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Doom Lord - Chapter 111


Chapter 111

Chapter 111- Decapitation

Yu Kai wryly smiled, ’’Lord, what do we do now? If we don't kill these birds, it would be impossible for us to attain the treasure.’’

Cheng Yang lowered his voice, ’’Isn't that why I told you to look for the biggest Whitehead Eagle? If we kill it, the matters afterward will be easy.’’

’’Lord, look!’’ Liu Xiyue exclaimed as she pointed somewhere in the distance.

Cheng Yang immediately followed the direction of Liu Xiyue's index finger to discover that at the apex of the mountaintop was a giant bird's head protruding out of a nest. The volume of its head was even bigger than that of the first medium-order Whitehead Eagles.

Cheng Yang was pleasantly surprised, he said, ’’Yep, that's certainly our guy.’’

But almost instantaneously, Cheng Yang became sullen again because the bird's nest from their current position was at least 100 meters away. In addition, in between this distance were countless ordinary bird's nest. He also didn't know how these monsters did it, but they actually made all the large trees in the surroundings area bare. If Cheng Yang and the others wants to sneak in, it was almost impossible to go past unnoticed.

’’Lord, why don't we rush in through the front? With Lord's defense, these monsters have no chance of dealing any damage.’’ Yu Kai suggested.

Cheng Yang said, ’’I may be able to resist their attacks, but what about you? Perhaps, you can support a few times, but Liu Xiyue won't even make it through a round. Moreover, you shouldn't look down on these Whitehead Eagles. Although most of their strength are in the first early-order, but it will definitely be several times more difficult to fight against them than the general enchanted beasts. In a minute, you'll understand the reasons why. ’’

Yu Kai didn't say anything, Cheng Yang also kept silent for a long time before continuing, ’’First, let's check if there's any suitable location.’’

Cheng Yang's group of three surveyed the area, Yu Kai's eyes were very keen, soon he found a hollow cave not too far away.

Calling it a cave a bit of an exaggeration. Technically speaking, it could only be regarded as a cliff, with the bottom portion concave inward. Perhaps, this might not be useful in normal circumstances but if used to ward off attack from enchanted birds above the head, it was actually very effective.

After listening to Yu Kai explained the details of the cave, the trio decided to shift their position there.

Okay, let's move out! Old Yu, take the lead.’’ Cheng Yang ordered.

Yu Kai immediately followed the order. Quietly, he climbed out from the hiding place, and then begin to sneak towards the stone cliff. Liu Xiyue soon followed after him, while Cheng Yang took the position in the rear.

They were just 40 meters away from the cliff, and with not many thistles and thorns on the ground, their speed was relatively fast.

But after just rushing out 20 meters, a sharp eagle's cry suddenly came from above, followed by raging winds roaring from all directions. A mass of black clouds began to form in the air as its beeline towards the location of Cheng Yang and the others.

Yu Kai looked back as he ran, but when he saw the dreary momentum brewing in behind him, he felt as if he had seen a ghost. How could these enchanted birds be so terrifying? These three to four meters wide wingspan monsters were pouncing at them in all direction from above. The imposing manner they brought forth wasn't comparable to those enchanted beasts that had been killed on the ground.

’’Be careful!’’ Cheng Yang exclaimed, ’’You go in, first.’’

But just as his voice faded away, seven to eight Whitehead Eagles dove down from above their heads, their huge claws appearing eager to rip some fleshes apart.

’’****!’’ After Cheng Yang secretly cursed, he then shot out an ice puck from his staff, causing a Whitehead Eagle to immediately free-fall from the air. The following impact to the ground caused a lot of wither leaves and twigs to scatter into the field.

Yu Kai and Liu Xiyue also didn't hold back, as they released their strongest attack, all aimed towards the rushing Whitehead Eagles. In an instant, two more Whitehead Eagles fell to the ground.

But with this, their first round of attack was thus over. The few remaining Whitehead Eagles that were still rushing at them, raised their claws, ready to grasp Cheng Yang and other people.

’’Don't let these monsters catch you!’’ Cheng Yang shouted. He had just remembered a method these enchanted birds like to use to kill some of the people that confronted them in his past life. They weren't directly killed by the enchanted birds, rather they died from being picked up into the air and thrown to their death, all while still being alive.

This fall to one's death wasn't counted as a monster attack. And although this damage could also be measured numerically, but with the amount of health that the professions currently possessed, falling hundreds of meters high would certainly lead to an automatic death.

Yu Kai and Liu Xiyue also realized this fact, so the moment the claws came to grasp them, at the last second, they evaded to the side at full force. Even though this had failed to avoid the Whitehead Eagle's attack, but the danger of getting caught was averted.

After these two Whitehead Eagles landed a hit, they didn't bother to stick around to tangle, but violently shook their wings and flew high up. In the moment these two monsters flew above Yu Kai and Liu Xiyue's heads, two more enchanted birds took advantage of this interval to launch their attacks. The interval in between them was not longer than half a second.

Cheng Yang's action was quick, in the blink of an eye, he also shot out an ice puck. This time, he didn't bother to aim at the enchanted bird attacking him, but put his focus on the big one that was targeting Liu Xiyue.

This big fella wasn't a first early-order enchanted bird. Cheng Yang reckons it should at least be in the first medium-order, its speed was something Liu Xiyue could not match. Liu Xiyue's Sacred Word's cooldown time was two seconds long. If he does not help her block this enchanted bird's attack, Liu Xiyue would have no chance of evading the incoming attack.

