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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 90


Chapter 90 - Xu Jing

The yellow-clad old man reached out and lifted the sheathed sabre from the gold colored wooden tray. He then slowly pulled it out.


Its aura overflowed, cutting at people's souls. There were streams of light, resembling a meteor shower. The spacious auction stage suddenly turned extremely cold.

’’Good sabre, this sabre is not the same as any simple low level treasure, it's level is extremely close to a mid level treasure.’’ In the plaza, a hint of greed flashed in the eyes of an old man clad in gray.

Ye Chen noticed that the aura of the sabre in the hands of the old man clad in yellow was as strong as that of the treasure sword he obtained. It almost felt like the same

The explosive sabre aura soared to the skies, it was extremely sharp. This was a sabre that could be easily sold if they were short of money in the future. The auctioneer would gladly accept it.

’’This sabre pierced the sky a hundred years ago, the sabre is about four feet two inches long, with a width of two inches at its widest point, its hilt was seven inches long. The sabre Qi will allow the person wielding it attack with twice the power. The starting price of the sabre is three hundred thousand gold, every bid must increase it by at least fifty thousand gold.’’

And the bidding began. The old man in yellow put the sabre back in its sheath and then placed it on the wooden tray. He looked around, and saw that everyone in the plaza was extremely shocked.

Someone in room number six raised the sign and shouted, ’’1 million gold’’

The old man in grey also made a bid, ’’1.5 million gold’’

Ouyang Ming was surprised when he heard that bid, but he did not plan to give up on this sabre. He raised his board, ’’Two million gold.’’

’’Have I heard it wrong? It already reached two million gold, and it's only the third bid.’’

’’The 'North Snow fast blade', Lin Qi and Ouyang Ming have both made their bids, but I'm not sure who this other old man is.’’

’’I know who he is, that old man is known as 'Old sabre master', an initial Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. He is quite a character, his blade skills were known to have killed an unknown number of people.’’

’’Old sabre master? I recall something that happened earlier this year, I think 'the fast blade', Wu Wanshan was his apprentice. However, due to some unknown reasons, they parted their ways. I did not expect to see him here.’’

’’Now, Wu Wanshan's strength is probably on par with the 'old sabre master', but the 'North Snow fast blade', Lin Qi is definitely stronger than him, his cultivation level is also higher. He can win against him within just ten moves.’’

’’Do not underestimate the 'Old sabre master'. Even though he is old, he had been roaming the world for years, he must have a lot of hidden cards.’’

Lin Qi calmly raised it again, ’’3 million gold.’’

’’This little brat is too rich, I will let you show off for now. When you walk out of Happy town, this sabre will be mine.’’ The grey-clothed old man was not willing to spend that much gold to get the sabre. He felt that it was a waste. He'd rather wait for someone else to get the blade. Then, he could secretly follow him and kill him to obtain the blade. He had done this a number of times before.

Seeing that no one other than Lin Qi was willing to compete, Ouyang Ming felt relieved. Following Lin Qi, he also raised the bid, by adding 1 Million, reaching a high price of 4 million gold.

’’5 million gold!’’, Lin Qi also bid, without even thinking. It was as if the gold was equivalent to stones to him, and such a small amount was not something that could affect him.

’’5.5 million gold!’’ Ouyang Ming felt that he had underestimated Lin Qi, 5.5 million is the highest price he can bid. In fact, 30% of it was actually borrowed from the 'Thunder hand', Ouyang Lie.

’’5.55 million!’’ Lin Qi had also reached his limit, so he only raised it by fifty thousand gold.

Ouyang Ming turned towards the rest of them in the room and said, ’’Lend me all the gold you have, I will return four times the amount.’’

Li Ling said, ’’I bought two items earlier, I'm only left with twenty thousand gold.’’

’’I also have twenty thousand gold.’’

’’I have Thirty five thousand gold!’’

After he borrowed from other people, Ouyang Ming had an extra hundred thousand gold. He decided to put everything in, and raised it again,’’5.65 million gold!’’

Lin Qi frowned. But, he recalled that his Sister, Mei has given him something before he left. She asked him to open it only at a critical moment.

Ater he opened and read it, a smile appeared on his face.

’’5.7 million gold!’’, Lin Qi raised it again.

Ouyang Ming was astonished, ’’How can he possibly have anymore gold?’’, Tang Manlou and Li Lin felt that this price by the 'North Snow fast Blade' was as surprising as his fighting skills.

Finally, Lin Qi won the sabre.

’’5.7 million gold, this price is too much.’’

’’Look, Lin Qi seems to be leaving.’’

’’I heard that he only came for the sabre. It is only natural for him to leave, as he already got it.’’

’’The 'old sabre master' followed him, does he want to kill him for the sabre!’’

’’It is possible, but does he not fear the North Snow Martial Academy?’’

’’You don't know about 'the old sabre master', he does not stay in a place for long. He might escape to a different country as soon as he killed Lin Qi. Even the people from the North Snow Martial Academy might not be able to trace him.’’ Some of the people noted this, and whispered.

The absence of Lin Qi did not get much attention, and the auction continued. The seventy-ninth item was another low rank Earth Realm martial skill, but it was just a supporting skill, named Limitless Zhen Qi art, which helps overwhelm and stabilise their own Zhen Qi. It might not seem attractive, but even some of the strongest warriors were worried about the stability of their Zhen Qi when they were going to rise their cultivation level. But, if they learn this skill, they might not have any difficulties in increasing their cultivation. Even while they were in a battle, their Zhen Qi will remain stable, and will be available continuously. This made this skill particularly fatal to the opponent, if he was someone with an equal skill level.

In every aspect, Limitless Zhen Qi art was more valuable than the Killing Tyrant Kick. windy Nation had too many fighting skills, whereas Limitless Zhen Qi art was a rare supporting skill. Even in the big martial schools, there were only a few of such skills availabe.

The price had already reached two hundred thousand gold.

’’Five hundred thousand.’’ The Clasping Yuan realm warrior who had managed to get the Killing Tyrant Kick art,bid again.

Ouyang Ming sneered, ’’I was unable to get the sabre, I will definitely get this. The sabre will also be mine soon, that grey-clothed old man was obviously a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. He followed Lin Qi to probably kill him. As long as he succeeds, I can just seize the sabre from that grey-clothed old man.’’

After he calmed down, he raised the board again, ’’Three million!’’ The plaza turned quiet, even the Clasping Yuan Realm warrior turned silent.

As there was no one competing with him, a smile appeared on Ouyang Ming's face.

’’Four Million gold!’’ A clear lady's voice announced, lightly.

’’It is sister Xu Jing.’’ Ye Chen said.

Wu Zongming was astonished, ’’Are you sure it is sister Xu Jing?’’

Ye Chen nodded, ’’Yes, I talked to her once.’’

’’Sister Xu Jing is the eighth ranked core disciple. The rumor says that she is extremely strong.’’

’’She should be!’’ 'I accidentally witnessed sister Xu Jing while she was training', Ye Chen previously thought that he roughly knew her skill level. He thought that even though her strength was just around 3-4 thousand jin, her fighting ability was very strong. But, he felt that he might be wrong now. Her cultivation level was higher now, and she was also not using her full strength back then. She was using just 30% of her strength.


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