck forming on top of mythril staff. After experiencing a tough battle and being poisoned, its health has now dropped to below 100 points. Even though the effect of the poison has begun to gradually fade, but if it gets hit by this ice puck, I am afraid that it would died.

’’I'll give you 10 seconds. If you refuse, I will kill you. I know that the entire body of an alienation beast is a treasure. Its blood is also said to be a necessary ingredient to refine certain type of special potions.’’ said Cheng Yang as he looked ups and downs the white tiger's body. It was as if he was staring at a corpse and was considering which body parts to cut out first.

The white white tiger's entire body trembled, while its heart began to violently pound faster.

’’One ...’’ Cheng Yang ignored the white tiger's feelings and began the countdown.

’’Two ...’’ The white tiger remained unmoved.

But when Cheng Yang counted to nine, the white tiger suddenly quickly bowed its head for fear that if its own action was a bit slower would caused it to be killed by Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang revealed a trace of a meaningful smile. When he saw the white tiger had used its final skill, he had already predicted that this would be the end result. Alienation beast were much smarter than enchanted beast of the same order, and because of this wisdom of their, they were more fearful of death. However, it was also this same reasoning that most alienation beasts would not shed tears before sighting the coffin. Hence, they would not easily compromised unless they were at the end of the road.

Since this white tiger was willing to surrender, it could be imagined how happy Cheng Yang was inside.

’’In the name of Cheng Yang, I accept thee as my servant! Contract open!’’ Cheng Yang mumbled a few strange words underneath his breath.

This was the process of subduing a pet. Of course, if an alienation beast takes the initiative to submit, this mantra would not be needed. However, this white tiger was obviously prepared to watch Cheng Yang make a joke of himself.

But after hearing Cheng Yang recite the passage, the white tiger's face thoroughly collapsed. This was the passage of forced submission. It knew that its last strand of hope has been broken.

The white tiger could naturally resist the power of the contract, but doing so was tantamount to refusing to become Cheng Yang's pet. It really wanted to reject, but it couldn't guarantee that Cheng Yang's ice puck wouldn't smashed down on its head the next second.

A pure ball of energy floated out from the white tiger's mind, and then drilled into Cheng Yang's eyebrows.

He concentrated on his consciousness, and suddenly saw a mini-version of the white tiger in a hazy space deep in his mind.

This was a sign that the contract was a success.This was the first time he has succeeded in obtaining a pet in both lifetimes, not to mention he couldn't even see an alienation beast in the first lifetime.

Regarding how to communicate with the pet, Cheng Yang has Yang has some knowledges. He just need to project his consciousness to the mini image of the pet to feel its thoughts and emotions. Same with commanding the pet, he could also use the same method to pass the orders. Naturally, talking would also work since alienation beast could understand human language.

Cheng Yang immediately opened his property panel, and discovered that a new pet tab has appeared below his attributes.

Pet: Mutated White Tiger
Rank: Second Early-order
Age: 3 Life: 300
Health: 45/480 Mana: 300/320
Physical Attack: 80 Magic Attack: 16
Physical Defense: 32 Magic Defense: 16
Attack Speed: 16 Movement Speed: 18.4
Stamina: 1/100

1. Holy Sphere: Consumes all stamina to launch a light sphere, erupting three times the user's physical attack. Have a cooldown of 1 hour.

2. Each increasing a minor order, enhances movement speed by 3%.

Innate Skills:

1. Attack Instinct: Rely on the instinct of a beast to fight. Can fully display own's physical attack.

2. Fatal Laceration Lv. 1: Can bite the enemy, erupting 110% of user's physical attack. Have a 70% chance of to disable the other side. Skill consumes 10 points of mana. Have a cooldown of 2 minutes. Proficiency: 14%.

Sure enough, it's in the second early-order. When Cheng Yang saw these attributes, he didn't feel the slightest surprise. It's just the talent skill that made Cheng Yang feel shocked, because normal alienation beast doesn't have talent skill.

A skill that could instantaneously outbreak three times the user's physical attacks could definitely change the tide of a battle. Its role was even more prominent when both sides are fighting while mutually exchanging injuries.

Of course, this skill also has its own weaknesses. It was totally an example of ’’to succeed or die trying’’. If you fail to kill the enemy, there was basically no chance to resist with the stamina completely exhausted afterward. If it weren't for it being poisoned and its health declining to a dangerous level, it would not have chosen to use this trick.

As for the white tiger's innate skills, it was fairly common. Attack Instinct was a must-have skill for most enchanted beast, because they all use instinct to attack. In addition, the skill doesn't consume any mana, therefore it could be regarded as a passive skill.

Fatal Laceration was a very good skill, it actually has a 70% chance of success of landing a disabling effect, making people's eyes brighten. people's eyes brighten. Of course, the disabling effect wasn't very powerful by itself. The so-called disabling effect wasn't making the other side instantly crippled, but rather to make the enemy's body in a incomplete state. Such as when the White Tiger tore off a piece of flesh from the boa's body, this was the disabling effect playing a role.

However, this special effect wasn't as simple as it look on the surface. The effect's true value was where it was use. Granted that the special effect was fairly weak amongst other effects, but as long as it was use in the right place, it could play a powerful role. For example, if the white tiger use Fatal Laceration on the boa's head or heart, perhaps the boa wouldn't be killed in a single blow, but it would absolutely suffer a major health loss. If this attack was a directly bite on the throat of a profession, and the defense was broken along with the disabling effect activated, the profession could say his goodbye to the world.

Anyway, this mutated white tiger was certainly a very strong monster. Cheng Yang felt it was necessary to nurture it well, so that in the future it could be a big help to himself.

However, pet's evolution wasn't easy. They, like human beings need to carry out their own cultivation. Even though their cultivation speed was much faster profession, they couldn't use power value to enhance their cultivation speed.

In his past lifetime, people had fumbled around for methods to accelerate the alienation beast's evolution, but till the end they didn't succeed.

After a few minutes, the Mutated White Tiger's stamina was finally recovered to 10 points, and could walk again. Cheng Yang didn't intend on continuing to stay here, so after climbing on the white tiger's back, he let it carry him forward.

Although its stamina had yet to fully recover, it was still quite relaxed to carry a person like Cheng Yang with its size.

In fact, the white tiger wasn't only capable of fighting, it could also act as a mount. It also has the ability to transform. However, this ability wasn't really that powerful as it could only alter its size. For Cheng Yang, what he needs was the white tiger's combat effectiveness. It doesn't need to be cute, as such there was no reason to turn it into a kitten.


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