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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 92


Chapter 92 - Intercepted midway

On the north-west plains, there were six people riding their horses extremely fast. Even the grass was being clipped due to the speed.

’’It's hard to imagine that in just a year since the last time we met, you not only became an inner disciple, but also cultivated to the Mid Condensing Reality Realm.’’ Xu Jing said lightly, as she rode along with Ye Chen,.

Ye Chen said,’’It's nothing compared to you, senior sister. I think even Ouyang Ming will not necessarily gain an upper hand if he were to spar with you.’’

’’I'm also not sure about gaining an upper hand when sparring with him. After all, he is at the peak of Condensing Reality Realm, his foundation is deeper than mine. Even senior sister Zhu Mei said that this person's intentions are not easily seen through. He is someone with a desire to challenge the three major young masters. Let's not talk about him anymore. You should be stronger than an ordinary Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior, your whole body has an extremely strong aura. The essence of strength being emitted by your body is strong, this is something only seen if you have a strength of ten thousand Jin or more. ’’ Xu Jing could see that Ye Chen was different with just a glance.

Ye Chen asked curiously, ’’How can you know that just by looking?’’

’’This is a secret technique that makes use of your spiritual blood, it can sense whether the opponent's spiritual blood is strong. In general, if the Qi essence is rotating around, it indicates the strength of at least ten thousand Jin, if the essence is smoky, it indicates the strength of at least hundred thousand Jin, and is invincible to all other evil Qi. Anyone can detect it even without this technique. There's a legend that says that there was once a great powerhouse with a strength of a million Jin, the essence of strength was like a rainbow piercing through the earth and sky, bringing about nine days of hurricanes and disasters. No one knows whether it's true or not.’’

’’There was really such a thing! I really am ignorant.’’ Ye Chen marvelled in his heart, 'a million Jin strength converged in the small body of a human, how scary would it be? he would be able to crush everything in the world, uproot mountains and could even break the earth's crust.'

Xu Jing said, ’’It's not that you are ignorant, it's just that many people do not know of this. I only knew this because I read about this in some old book, it was recorded on it that ten thousand years ago, there was a sect called Boundless Strength Sect. Everyone in this sect would only train their physical bodies. Those with the strength of ten thousand Jin would only be eligible to be a janitor, those with thirty thousand Jin strength would be considered an outer court disciple, those with fifty thousand Jin strength would be an inner court disciple, those with eighty thousand Jin strength would be a core disciple. Outer Court elders would have the strength of at least two hundred thousand jin, Inner Court elders would have the strength of three hundred thousand jin, the sect leader and the few elders at the top all had strength of about five hundred thousand Jin or more. They were so tyrannical that they could even kill the dragon of the East Sea and the shark god of the West Sea.’’

Wu Zongming and the three female students were also listening intently, but they were unable to completely believe it in their hearts, 'was there really someone in the world that was able to train their physical strength to five hundred thousand and even up to a million Jin?'

’’Where is this Boundless Strength Sect, did they perish?’’ Ye Chen asked.

Xu Jing nodded, ’’It seems like the heavens did not allow the existence of the Boundless Strength Sect, the whole mountain, which was the base of the sect was flattened overnight. Someone found a piece of dragon scale in the ruins, it was as big as a wash basin. It could even cut metal like mud. It had an unparalleled sharpness to it. Rumour has it that the dragon gods descended to Earth and exterminated the whole Boundless Strength Sect. That piece of dragon scale was said to have been left from the battle between the sect leader and the few top elders with the dragon god.’’

’’Dragon god, that's exaggerating! That is a legendary existence who had overcome the constraints of life and death. Someone who could not die or perish, and could travel the whole world without any obstruction,’’ one of the female students exclaimed.

Xu Jing gave her a look, ’’The vastness of the world is not something you can understand, even those strong people that had overcome the limitations of life and death have yet to realize the truth, let alone us.’’

Ye Chen smiled bitterly, his strength would be equivalent to janitor in the Boundless Strength Sect, not even an outer court, he really could not imagine how hard the disciples of the Boundless Strength Sect trained to achieve that level of physical strength.

Half a day went by, it was already afternoon.

They had already travelled with great speed to the central location of the northwest plains. If they looked ahead, all they could see was only a line where the sky and the plains seemed to converge. There were no boundaries as the clouds slowly enlarged till they covered the sky over their heads.

’’There are noises of horse hoofs behind us!’’

