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Doom Lord - Chapter 102


Chapter 102- Leave

With a few ice puck, Cheng Yang cleaned up the aftermath the battle. Although the last man remaining had wanted to drag a woman over to his side as a hostage, his hands were just not within reach of her. As such, his life was sealed with Cheng Yang's ice puck.

’’The rest is up to you. Also what you just saw, it's best you tell no one about it.’’ Then, regardless of the expression that was on Xiao Zheng's face, Cheng Yang pulled Liu Xiyue and then left the underground lot.

Xiao Zheng wanted to open his mouth to stop Cheng Yang, but the words were stuck in his throat and quickly was swallowed down. Finally, he let out a faint sigh, ’’How is it possible for me to cling onto such an expert?’’

In less than a minute, a large group of people came in from the outside. They were professions that was together with Xiao Zheng.

Even though they had already heard of the horrendous things that happens inside from the woman that had escaped, but when confronted with the actual scene, they were still shocked.

The middle-aged woman was the fastest to react. The first thing she did was kicked out the male professions, including Xiao Zheng, leaving only a dozen or so female professions in the underground lot.

When Xiao Zheng came out, Cheng Yang and Liu Xiyue's shadows were already nowhere to be seen.

’’Bean, did you happen to see the honourable gentleman from before?’’ Xiao Zheng abruptly asked.

Next to him, a young man shook his head and said, ’’No, I didn't see him. Did he already left?’’

Xiao Zheng nodded and said, ’’Yeah, he left after killing all those scums. You need to remember, if you ever come across that person again, you must be respectful and make sure to not offend him.’’

’’Boss, stop joking around. ’’Bean heartily laughed, ’’That guy is already so strong, how could we afford to offend him?’’

Xiao Zheng said, ’’It's good that you know that. Not to mention, we can't afford to offend him, even if all the profession in Xiangcheng city's main city adds up, it still wouldn't be a match for him.’’

Bean's mouth suddenly widen, enough to fit in a duck's egg. Only after a long time has passed, with look of disbelief he said, ’’That can't be true, right? Xiangcheng city's main city has more than 20,000 professions, one wave of attack is all it would take to drown him.’’

Xiao Zheng gave him a stern look and said, ’’You meant to say if that was before the end. Now under the new rules, human wave tactics are sometimes not necessarily as useful. Haven't you already seen it for yourself? That Scarface and his group of men didn't even have the room to fight back against that gentleman. Even the other side's defense couldn't be broken through. And in Xiangcheng city's main city, how many people do you think have stronger attack power than Scarface?’’

’’This ....’’ Bean was suddenly left speechless.

Xiao Zheng went on to say, ’’Moreover, that man is way more powerful than you can even imagine.’’

’’Lord, those people's characters were not bad. Why didn't you invite them back to Luo Feng village?’’ By Cheng Yang's side, Liu Xiyue suddenly asked.

Cheng Yang said, ’’For the time being, I don't want to expose the village to outsiders, especially to profession from Xiangcheng city's main city. Also we can't guarantee that they will fight for Luo Feng village's interests and not end up trying to use the village as a starting point for their hidden ambitions. Therefore, in order to avoid any unnecessary trouble, it's better to just not bring them to Luo Feng village. Besides, their team only has forty to fifty people. It wouldn't be much of an increase into the strength of Luo Feng village if we were to bring them in anyway.’’

Liu Xiyue nodded her to show her understanding, but in actuality she barely understood half of it.

When the two of them returned to Luo Feng village, the time was already one in the morning. This time, they didn't need to go out and kill monsters. During the journey back, they had already earned plenty of power value killing monsters, enough to satisfy their cultivation. But the main reason Cheng Yang took a trip back to the village was because he had promised Liu Hao this morning that he would take him to a place that contained iron ore.

When Cheng Yang came to a stop in front of a small mound, Liu Hao was immediately not calm.

’’Yangzi, are you telling me that below this small mound are the iron ores?’’ Liu Hao reluctantly spits out those words.

Cheng Yang nodded and said, ’’Of course, otherwise what do you think is under there?’’

Liu Hao with a bitter look on his face, said, ’’Haah. For such a small mound, how many iron ore can be dig out?’’

Cheng Yang bluntly said, ’’It shouldn't be much. After all, this location is close to the field station. So it is impossible for there to be a large-vein mine of iron ore near it. Being able to find this small mine is already considered quite good. However, here should be enough to dig several hundreds tons of iron, enough to create over ten thousands pieces of equipment.’’

Liu Hao sadly shook his head. Ten thousands pieces of equipment might sounds like a lot, but for warrior, many of their equipment were made of steel. It could be considered as not bad if this several hundreds tons of iron could equipped several thousands people.

’’Forget about it. At least digging can increase my skill proficiency.’’ Liu Hao then took out his own mining hoe, and dug aside some soils on the ground, exposing the iron ore below.

As a blacksmith, their basic knowledge on ore were automatically transferred into their mind the moment of their completion in acquiring the auxiliary class. As a result, the moment he laid eyes on these ores, he knew that it was exactly what he had been looking for, iron ore. Merely, the quality of these iron ores were only normal. As such, it could only be used to create normal-grade equipment.

Seeing that Liu Hao has begun his work, Cheng Yang also didn't want to continue to stay here any longer. He turned around to get ready for tonight's cultivation.

