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Doom Lord - Chapter 125


Chapter 125

Chapter 125 - Special Task

Cheng Yang raised his wrist to look at his watch.

This watch was found in the ruins when Yu Kai's team was out saving people in the ruins. At that time, three watches were found, one of which was given to Cheng Yang as a tribute.

In this apocalypse, mobile phones were no longer usable. Same thing with electronic watches. However, this mechanical watch was still working fine. This was also the only way people could tell the current time.

The time was 9:30 A.M..

’’Still half an hour remaining!’’ Cheng Yang whispered, then he began to quietly wait. There was nothing he could accomplish in this period of time. Even if he wants to go out and kill monsters, this amount of time was barely enough for him to run to the edge of the claimed area. As for the monsters in those claimed areas, Cheng Yang wasn't interested in getting those small pocket change. It was better to leave them for the professions.

10 minutes later ...

20 minutes later ...

25 minutes later ...

Time slowly passed. Once the 30th minute hit, a voice that everyone was familiar with once again rang in the ears of every person around the world.

’’Oh humble ants, seeing you live so well have put this god in a very unpleasant mood. This god has given you such an excellent evolution opportunity, but what have you done with it? You fight among yourselves! You struggle for power and wealth! If that's the way you want to act, very well. As punishment for your actions, this god have decided to evolve the enchanted beasts once more, and at the same time make some adjustments to the rules of the main city. Hope you enjoy yourselves!’’

Everyone in the Task Hall silently listened to the voice. The look on their faces weren't very good, because each time this voice appeared, bad things happen.

The first time this voice appeared, the apocalypse came. When the voice appeared for the second time, the enchanted beast underwent their first mass evolution. Now this was the third time. Listening to what this god had said, it seems this time the enchanted beasts would evolve again. What other changes would emerge this time?

However, they didn't had any time conjure up an idea. Suddenly, a strong white light flashed in the Task Hall, causing everyone's eyes to experience a period of short-term blindness. After the light had gone away, some people noticed that a new virtual screen appeared the lobby, occupying the center location.

Cheng Yang quickly went to the bottom of the virtual screen, and then carefully view the contents above it.

This virtual screen also displayed tasks on it, but unlike territory and personal task, these were god's task. They were also commonly referred to as system task. As you could tell from the name, the system task was issued by the gaming world. These tasks were automatically produced by the rules, and since the rules of this gaming world were made by god, this kind of task was called god's task.

God's task might sounds mighty and highly important, but the task itself was nothing special.

Normally, territory task was related to the construction of the territory. Including the main city, such tasks were essentially focused on collecting raw materials or accomplishing certain tasks.

The field station was inseparable from the raw materials, which was why most tasks were about them. Even though the main city was under the jurisdiction of rules made by god, it could also be upgraded. Its upgrade only required raw materials. However, the amount needed was very large. In the early stages, its upgrade was far more difficult than the field station.

However, the fact of the matter was even after the upgrade of the main city, the benefits provided wasn't very good. Apart from the increase in living space in the protective covering, other features wasn't raise much. It was even more unlikely to provide the professions with certain attribute bonuses.

The system tasks that appear here was also present in the main city.

The reason for Cheng Yang waiting here in advance was for the emergence of this system task. His goal was one of these tasks. The reward for this task was a precious treasure.

In the system task, special tasks were issued each month. Moreover, these special tasks not only add a lot of mercenary points, it was also possible to acquire extremely valuable treasures. The most crucial point was that this type of task had no restriction on the person's mercenary rank.

But relatively speaking, these special tasks were very hard to complete. It was basically impossible to complete even even one at this stage in time.

For example, now there were three special tasks hung above the virtual screen, one of which asked for the seizure of a beastfolk camp. In his last life, this task was hung for six months before it automatically disappeared. This wasn't due to someone completing the task, but that god deemed that this task was no longer considered a special task for the current average human strength.

The reason why special tasks were called special task was not only because of their high level of difficulty and high return, but also because they were open to the world. In other words, at the same time, all three tasks were displayed on all the virtual screen in the entire world. Anyone could accept it, and anyone could do it. In addition, these three tasks were shown in bright red font and was very eye-catching. Most people would see them first when viewing the screen.

Since Cheng Yang was planning on accepting a special task now, naturally he had complete assurance of completing it. Because he knew very well that when the system task first appeared, one task had a lower difficulty level and was easier to complete than the other two.

