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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 99


Chapter 99 - Sea Serpent (1)

When the ironwood ship docked, the old man brought twelve people along with him and walked towards them.

Qu Ming said, ’’Master, Xin Ying is not up there.’’

’’Not up there?’’ The look on the old man's face changed, he turned towards the Qu Jia(Qu family) warriors, ’’There are twelve of you, divide into three groups and start searching that mountain.’’

’’Yes, Master Qu!!!’’

Twelve Qu Jia(Qu family) practitioners, each formed their own groups and went up the mountain in three different directions.

At this time, Ye Chen said, ’’Master Qu, you just go with Qu Ming, I'm fine with going alone.’’

’’Alright boy, so let's do it that way!’’ The old man did not underestimate Ye Chen. Along the way, Ye Chen had shown his strength and skill, he was comparable to Qu Ming, there was no reason to deny Ye Chen's ability.

After separation, Ye Chen trailed along the most desolate looking pathway to go up the mountain.

On his way up the mountain, a [Poisonous Water Scorpion] appeared and rushed towards him. Ye Chen hit the scorpion with all his strength using his fist without any second thoughts, its fluids flew everywhere, but his speed did not decrease at all. After several breaths, he had disappeared into the fog shrouded mountain.

In the mist, there was a shadow of a human figure,every time it stepped on the ground, it moved very fast releasing a long and clear breath.

Suddenly, a mountain near Ye Chen started to move, unexpectedly it was a [Rock beast] with a rock-like shell, when it opened its giant mouth, an arm-thick red shadow rushed towards Ye Chen, it was just as fast as lightning!

’’It seems like you are seeking your own demise!’’

Ye Chen's [Hidden Cloud Sword] was unsheathed instantly, the sharp sword and the red shadow struck together.

Qing! Qiang!

The red shadow was cut off and brownish blood spurted out.

Looking carefully, the tongue was actually one zhang ( 3.2 meter) long and its root was still in the Rock beast's mouth, it was just like a frog's tongue. The rock beast wanted to roll Ye Chen up using its giant tongue and suck him into its mouth. It was definitely a crafty and sinister move.

As that one strike did not hit its target, the Rock beast immediately moved back and squeezed into the mountain cracks.

Ye Chen did not want to let it flee. This time, he flew up and kicked the rocky ground.


The rock beast was abruptly blown out together with its rock shell.

His sword flashed, the Rock beast with its high defense eventually fell down. Its abdomen was cut and a large hole was visible. Its viscera were all sliding out with an extremely strong pungent odour.

Since Ye Chen was not interested in its anatomy, he disappeared in the mist without turning his head back.

The mountain was not too huge, he soon came to the hillside.

When he got to the hillside, he first saw a stone bridge. Under the stone bridge were clouds of heavy mist rolling about, it was unfathomable. Across the stone bridge was a large piece of flat land. Beyond the flat land there was a stone door. The door was three Zhang and three feet high, two Zhang (one zhang is 3.2m) and eight feet wide. The door was closed, exposing only a trace of a crack, with light being projected from the inside illuminating the fog, making it colourful and dazzling.

’’There are people in here.’’ Ye Chen hesitated for a moment and then stepped on the bridge.


The stones on both sides of the bridge unbelievably came to life, struggling free from the stone surface and started moving step by step towards Ye Chen.

’’Shanluan diezhang!’’

Confronting these many Stone beasts, Ye Chen resorted to one of the superlative techniques in [Lone Peak of Thirteen Sword Skill] which was extremely fast and widest range of attack.

To defeat the stone beasts. The sword flickered, releasing layer upon layer of sword light to slide through...

Cha! Cha! Cha!

One by one, the Stone beasts were chopped into pieces and scattered around. When Ye Chen was about to leave, something staggering happened. All the pieces of these stone beasts distorted mildly and then vanished into mist, mixing into the surrounding environment, without leaving any trail.

it was really bizarre and weird!

Ye Chen's eyes flickered, his mind went blank.

A moment later, Ye Chen took a deep breath, he grabbed his sword firmly and sweeped towards the stone door.

