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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 94


Chapter 94 - The Broken Jade Reborn

The clouds were raging like the seas. The wind blew furiously.

’’You really want me to use my full strength to fight with you?’’ At a distant precipice, Xu Jing stood still, dressed in a white robe. She was not too tall and her body looked a little frail. But, no matter how fierce the wind was, she stood still like a majestic statue that had been standing tall for over a hundred years.

Ye Chen nodded, ’’I have been practicing a martial skill, it would help me improve if I could withstand a great amount of pressure. I need your help for this.’’ The skill he mentioned was the [Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell]. He had mastered this skill up to the peak of third level, but he was unable to make a breakthrough and reach the fourth level - The Broken Jade Reborn Stage. He thought hard in the past few days, and came to the conclusion that he might not be able to improve with just his own effort. He felt that he might be able to bring out his potential and improve the skill in a shorter time only by fighting with a stronger opponent.

’’In that case, I will not go easy on you.’’ Xu Jing knew that Ye Chen was serious, even she was curious to know what the skill was. She was never a talkative person, so she did not question him further.

’’[The Crossing Ocean Monster Slaying fist]!’’ Xu Jing placed her right leg forward, all the rocks in the radius of ten feet got crushed and the pieces rose in the air. She was extremely fast. She swiftly reached the place Ye Chen was standing at. Her punch aimed at Ye Chen was glowing with a bright golden light.

Ye Chen felt an explosive force from the punch. He did not dare to take it easy. He fully activated the [Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell], his skin shone with a jade like luster. His body started to shake, he started revolving his Zhen Qi to the max and punched at Xu Jing.


The two punches fiercely clashed causing a shockwave to spread out. A large number of cracks spread out on the ground, like a large number of snakes crawling along a widespread surface.

’’It is indeed true that your punch has the power of at least ten thousand jin.’’ Ye Chen did not use his combat skill to defend. Therefore, he felt dizzy and even his hands were shaking.

Xu Jing had no intention to halt the attacks. She threw her second punch right after that.

’’[Mountain breaking fist]’’ Glowing with golden light, accompanied with a whizzing sound, she aimed at the left side of Ye Chen's head. The punch was vigorous like thunder across the mountains.


Ye Chen reached out his hand to take the punch, and his left hand came out from his waist to begin the counterattack.

’’Well, I am going to use the power of the seventh stage of the [Golden Three Realms Art] now.’’ After she overcame the force of ye chen's punch, an unreal ring of golden fire emerged behind Xu Jing's head, and the golden Zhen Qi in her body was being burnt. With the golden Zhen Qi and ten thousand pound jin power, she looked like she could destroy anything she wanted.

Ye Chen neither flinched nor avoided it, he laughed and said, ’’ Senior sister, bring it on!’’

A cold glint flashed in Xu Jing's eyes, at the twist of her feet the cliff's surface cracked open. Immediately after that, she punched with both her left and right fists, unleashing the same move that was used against Chi Kui.


The lustrous jade like radiance on the surface of Ye Chen's body collapsed, it was completely destroyed. His tall body that was as steady as a mountain had to take ten steps back to stabilize himself. His every single step was extremely heavy, there was a huge thud accompanying every single one of them.

’’Good, again!’’ He once again activated the [Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell], Ye Chen ignored the taste of blood in his mouth and rushed straight at Xu Jing.


This sparring session was for Ye Chen to have a breakthrough, no fancy tricks were needed, only the impact of head on clashes was what he desired. So Xu Jing gave another punch just like the previous one, forcing Ye Chen to take another ten steps back.




After this continued for a while, his seven orifices were starting to bleed, the jade like radiance on the surface of Ye Chen's body was dark and bleak, it had the signs of disappearing at any moment.

But this only increased his fighting spirit, the essence of strength was rolling all over his body, even the gusts of wind could not blow it away, his tall body was unyielding, it was as straight as a javelin, with unparalleled sharpness, as if a piece of rough metal was being turned into a weapon with a sharp edge after going being polished a million times.