Crazy Counterattack: Special task. Within a day, kill 1,000 first medium-order enchanted beasts. Must be completed alone. Completed task reward: 10,000 mercenary points(military) and a special item.

There was no doubt that these 10,000 points of mercenary points or military points were good. The benefits of the military point was needless to say, 10,000 military points was enough to allow a person to upgrade their rank from level 1 private to level three or four.

As for the mercenary points, it could increase the quality of the task, as well as the individual's gains from the task. 10,000 point mercenary points was also sufficient for a person to rise up from [F-] class to [E-] class.

However, what Cheng Yang valued the most wasn't this 10,000 point mercenary points, but the special item.

Cheng Yang immediately chose to accept the task, and then the system began counting down.

Cheng Yang couldn't afford to delay any longer. Even though with his current strength, killing first medium-order enchanted beast was very easy, but killing 1,000 first medium-order enchanted beasts in the course of a day was day was still very difficult. This difficulty was not reflected in the killing, but in the search.

Cheng Yang held a strong resentment in his heart because the enchanted beasts killed for this task must from the wild. The monsters in the instance wouldn't be counted. If they were included, Cheng Yang would just need to consume some potions and take this time to also go clear the first clearance of the hard difficulty level of the Undead Canyon instance.

The skeletons in this instance wasn't under a thousand. In hard difficulty level, all the monsters would be above the first medium-order, which fully meet the requirements for this task. As long he obtains the first clearance, the task would be completed.

Now this path was blocked. The only option left was for Cheng Yang to go outside and hunt for enchanted beast.

Fortunately, after this transformation, the appearance of first medium-order enchanted beast in a herd went from 5% to 20%. He basically only need to kill a group with one thousand enchanted beasts, and the task would be one-fifth of the way complete.

However, it wasn't so easy to find such a large enchanted beast group. Even if it was in the unclaimed area, being able to encounter two or three of such large group was considered very lucky. So more often than not, Cheng Yang needs to search for large groups of enchanted beast suited for his massacre.

Cheng Yang treated an encounter with a large group of enchanted beast as lucky, but for others this was bad luck.

For the professions in the main city, this so-called monster evolution that suddenly popped out was terrible news for them.

Prior to this, the 5% appearance rate of first medium-order monsters in an enchanted beast group had made people feel extremely frightened. Each time a team of professions encountered an enchanted beast group, as long as its size exceed the team, they would inevitable make a detour and not dare to get into a hard struggle. Even when they encounter a quantity less than their own, they would had no choice but to eliminate the first medium-order enchanted beasts first, and then gradually chipped away the other weaker enchanted beasts.

But even then, they would inevitably appeared casualties in the confrontation with the enchanted beast group. Afterwards, the team's killing efficiency would be efficiency would be affected.

Now that the enchanted beasts has evolved again, I'm afraid that even more first medium-order enchanted beasts would be seen from this point on. As for whether they could fight something like a first late-order enchanted beast, their heart didn't had the slightest confidence. Faced with this situation, how can they guarantee earning enough power value each day?

This was the main worry for the majority of the profession in the main city, but for their leader, the changes to the rules was what they were most concerned about.

Actually the rules change to the main city weren't that big. It only added a public opinion list and security protection.

Security protection was easy to understand. It means that in people in the main city couldn't kill each other.

Regarding the public opinion list, everyone in the main city could see the list in their property panel. In this list, there were two different types of list, one for good people and one for evil people.

As long as the person was in the main city, he or she could add anyone they think should be on either the good or the evil list, and write down the reasons why they should be identified as a good or evil person. The reasons given would then be self-judged by the rules. In addition, if the reasons given was deemed false, the submitter would forever lose their right to submit people into the good and evil list.

Of course, making it into the good and evil list wasn't as simple as showing it to the public. All the people in the main city could judge the person on the good or evil list. If there were at least one-third of the people in the main city that cast an eviction vote for the evil person, then that person would be expelled from the main city and could never again enter. As for the people on the good list, it was possible to receive a reward. Same thing with the good list, as long as the person received one-third of the vote, then this person would receive a reward of 1,000 points of power value.

There's also a certain restriction for professions when they vote, that was if this good or evil person didn't affect them, then they couldn't vote for them.


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