The stone door was thick. Ye Chen thought that even if the stone door could be broken down, it might probably lead to the collapse of stone chamber along with it, it was an unwise action.

By focusing and converging twenty thousand pounds of force in his arms, Ye Chen squeezed his hands into the crack at the middle of stone door and struggled to push it to make an opening.


The stone door slowly opened. A big hall that was filled with shining light came into his view.

The hall was really luxurious, there were eighteen roots of golden pillars on both sides of the room, they were about six feet high, consisting a smooth surface without any carvings and such. The central hall's ground was covered with a red carpet that lead to the seat of honour. At the seat of honour, a middle-aged man was sitting. His eyes gently closed, he had a stable and deep breath. On both sides of the red carpet, there were another six middle-aged men. Although they did not look as imposing as the man sitting on seat of honour, they still could not be underestimated, they had an overbearing aura.

’’Who are you, young man?’’ The middle-aged man sitting on seat of honour asked as he opened his eyes. His eyes had a hint of lightning, yet they also looked really a natural. He was clearly a [Clasping Yuan Realm] warrior.

Ye Chen replied, ’’Good day Master, I'm here to search for a person. Does Master know any girl that ever came here before?’’

The middle-aged man gently said, ’’Have a seat first, young man.’’

’’Yes, Master.’’ Ye Chen felt a bit strange, but he couldn't really describe what it was. So he just did what the Head said and sat at the right side of the red carpet.

The Head's eyes flashed, he waved his towards the stone door and it slowly closed.

’’Is she a young, artless, pure-hearted girl, around fifteen or sixteen years old?’’

Master Qu never described the appearance of his young granddaughter to Ye Chen, but he nodded, ’’Yes, did you ever see her, Master?’’

’’Yes, she was trapped at the foot of the mountain. It was me who saved her life. She is now in the small room near the corridor over there, you can take her away.’’ said the Head. He looked like a reasonable and nice man.

’’I can take her away? you really mean it?’’ Ye Chen restated the last sentence by The Head with a suspicious look.

’’Why? You don't want to take her away?’’

’’Oh, no, I do want to take her with me.’’ Ye Chen stood up and slowly walked towards the small room beside the hall through the sidewalk. At the same time he pushed his soul force to the limit, to be alert in case of any sudden attacks.

But it did not make any sense, the Head continued to sit still in his seat without a single movement, even the other six middle-aged men also sat there motionless without saying a word. There was a table on which some meat was served. But it seemed like it had never been touched by anyone ever. All of sudden, a strange atmosphere filled the hall.

As he came to the door of the small room, Ye Chen suddenly turned around and looked at the Head. The Head had a sinister and treacherous look in his eyes, he then concealed the evil look in his eyes when Ye Chen looked at him and asked, ’’What's it now?’’

’’Nothing, I just think it is funny.’’ Ye Chen pulled out his sword and sneered.


The Head answered in a dead voice, ’’Me letting you take this girl away from here is already giving you face. Don't tell me that you want a fight, you are just a Condensing Reality Realm practitioner, I can destroy you anytime, so don't be foolish.’’

Ye Chen gave a faint smile and said, ’’Really? If you can kill me, is there any need for you to deceive me? If what I guess is right, once I enter into this room, I will die.’’

’’So presumptuous! Get out from here, now!’’ The Head waved at one of the golden pillars, it shot towards Ye Chen who was not far from there. A thunderstorm like sound broke the calm atmosphere as the pillar broke away from the ground. Normal humans couldn't even resist the force of this pillar, after all, this pillar was six feet six inch high and half a meter thick. With the power of a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, the pillar was far more dangerous than any other weapon. It could penetrate mountains and could even kill a late Condensing Reality Realm warrior.

At this time, if it were any other person, he would certainly move back and shelter himself in that small room to avoid being hit by large stones. But Ye Chen did not.

His eyes were very clear and did not have any intention to dodge. He held the [Hidden Cloud Sword] in his right hand and pointed it directly at the pillar.


The stone pillar shattered and dispersed into fog.


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