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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 91


Chapter 91 - Blown away in a single step

Xu Jing's sudden appearance made Ouyang Ming turn pale. He didn't know if it was due to him not checking the almanac before going out, but nothing was going well for him. He was not able to successfully obtain the Killing Tyrant Kick art and the treasure sabre. Now, even the Limitless Zhen Qi art was almost out of his hands.

’’I don't believe I can't get the Limitless Zhen Qi art.’’

Ouyang Ming shouted loudly in his heart, and increased his bid to five million gold.

Xu Jing said to her junior sisters in a soft voice in her private room, ’’Lend me all the gold you've got.’’

’’Senior sister, we will lend you all the gold we have, we cannot let that Ouyang Ming get the Limitless Zhen Qi art.’’ The female disciples of the Sky Cloud Martial School were all extremely pretty. They took out all the gold they had and passed it to Xu Jing.

After counting the gold, Xu Jing raised her head and said,’’Six million gold!’’

’’Very good, six million gold, this has broken the record of this small auction plaza, anyone else who wishes to bid? A skill that can suppress the Zhen Qi like the Limitless Zhen Qi art is rarely seen. If you lose this chance, you might never ever get another.’’ The yellow-clad old man continued to fan the flames from the auction stage.

However, no matter what he said, nobody placed a bid. The price of six million gold was really too much. Even though there were plenty of large clans in Happy town, none of them had the ability to have that much gold in hand. Especially since the Limitless Zhen Qi art was just a supporting skill that doesn't even increase their fighting power, spending six million gold to buy this did not seem worth it. Good steel must be used for making swords.

Xu Jing's thoughts were a little different, even though the Limitless Zhen Qi art seemed to be unable to increase her fighting power, she felt that it would be of great help in the future. After breaking through, she doesn't need to worry about her internal energy being unstable, this will decrease the time needed to stabilize her Zhen Qi and reach the next level.

Shaking his head, the old man in yellow thought to himself that six million gold would probably be the highest it could earn.

’’Six million gold going once! going twice! going thrice! sold! Congratulations to the lady in room no twelve.’’ Without any need for him to order, someone sent the supporting skill to her.

What made Tang Manlou and Li Ling surprised was that the angry Ouyang Ming actually calmed down. His gaze was deep and preoccupied, there was a weird glint in his eyes. It was unknown what he was thinking.

The next three treasures were also auctioned off at quite some high prices, but the highest was just four million and five hundred thousand gold. None of them were able to compete with the bids of the Air Splitter sabre and the Limitless Zhen Qi art.

The auction ended on a good note, and everyone inside exited one after another.

Opening the room door, Ye Chen came out, ’’Let's go!’’

Wu Zongming was in good spirits as he put a grape in his mouth. He couldn't wait to get back to the Sky Cloud Martial School, so that he could take Zhen Qi pellet.

The two of them went out of the room, and were headed towards the exit.

’’Little brat, so you are a disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School!’’ There were five youngsters standing at the entrance. There were both Tang Manlou and Li Ling, along with three others were they had never seen. The young man at the front was wearing a purple robe. His legs were quite long, and he was about 1.9 metres high.

Ye Chen calmly asked, ’’What is the matter?’’

’’Nothing much, our senior Brother Ouyang wishes to invite you to Fuxian Restaurant to have some wine, I hope you'll agree.’’ One of them said in a menacing tone.

’’Sorry, I am not free.’’ Ye Chen took two steps to the side, and was about to leave.

The person once again stopped Ye Chen, ’’What? you won't give us this honor? That half piece of sword was let go by Brother Ouyang, otherwise, do you think you could have gotten it?’’

On the side, Ouyang Ming sneered. He was not in the mood to bother with Ye Chen, he just wanted to know who bought the Limitless Zhen Qi art. After a little enquiry, he came to know that there were four people in that room, and three of them were wearing the uniform of Sky Cloud Martial School, while the other person wore a symbol of Sky Cloud Martial School. When he saw that Ye Chen was also from Sky Cloud Martial School, he thought of something.

Wu Zongming rolled his eyes and said, ’’Being unable to win something during an auction is only due to your uselessness, what does it have to do with us. Do you really think we need you to let us have something?’’

