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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 93


Chapter 93 - Highly Condensed Sword Qi


Faced with the dense rain of arrows, along with a couple of Late Condensing Reality Realm warriors on the side who were waiting for an oppotunity to attack, Ye Chen did not dare to take them lightly. He immediately pulled out his [Hidden Cloud Sword].

[Pure Jun Zhen QI Art] could increase the power of his sword arts. So, when the sword was pulled out, it had a snow white glint to it just like lotus blossoms. The sharpness being radiated by the sword, cut the earth around Ye Chen into pieces, there was no place that escaped this fate. This all happened at the same time, there were silhouettes of mountains hidden within the sword light with unparalleled sharpness. It looked extremely rich. When the two of them combined, it almost felt like the legendary Sword Mountain .

’’Highly Condensed Sword Qi!’’

The sword slashed out in a straight line, the sword light was extremely compressed. It formed a dense sword Qi and lashed out, its speed was so fast that even the air was cut apart like waves of water. All the natural Yuan Qi was in a havoc.

In their eyes, it didn't look like simple sword Qi, it undeniably felt like a whole mountain range that came crushing through. The idea that it cannot be resisted was born in their minds and their aura immediately weakened up to eighty percent.


The flat ground was split apart, the horse robbers that were around or on that line were either cut in half or were completely crushed into a blood mist by the aftermath of the sword Qi. Even after their bodies disappeared, the sword Qi's momentum did not subside and continued to head towards the horse robber's leader who was suppressing Xu Jing.

’’Sword Qi?’’ The horse robber's leader felt an abnormality, and turned his head to take a look. His heart and soul were completely startled, 'a warrior who was only at the Mid Condensing Reality Realm was able to condense such sword Qi? Wasn't this something only Clasping Yuan Realm warriors were capable of?'. Furthermore this sword Qi was not the same as any average sword Qi. It felt as if it contained huge moutain-like aura hidden within, with a desire to crush and flatten everything, it was already close to reaching the next level, just one step away from becoming the legendary sword intent.

After a few dozen moves, Xu Jing was gradually being suppressed by the horse robber's leader. But, she was also slowly getting accustomed to his fighting style. If she hadn't guessed it wrong, this man should be one of the leaders of the few horse robber gangs of the North West Plains. His name was Chi Kui, he stepped in the Clasping Yuan Realm a few years ago, his way of fighting was direct and daring. If it was not for her great strength, she wouldn't even be able to withstand three of his moves.

After battling for a while, Xu Jing saw that her opponent was distracted, she could not help but take a look to know the reason for him being distracted. In her line of sight, Ye Chen who was in a moon white long robe looked like a lone man on a cliff. Although he was right in front of her eyes, he gave people the illusion of being faraway in the sky.

’’This Junior-disciple brother of mine is quite amazing, there is a fierce aura in his sword Qi, if he was given enough time, he would be able to become an unrivaled sword artist in the future.’’

Chi Kui started laughing, he withdrew his left hand, and threw out a punch, and said, ’’You can be amazed as much as you want, but as a mere Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior, he's completely helpless against me, Mountain Shattering Punch!’’


The aura of the sword Qi was destroyed first, then the sword Qi completely collapsed and vanished without a trace.

But, Chi Kui himself also stiffened, he felt a few wisps of silk-like sword aura enter through his arm, intending to harm his foundations. He would be able to neutralise the sword Qi's threat only after using a part of his Zhen Qi to suppress it.

Xu Jing understood Ye Chen's intentions, he wanted her to escape. After realizing this, the Zhen Qi in her body was used to the extreme, two concentric magical golden rings formed behind her head, one big and one small, one completely inside the other.

’’Low Rank Earth Realm skill, [Golden Three Realm Art]!’’

Ye Chen only took a look and recognized the technique that Xu Jing trained, it was the Low Rank Earth Realm Skill [Golden Three Realms Art], this technique was of unparalleled strength, the seventh stage was called Shocking Realm, the eighth stage was called Extreme Realm, the ninth stage was Astral Realm, these three realms combined to conquer everything and were unstoppable. Xu Jing clearly had trained it to the eighth stage, Extreme Realm. With the seventh and eighth realm combined, the power increased suddenly, just a single punch made Chi Kui take four steps backwards. There was also a thin stream of fresh blood on the edge of his lips.