Xu Jing gasped in shock, 'Just what technique on earth did Junior brother Ye Chen train to take on dozens of my punches head on without falling down even once! Instead, his body is showing signs of being reborn. Other than that, Junior apprentice brother's fighting spirit and mentality really resemble that of a great swordsman. He is slowly revealing his potential.'

She knew in her heart that this amount of training was still insufficient. So, the golden Zhen Qi around Xu Jing's body became even more radiant. Around the ring of light behind her head, another larger ring appeared, which signified the usage of the eighth stage of the [Golden Three Realms Art] - the Extreme Realm.

A punch blasted out, the mountain winds seemed to stop, even the waves of air seemed to halt, only the cliff could not withstand the force and was a little shaky.

’’All Monster Slaying fist!’’

Although the [Monster Slayer Great Fist Art] was only a Top rank Mortal Realm Martial skill, the power of the final stage was extremely close to a Low rank Earth Realm skill. It was just that it was too troublesome to execute. The user had to have trained the Golden Three Realm Art to its eighth stage, otherwise the user would be unable to withstand the strong backlash of the force and might even suffer some minor injuries. It was similiar to Ye Chen's [Tyrant Fist Art], just a few less side effects.

The golden light was like a waterfall, attacking Ye Chen with an enormous amount of power that could even break through a mountain.


The jade like radiance was unable to withstand it for even a moment, it immediately collapsed and was destroyed. Ye Chen only felt like the clouds were extremely fast, and there was a sweet taste in his throat, as large amounts of blood sprayed out, forming a mist of blood.

The fast moving clouds came to a stop, as Ye Chen's whole body sunk deeply into the ground, he was unable to move even a single finger. He felt extremely weak and dizzy.

Smiling bitterly, Ye Chen said weakly, ’’Senior sister, are you trying to kill me!’’

’’Chronic diseases need strong medicine to cure, it saves us the trouble.’’ Xu Jing walked towards Ye Chen, she pulled his jaw open and popped a dark red pill into his mouth. She said, ’’This is the [Body Repairing Pellet] that I always use when I train my physical strength, its effect are really good. Don't move for a while, you might hurt your meridians. That would make everything worse.’’

Ye Chen did not hear the last few words, as soon as the [Body Reparing Pellet] entered his throat, it became medicinal liquid and flowed down. With his stomach as the center, the medicine's strength slowly diffused into his internal organs and the hundreds of veins in his body, and finally into the bones, it relentlessly forced out the impurities in his body.

Dark black impurities exuded from the surface of his body, which could not be anymore stinkier.

After an unknown period of time, Ye Chen slowly opened his eyes, there was a bright flash in his eyes, it almost resembled an extremely sharp sword light, capable of penetrating anything.

’’You stink, quickly go back and wash up!’’ Her slender and pale hands were pressed on to the rocks, Xu Jing acumilated her Zhen Qi and pushed it out which shook Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took a sniff and felt that he really smelled awful, he felt extremely embarrassed and said, ’’Senior sister, Thank you for your help, if you have any matters you need a hand with, I will never refuse.’’

’’Go on, do you want to choke me to death with that stench.’’ Xu Jing had no expression on her face.


One week went by.

That night, Ye Chen was sitting cross legged on his bed, continuously practising the [Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell].

The jade like radiance on the surface of his body was bright one moment and dark in the next moment. It continued to flicker, sometimes its radiance was so lustrous that it looked like the whole person was made of jade, sometimes it was dark and bleak like a rock.


There was a slight inaudible noise, the jade covering Ye Chen's body started to break down inch by inch, then they were absorbed again into his body. Few seconds later, the jade turned into a white light, covering Ye Chen's body once again, but this time, it looked way stronger than the last time, almost diamond like.

Right then, Ye Chen had mastered the fourth stage of the [Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell] - the Broken Jade Reborn!

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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