’’Hmn, Brother Ouyang thinks highly of you, that's why he invited you people, don't refuse a toast to drink a loser's drink,’’ another Purple Sun Martial Palace disciple scowled.

Ye Chen first thought that it was Tang Manlou who instigated this, but it didn't seem like that now. He calmly said, ’’Get out of the way, don't obstruct us.’’

The two of them were about to flare up due to their anger when Ouyang Ming started speaking,’’Among the younger generation of the Windy Nation, many of them wish to invite me over for some wine, but they can only dream. Today I am personally inviting you for some wine, you have to go even if you are unwilling to.’’

’’What an arrogant tone, I'd like to see how 'the Godly Legs' Ouyang Ming would make us disciples of the Sky Cloud Martial School accept your invitation.’’

From behind Ye Chen and Wu Zongming, Xu Jing's voice sounded out loud.

’’Sister Xu.’’ Ye Chen and Wu Zongming greeted her by nodding their heads.

Xu Jing walked to the front, followed by three female disciples of the Sky Cloud Martial School.

Ouyang Ming squinted his eyes. ’’Peak of late Condensing Reality Realm, is that why you have such a haughty tone? But, you are not good enough, only your eldest sister Zhu Mei has the right to talk to me in such a tone.’’

’’Sister Zhu is not here, there's only I, Xu Jing.’’ Xu Jing was not tall, Ye Chen estimated that she was about 1.7 metres high. She was dressed in white, and had a beautiful body. Her presence was not any weaker than Ouyang Ming's. It even had a hint of a dominating aura.

’’Who are you to talk to Brother Ouyang like that?’’ The plaza entrance was quite big, about three or four zhang wide. There were no movements from the Purple Sun Martial palace disciples who were talking, but suddenly a palm attack was headed towards her. At the same time, scorching hot Zhen Qi formed a red colored ring around Xu Jing.

’’Fall back.’’

All of a sudden, Xu Jing took a step forward, even the space around her vibrated, making everybody restless as their blood and Qi roiled. In an instant, blinding golden light shot out, shattering the red colored ring, shocking her opponent as he started to spit some blood.

’’How is she this powerful! Even though they are both at the late Condensing Reality Realm, her opponent couldn't even take a single blow. He does not even have the right to fight with Sister Xu.’’ Wu Zongming clearly saw everything. Xu Jing just took a step forward and her opponent's attack was completely nullified and he was spitting blood. He felt extremely shocked.

Ye Chen felt surprised too. After she entered the Late Condensing Reality Realm, sister Xu Jing was way more powerful than he imagined.

The entrance was a noticeable place, the commotion immediately attracted a lot of warriors and they completely surrounded them.

’’Come and see, there's something happening between the disciples of Purple Sun Martial palace and the Sky Cloud Martial School.’’

’’Ouyang Ming lost the bids again and again, how could he simply take it. He will definitely bother the owner of the Limitless Zhen Qi Art. It's a pity that there is no one among these Sky Cloud Martial School disciples, that's capable of going against him.’’

’’That may not be true, that female disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School managed to beat her opponent in just one move.’’

’’Ouyang Ming hasn't even made his move. When he does, she wouldn't be able to fight back.’’

Not just the other warriors, even the organisers of the auction have taken notice of this conflict. In just a few moments, the yellow-clad old man pushed through the crowd and came over, ’’Good day to you, the North-west Auction plaza prohibits all fights inside the plaza, please give us some face, or we will have to clearly explain it in other ways.’’

The yellow-clad old man was not only an auctioneer, he was also an initial Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. As he spoke, there was a gush of Zhen Qi that turned into a formless wall separating them.

Ouyang Ming knew that it was impossible to make a move there, so he nodded with a smile and said, ’’It is not like that, I just wanted to invite them over for some wine. Since they have something else to do, I will not force them. Let's go.’’

After they left, Xu Jing said to Ye Chen and Wu Zongming, ’’It's not safe to go alone, why don't you come along with us!’’

If even Ouyang Ming left, there was no reason for the rest of them to not leave.

Seeing that the issue was resolved, the yellow-clad old man had a wry smile on his face. The disciples of the big martial institutions were the best customers of the auction plaza, but they were also the ones who created the most trouble.


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