’’Bang....’’ The ice puck landed on the enchanted bird, causing its health to be instantly wiped out. Afterwards, its corpse speedily fell to the ground.

’’Get moving!’’ At this moment, Cheng Yang knew that regardless of whether or not they provoke a larger-scale of Whitehead Eagles, now was already the worst outcome for them to be in.

Cheng Yang immediately rushed behind Liu Xiyue, and then stretched out his arms toward her waist, pulling her into his embrace before making a full sprint forward. At this time, Yu Kai was also aware that this wasn't the place where they could stay for long. After striking the Whitehead Eagle that had hit him, he did the same u-turn and ran.

Cheng Yang was a lot faster than Yu Kai, his speed was almost on par with the first early-order Whitehead Eagles above his head. In an instant, he reached the bottom of the cliff. After gently putting down Liu Xiyue and ignoring her cheeks blushed with embarrassment, he turned to check on Yu Kai.

His situation wasn't optimistic. There was a Whitehead Eagle closing in on Yu Kai from behind, and looking at its posture, it must be thinking of carrying him off.

However, Yu Kai, who was still in the midst of fleeing as if he was a fugitive was not yet aware of the incoming crisis that was closing in on him.

Cheng Yang made a prompt decision, instead of rushing to save him, he lifted up his Mythril Staff and shot out an ice puck. It was aimed at the Whitehead Eagle at Yu Kai's rear.

At this time, Whitehead Eagle's claws had caught onto Yu Kai's shoulders, the instant burst of force didn't give Yu Kai a chance to struggle, as it lifted him off of the ground.

’’Bang...’’ The ice puck impacted the hairy chest of the Whitehead Eagle. However, its thick feathers wasn't able to lessen the damage it received, its health was instantly emptied. It suffered the same fate as its other companions, an after-death freefall.

At this time, the unfortunate Yu Kai reacted to being grabbed, but just as he was preparing to resist, the strength of the Whitehead Eagle's claws had vanished, and then he fell to ground from three meters into the air.

Due to the quick sudden change in events, Yu Kai wasn't able to stabilize himself in time at the moment of landing, causing him to trip over himself.

Right at this time, another Whitehead Eagle dove down. Its size was huge, even bigger than the Whitehead Eagle in the first medium-order.

Cheng Yang reacted quick, this Whitehead Eagle was definitely the leader of the herd, and perhaps it was the one that has its head protruding out the nest.

If he shot an ice puck right now, he could reduce the Whitehead Eagle's leader heath by half, but Yu Kai would end up being taken away by it. With the speed of this Whitehead Eagle, perhaps there would be no opportunity to launch a second attack.

’’Freeze!’’ Cheng Yang immediately made a decision. Afterwards, a burst misty white cloud instantly shrouded the the entirety of the Whitehead Eagle leader's figure. The Whitehead Eagle's leader could no longer move its body, it could only watch as its body fell from 10m high. Its rigid body didn't even had any deformation after impacting the ground.

Yu Kai immediately got up from the ground. Only after turning around did he noticed how close he was from falling into the jaws of death. At once, he ran towards Cheng Yang's side.

At this time, there was another Whitehead Eagle that wanted to attack Yu Kai, but then it ended up being one-shot by Cheng Yang.

Taking advantage of the duration of the freeze skill still being in effect, Cheng Yang immediately fired an ice puck at the Whitehead Eagle's leader that couldn't move.

However, Cheng Yang didn't know how much health this blow had taken away from the Whitehead Eagle's leader, after all, he never came into contact with the Whitehead Eagle in his past life. Therefore, naturally Cheng Yang could not accurately estimate how much health the Whitehead Eagle has remaining.

Yu Kai took advantage of this interval to run to Cheng Yang's side, and then went next to Liu Xiyue.

This cave was very suitable for the trio, Yu Kai and Liu Xiyue was standing side by side inside the interior. Not only did they not have to worry about attacks coming from the above, but the attacks from the two sides were also hard for these Whitehead Eagles to launch. Who let these monsters be so big? It was impossible for them to fight in such a small space.

As for Cheng Yang who was standing in front, he was at the peak of the apprentice level. Therefore, there was no need for him to fear these Whitehead Eagles. With his combat experience, he also doesn't have to worry about not being able to break free if he were to be caught by the other side.

At this moment, the frozen state of the Whitehead Eagle's leader expired, between its two beaks broke into a sharp shrieking sound, expressing its anger. Flapping its wings, it violently went towards Cheng Yang and the others like a tornado.

How could Cheng Yang wait for it? Another ice puck flew past.

’’Bang ...’’ After getting hit, the Whitehead Eagle didn't fall to the ground as Cheng Yang expected, instead of its momentum slowing, it continue to make its way to Cheng Yang. Its huge claws grabbed at Cheng Yang's chest.

’’My god, this guy is definitely not a normal first late-order.’’ Cheng Yang immediately became aware of this. He began to get serious, when the claws was about to grab his chest, his body move at high speed to the side.

It was impossible to completely avoid the Whitehead Eagle's leader attack. Cheng Yang could only guarantee that he would not be caught by this monster.

The claws landed on his body, the magic robe wore on his body was tattered a few large holes, and its durability also dropped by five to six points. This was nothing compared to the damage done though. The moment the large claws grasped Cheng Yang, he lost 26 points of health.


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