’’Break!’’ Not interested in extending the battle anymore, Xu Jing carried on with her movements, the burning golden Zhen Qi instantly blew apart those who were trying to block her. Leaving the horses behind, she flew towards Wu Zongming and the rest.

Over at Ye Chen's side, he was also unstoppable. He turned around and used the [Lone Peak of 13 Swords], each stroke was extremely forceful and was directed towards Chi Kui, who was striding towards him. Ye Chen drifted backwards at lightning speed, even his feet did not touch the ground.

With the help of Xu Jing and Ye Chen, Wu Zongming and the rest were finally able to fight their way out. They rode their horses and escaped from there as if they were escaping from hell, and faded away in a few seconds.


Chi Kui was extremely angry and annoyed, he stormed to the place where he clashed with Ye Chen's sword skill and punched the ground, people standing on the side almost felt the ground tremble and even trees were shaken.

’’Brother, what do we do now?’’ The vice-leader of the horse-mounted bandits asked seriously.

Chi Kui tried to calm himself down, he suppressed his unstable emotions and asked, ’’How many of our brothers have we lost so far?’’

’’A total of twenty-three. Except me, all the other vice-leaders were killed.’’

’’Six late Condensing Reality Realm practitioners were killed, this really ticks me off!’’ said Chi Kui as he rolled his big, wide-opened eyes. Although the group of horse-mounted bandits only had fifty people, each of them could be considered veteran warriors. Especially the six vice-leaders, they had been following him for quite a few years as he battled across the North-West plains. They were the group of people he relied the most on. But, now that they died for him in this terrific battle, his heart was bleeding.

’’Brother, I already told you not to go along with Ouyang Ming, he is one of the most treasured disciples of the Purple Sun Martial Palace, and is well taken care of. The martial school indeed gives us a lot of gold and treasure to repay us, but we sacrifice our lives in their fights. In the end they are the ones continuously increasing their fighting strength.’’

’’I know that.’’ Chi Kui was indeed a worthy leader of the Yi Fang Horse-mounted Bandit group. Although he was extremely furious with everything that happened, he still kept calm and said, ’’We have offended the Sky Cloud Martial School's disciples, we cannot have conflicts with the Purple Sun Martial Palace too. From now on, all of you decrease your contact with Brother Ouyang. For the moment, let's retreat from the north-west plains. We shall rest well, recruit a lot of new members and we could then make a comeback in the future.’’

’’Yes, my leader!’’

After they fought their way out of the encirclement, Xu Jing and Ye Chen rode in the same direction as Wu Zongming and the female disciples headed earlier.

Xu Jing took out a [Qi recovering pellet] and said, ’’The rest of the journey can be dangerous. This is a medical pellt that can help you recover your Qi.’’

Ye Chen had already heard of the renowned [Hui Xuan Dan (medicinal pellet)], it costs 3000 gold for a single pellet. This pellet could recover Qi ten times faster than the normal recovery speed. It was a necessity for high-level martial warriors. He took a glance at the pellet, and immediately swallowed it. He used his internal energy to move the Zhen Qi as he made use of the pellet. The almost stagnant Qi whirlpool in his dantian regained its recovery power due to the potency of [Hui Xuan Dan]. Zhen Qi started to flow to every part of Ye Chen's body and continued to infiltrate every small meridian in his body.

Previously Ye Chen first attacked with powerful punches, and then used the [Lone peak of thirteen swords], which caused him to consume a lot of Zhen Qi. Although his attack strength was very powerful, it cannot last for a long time as his cultivation was far weaker than the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. After all, the capability of a Mid Condensing Reality Realm practitioner was still very low.

After seven days, the six people finally arrived at the Windy mountain, the base of Sky Cloud Martial School.

The next half month was no different from his previous routine, practice, complete a few missions and then repeat...

One day, Ye Chen accidentally heard some information obtained by one of his fellow disciple who was also at the auction. It was that the 'North Snow Fast Blade' Lin Qi had safely arrived at the North Snow Martial Academy. It was said that some people had also seen a man in a grey coat, with a painful expression and a broken left arm.


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