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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 96


Chapter 96 - Ancient Water Python

’’Sure enough, the Ancient Water Lake is filled with dangers.’’

Ye Chen gazed at the waters in front of him, he heard the sound of water surface being broken in a rush, as many weird shuttle-shaped fishes jumped out.

These weird fish were three feet long, their whole bodies were covered with dark green scales, the chest fins and pelvic fins were long and wide. They resembled a bird's wings and were flapping violently as if they were flying.

Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi ......

While they were still in the air, each fish opened its mouth and shot a lot of two inch long poisonous stingers with high intensity.

Even though Ye Chen did not recognize the species of that weird fish, he felt that those poisonous stingers cannot be underestimated, as they might even be able to instantly poison a warrior of the [Condensing Reality Realm] to death. Of course, after training [the fourth spell of the Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell], it was almost impossible for the poisonous stingers to pierce his defense. But, Ye Chen did not intend to be passive and get beaten.

The protective Zhen Qi started to react, the intense poisonous stingers were all bent to pieces.


[Hidden Cloud Sword] came out of its scabbard, and continuously flashed four times.

The next moment!

Four sword lights in the shape of a cross rushed out, cutting the weird fishes to pieces, it rained blood.

Before one trouble was settled, another one already came at him.

Suddenly, there appeared a giant wave behind him, a gigantic weird snake was looming in the wave, its monstrous aura was overwhelming and it was even stirring up many whirlpools.

This time Ye Chen recognized the weird snake's species, it was a top fourth level monster [Ancient Water Python], it had amazing strength and could even control the wind and water. It had an [Inner Monster Core] in its body, and some of them might even form a [Water Separation Core]. If its worn on a warrior's body, one could instantly double their evasion speed in water using their Zhen Qi. It was a rare exotic treasure.


[Ancient Water Python] opened its giant mouth and a thick column of greyish white water shot towards him.

Ye Chen frowned slightly, the [Hidden Cloud Sword] in his hand cut the air horizontally, a clear sword mark emerged, and the condensed sword light continued to cut as it flew out.


The water column burst open, it began to rain heavily.

Ye Chen stood still, the raining water was sliced out of existence by the protective Zhen Qi even before it got within three feet of him.

The [Ancient Water Python] saw that the water column was unable to do anything to Ye Chen, it raised its head and hissed to the sky, its ferocious aura rushed to the clouds, causing a drastic change in the Qi of the surroundings. Large dark clouds accumulated in the lower layer of the sky, it was so dark that it was unsettling. At the same time, there were wild winds raging across the Ancient Water Lake, the currents were surging, and there were many huge waves. ’’Average top fourth level monsters shouldn't be this powerful! Unless this [Ancient Water Python] has an ancient monster's blood flowing through its veins, this is quite surprising.’’ As Ye Chen already knew, this top fourth level monster could indeed summon raging winds. But, causing such changes in the weather of an area was very hard and is almost impossible unless it was a fifth level monster. Only then could it bring about such huge changes.

The wooden log under his feet was bobbing up and down under the influence of the currents. Ye Chen scoffed, he raised his right leg and suddenly stomped it.


The water ripples spread out, the water surface in a ten meter radius calmed down, even the waves stopped unexpectedly.

The [Ancient Water Python] howled pitifully, its gigantic body threw itself upwards, as if it suffered some serious assault.

After it flashed a few times, the [Ancient Water Python] fell back onto the water surface. But, it did not suffer any harm, instead it became abnormally angry, its long body was lashing out and beating around. Its tail which was about four or five feet long broke the water waves, attacking violently towards Ye Chen. Only the blurred figure of its tail was visible.

Ye Chen had a dignified expression on his face. The previous strike was just to maintain the stability of wooden log. At the same time he also used the skill [Explosive Earthquake Art] he got from the Bloody Butcher. The hidden force attacked the Giant water python silently. Even though that strike cannot kill it, he guessed that it could at least hurt it or make it back off. But, it did not happen as its defense was extremely terrifying. Even the [Explosive Earthquake Art] was unable to hurt it.

Its tail that was as thick as a tank was waving around, creating extremely sharp blades out of air that charged towards Ye Chen. He moved his body upwards and jumped into the air at the speed of lightning without any second thoughts.


The wooden log was instantly smashed, just like a stick hitting the bean curd.


Ye Chen took a deep breath. He struck four times with his [Hidden Cloud Sword] towards the [Ancient Water Python], aiming at its head, neck, abdomen and a seven inch part of its tail.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Except the strike aimed towards its tail, the rest of the strikes hit exactly at the place he aimed. However, the sharpness of the sword could still break through the python's scales and just a bit of its skin. Greyish-red blood spurted out and mixed with the lake water.

The python was really hurt, its greenish eyes turned wide and fierce.

It opened its mouth and there was a swirling visible in its throat.

Suddenly, half a meter thick jet of spiral water gushed out. It was being compressed again, and become thicker as it charged towards Ye Chen.

’’Well, this monster is too powerful and i'm already at my wits' end.’’

As the spiral of water was too fast, Ye Chen could only blast it away with a forceful slap.

There was a hint of blood on the corner of his mouth. Apparently, he had also suffered some minor injuries.

It was the same for the Giant Python, it's giant body flipped around a few times in the water and was a little dazed. So, it was unable to immediately attack for the moment.

’’It looks like it's better for me to go to the Panshan Island first, I can get the [Water Separation Core] later.’’ Ye Chen applied some strength on the bending water column mid-air, resembling a taut bowstring and immediately left the spot without continuing his struggle with the giant Python.

This was not a natural bow, it was the water column which was used by Ye Chen as leverage to increase the 'initial speed' for him to fly out from there.


Ye Chen opened his arms wide like a crane and left the area in the blink of an eye, headed towards the Ancient Water Lake.


After half a day passed, Ye Chen finally saw a large island that appeared green and luxurious.

The island was circular in shape and was surrounded by a winding road. At the center of the island, other than a huge mountain, there were a lot of ancient buildings in the area surrounding it.

With a wry smile, Ye Chen muttered to himself, ’’Qu Ming should have arrived earlier! After all, he is more familiar with this lake than I am and could easily avoid the dangers.’’ He shook his head and right away used his Zhen Qi to move the wooded log faster.

Ye Chen did not fly directly to the mountain as it was impolite.

By following the trail, Ye Chen reached the Panshan Road. There were four men standing there.

’’Who are you?’’ The man with a yellow face shouted loudly.

Ye Chen replied,’’Gentlemen, I'm a [Sky Cloud Martial School] disciple who come here for a task.’’

’’Any evidence?’’ The man asked.

Ye Chen hurriedly took out his martial school's publicly recognised token out and handed it to the man.

The man looked at it carefully and confirmed that it was the real token. He returned the token and said, ’’Please, please excuse me for offending you just now, warrior Ye. Come, please follow me to go up to the mountain.’’

Ye Chen nodded and followed the man.


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