Ye Chen focused on his ears and heard the noise.

Xu Jing nodded, ’’They came earlier than I expected.’’

Wu Zongming felt strange, and asked: ’’Senior sister, did you already know that someone was looking for trouble with us?’’

’’Ouyang Ming and the horse bandits of the north-west plains have an inextricable relationship, he would often borrow their hands to surround and kill off the disciples of the opposing sects. This isn't the first time and it won't be the last either, we just don't know which group of horse bandits this is.’’

’’Damn, he even conspired with the horse bandits of the plains’’ The three female students felt angry.

Xu Jing looked towards the big black dots converging from all directions and said, ’’What's so surprising about this? Everyone has their own way of doing things, there are despicable and cunning ways, there are righteous ways, but there are also ruthless ways. There are just too many ways to get things done, but as long as the martial heart is clear without any demons, anyone can cultivate to the highest level, it's irrelevant with one's personality.’’

’’Such deep insight.’’ Ye Chen said under his breath.

Gallop gallop ......

They were able to hear the galloping noises emerging from the horses as they gradually became louder. Everyone was already able to see the clothing and appearance of the horse bandits riding towards them.

’’When I say move, kill and break out of the encirclement. I will bring up the rear.’’ Xu Jing's decisive tone was awe-inspiring.

’’Senior sister!’’

’’Stop talking anymore nonsense, there are even experts of the Clasping Yuan Realm among them, do not underestimate them.’’

The horses were running very quickly, they were in front of them in just a few moments. There were more than fifty horse bandits. There were at least seven or eight of them with a strong presence, they were obviously warriors of the late Condensing Reality Realm. One of them had a face filled with a beard, with a lot more condensed Zhen Qi that was of unparalleled purity, he was definitely a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior.

Just when the horse bandits were about thirty paces away, Xu Jing ordered with her feminine voice, ’’Breakthrough, kill them.’’


At the same time as she spoke, Xu Jing's body emitted a golden light. Ignoring the distance between them, she hit two warriors that were at the late condensing reality realm, each with a punch to their chests.

Ye Chen was not slow either, the crane shadow steps art was unleashed to its utmost potential, his whole body went out of sight and he disappeared into thin air.

Then, a horse bandit that was at the late condensing reality realm had his head burst into a mist of blood.

Wu Zongming and the three female students knew that they were weaker than other two, so they gathered and worked together to break through towards the West.

The leader of the Horse bandit group let out an angry roar after he saw that three of his capable men lost their lives in the blink of an eye. He sprang towards Xu Jing, while the thick and vigorous Zhen Qi scraped off a layer of the surface of the ground. He approached her like lightning.

’’Demon God Killing Fist, shatter heaven and earth.’’

Xu Jing did not flinch or avoid the attack, both of her fists resembled a giant demon cutting across the mountains. They hit the horse bandit leader head on.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Even the surrounding horse bandits were affected, they were flung outwards due to the shockwave of the impact, and they spit out mouthfuls of fresh blood as they flew in the air.

Xu Jing had to take three steps back, but she still looked calm. However, her actions were extremely wild. Her white dress fluttered in the air, she attacked the opponent again with her most violent and strongest punch.

On the other side, Ye Chen was surrounded by three vice leaders of the horse bandit gang. Each of them was a late Condensing Reality Realm warrior.

’’Kid, just die. Wolf Slaughtering blade!’’

’’Violent Lightning Spear!’’

’’Ghost's wails and Wolf's howls!’’

The three of them used their most powerful attacks, as they wanted to kill Ye Chen by working together.

Ye Chen's figure became fuzzy and turned blurry, he continuously flashed and avoided all three of their attacks, Ye Chen's aura continued to increase as if it had no limits. He threw a punch to the side.

’’Tiger roar Dragon Fist!’’

The power of the punch even affected the earth and brought up a lot of dust.


The ground exploded, the horse bandits with the late Condensing Reality Realm cultivation exploded to several pieces. Blood and other other organs flew everywhere.

’’This kid is quite tricky. Archers, be ready.’’

At the sound of the order, arrows that were intense like a heavy rain were shot straight at Ye Chen, locking all of his escape routes.

Ding ding ding!

Suddenly, Ye Chen's whole body emitted a jade-like radiance;as soon as the arrows came in contact with it, they broke in half and were all bounced off.


Translated by : Ace

Edited by : Jaggerjakk

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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