But before cultivating, Cheng Yang still has a matter that need to be settled. The matter concerned the construction of the buildings.

Today, the wood and stone harvest rose by 20% compared to yesterday. This was thanks to the increase in the number of profession that possessed tools in the territory. In the next few days, this figure would also see a steady rise. However, if Cheng Yang had not increase the purchasing price of the raw materials, this figure would had came to a stop. Then, it would only see an increase when the enchanted beast experienced their next phase of growth, during which professions would have a difficult time earning power value.

With the extra materials, the territory could now construct two new buildings. Regarding the upgrade for the original buildings like the Blacksmith shop, it was not very urgent, so Cheng Yang intended to delay those buildings' upgrade.

After some thoughts. Cheng Yang has chosen to construct the Task Hall and Trial Hall.

Suddenly, two new white lights flashed within the village, in its place two new buildings emerged in the vacant land.

These two buildings weren't the same as the Barrack. They didn't need the territory to manage them because inside has personnel that gods included, similars to the other shops.

Actually, Cheng Yang also wanted to construct the Mercenary Association because he was ready to become a mercenary the moment it was built.

For others, becoming a soldier no doubt earned territory's contribution faster. But for a lord, it was actually mercenaries that were more advantageous to the territory.

To some extent, mercenary was a worldwide occupation. They didn't have geographical constraints, while soldier was a occupation for the territory. Their value lied merely in the territory or union.

Since he was the lord, becoming a soldier wouldn't had matter. Speaking from a bureaucratic viewpoint, the territory was Cheng Yang, and Cheng Yang represented the territory. But if he were to choose to become a mercenary, he could receive mercenary restricted tasks, or even group tasks. And for these group task, Cheng Yang could even take the entire territory's army to complete them. At that time, all the soldiers in the territory would have status equivalent to a mercenary. [TLN: Barrack: His private army, meaning he can't get anything even if he join it. Also soldiers get paid from the territory power value which was basically all his anyway.]

If he could build the Mercenary Association early, he would also be able to receive the mercenary tasks sooner to upgrade his mercenary rank.

But currently this Mercenary Association was only advantageous to him, while the Task Hall and Trial Hall has immense value to the all the profession in the territory.

Cheng Yang didn't go inside the Task Hall or the Trial Hall. Now he was neither a soldier nor a mercenary, so he couldn't accept the tasks even if he were to go to the Task Hall. As for the Trial Hall, it was a very good place for profession to get experience before going into a real instance by trying a proxy-instance. However, it made no sense for Cheng Yang to go into one. [TLN: In case you forgot. Task Hall: Have NPC generated tasks. Trial Hall: Have proxy-instances that give half as much power value as regular instances. Also you can't die in them.]

A night soon passed, Cheng Yang's cultivation progress finally reached 19.5%. Although there was still a long way to go to second-order, but it was after all getting more and more closer.

Soon after, Cheng Yang took Chen Yun and the other territory guards to clear the nightmare difficulty level of the Scarlet Church instance. This time, there was a silver-grade equipment that bursted but unfortunately it wasn't suitable for him to use.

After coming out of the instance, Cheng Yang has not seen a shadow of Liu Hao. Upon asking around, he found that while he was in the middle of clearing the Scarlet Church instance that Liu Hao went to Xianghe village. Cheng Yang could really feel the enthusiasm coming from this guy. Afterward, he went to the profession statue.

Cheng Yang arrived here to use the warrior's promotion stone he had obtained yesterday. He walked up to the warrior statue and activated the promotion statue.

For this promotion stone, Cheng Yang chose to upgrade the warrior statue's transfer quota. In fact, this was the inevitable choice because in the early stage, only by selecting the option of upgrading the transfer quota would it be the most cost-effective.

At this point, Luo Feng village warrior's transfer quota has reached 1,060, achieving twice the amount of other professions.

In the early stage, the role of warrior might not look that great. They don't have high attack power, nor could they attack long-ranged. When faced with archer or magician, they have no other choice but to passively take a beaten. Yet they were nevertheless indispensable in team fights. As long as there were warriors in the frontlines, archers and magicians could rest assured with their attack, which was the biggest threat to the enemy.

Under normal circumstances, warriors should be the largest quantity in a team because when there are a same number of warriors as other professions, it would be impossible to perfectly provide protection to the entire team.

Now that Luo Feng village could have twice as many warriors, it was no doubt a good trend.

For the follow-up matter regarding the transfer, Cheng Yang didn't need to personally see to it. After waiting for the various teams to pick out the people to be transferred, the profession change could be handled by Lee Wanshan.

Cheng Yang then upgrade the last attribute of the priest statue, physical defense. After 20 hours, the priest statue would be able to upgrade to level 4.

Not only would the priest's transfer quota increase again, it would also verified one of Cheng Yang's doubts. Which was, would the effect of the promotion statue only be valid for the current attribute, or directly enhance the underlying attribute.

Cheng Yang threw away this question aside for the time being, and then started off with Liu Xiyue to Xianghe village.

Walking on the road made by the rules just wasn't the same. Not only was it broad, it wouldn't recieved harassments from enchanted beasts. It took the two of them less than half an hour to reach the gate of Xianghe village.

Liu Hao wasn't in the village at the moment, but that doesn't pose of a problem for Cheng Yang. Leaving Liu Xiyue in Xianghe village, he set off in accordance to the direction the people in the village told him. Soon, he found Liu Hao and his team.



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