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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 9


Fighting Back

Wang Haichuan was furious, his face immediately reddened: ’’Cut the bullshit out! If you want to fight, then let's fight!’’

The ugly man sneered: ’’It is not like I hate you guys, but if I decide to fight, none of you will be able leave with your lives. Of course, I will give you time to change your mind...ten, nine...’’

Liu Tao stopped smiling, his voice sounded emotionless and cold: ’’Sir...are you really going to do this?’’

’’Five, four....’’ The ugly man didn't reply, instead he looked at the group as if they were already corpses.

Ye Chen and Liu Tao shared a look, they understood what they had to do.

’’Three! F*k it, kill them!’’ He hadn't even finished his sentence before the ugly scarred man had already took out his huge blade and jumped towards the group.

The group was startled as their expectation was that the enemy would count to one then attack. But that was exactly the bandit's underhanded trick that worked every time because people were always caught off guard by it. The scarred man, the evil leader of the bandits was called Maq Wu, a wanted criminal from another city. He used to be a guard in a small family and he had fallen for the beauty of his young female master. One night, instead of doing his job and keeping her safe, he raped and killed her.

The group was badly startled from the surprise attack and only Ye Chen was prepared. It was nothing to do with experiences, because he didn't have any. It was only because he sensed Maq Wu's intentions through the bandit's small shift in position in preparation to spring while counting.

Accumulating all his Qi to its maximum, Ye Chen tilted his body, holding his sword in both hands, he began to trace the eighth movement of Sky Fall Sword Art ’’Walking On A River of Clouds’’.

Maq Wu was surprised and a little bit unprepared for any kind of reaction, he definitely did not expect that this group of youngsters would be resist him at all.

Suddenly, sparks lit up as bright as the fire from the collision. Ye Chen's great steel sword slightly shifted and slid pass Maq Wu's sword.

Ting! Shiiing!

With a burst of the sparks, Maq Wu's waist was scratched with a sword cut, a little bit of blood slowly leaked out from the shallow cut.

Everyone who witnessed this just could not believe their own eyes: A Mortal Realm Rank 6 warrior had wounded a Mortal Realm Rank 10 warrior with just one movement. It was just impossible.

No one would know that Ye Chen himself was actually a little bit disappointed.

If Maq Wu didn't react as fast as he did, my movement would definitely have injured him badly;or, if his cultivation was not as high as it was, his sword would not be resist my attack, and the sword mark would be at least one-inch-deep according to its effect when you had master the movement of Sky Fall. But still, I guess it's pretty good that you don't need to have a higher cultivation to be able to defeat your opponent.

’’It was right not to underestimate a Mortal Realm Rank 10 martial artist...’’ Ye Chen whispered to himself. Seeing his first attack failed to create a huge impact, Ye Chen delivered his second attack - the ninth movement of Skyfall ’’Shining in the Dark’’.

All of the sudden, a sword light as dark as a river at night speckled with light like the moon reflecting off the river started to pour out from the sword, it seemed like the surrounding air had turned into a tangible liquid, like a river rushing under a dark sky that was too deep to tell.

’’Damn, this brat is actually quite skilled!’’

Maq Wu had a horrible look on his face. His sword raised like it was about to slice the sky, the sword flashed as it sliced towards the center of Ye Chen's sword light like a lighting. Maq Wu wanted to destroy Ye Chen's sword light momentum, otherwise he knew he would be in trouble.


His attack was energetic and powerful but surprisingly failed to hit its target. Maq Wu was shocked, his sword cut through the sword light but was as useless as trying to stop a river's flow with a sword slash. Maq Wu immediately jumped back, hurriedly retreating from his opponent.

Ye Chen eyes flash as he expected Maq Wu's retreat and pushed his legs as he ran after Maq Wu. Ye Chen's sword flashed as he changed his sword movement, it bounced back before his chest before rising up into the air then flowing down from above like an indomitable mountain. It was the powerful Lone Peak of Thirteen Swords!

Maq Wu's eyes flashed with murderous intent, he brandished his left hand full of Qi in attempts to push back Ye Chen's fatal attack, he yelled: ’’Damn brat, go to hell!’’


A Mortal Realm Rank 10 warrior was not so easy to kill. A strong wind exploded from the bandit's hand like a hurricane, blowing away Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen's body flew through the air before lightly landed like nothing happened, as if his body was as light as a feather. Ye Chen crinkled his brow as he lifted his sword in movement that released an attack with a horrifying momentum like a huge mountain just broke down.


The tip of Ye Chen's sword went through Maq Wu's neck and came out from the back of his scalp. It all just happened so quickly and smoothly.

A martial artist who had almost reached the Condensing Reality Realm was killed by one simple sword movement, as easy as having tea and eating lunch. Ye Chen grinned as he finally understood his own power level and fighting skills and best of all, he realized just exactly how powerful the Lone Peak of Thirteen Mountains was.

Pulling the sword out and shaking off the blood on it, Ye Chen tried not to think about the fact that he just killed a person. He looked around and found the two groups were already fighting against each other: Eight burly men were attacking Liu Tao and the group in a circle. The sounds of weapons colliding against each other were continuous and seemingly endless.

’’Piss off!’’, said Liu Tao who had the highest power level among the group. He threw a couple of punches that rolled in a row and four burly men were blown away.

However, one of them had only been pushed back three steps, and even though the clothing over his chests were all ripped apart, but he wasn't hurt at all.

Seeing that, Liu Tao's pupil narrowed, ’’...Armor Guard Arts!’’

The guy had a square face and a huge mouth. Standing at two meters tall, his back was always hunched. His massive chest muscles were like two high mountains raised up from the ground and strong like iron. It also seemed to flash a vague dark navy color, no where close to a normal human body.

’’Haha, I specialize in the Iron Shirt martial arts. Years and years of rubbing and soaking in medicinal alcohol everyday caused my skin and bones to be as tough as bronze and iron. As long as I still have my Qi, I am invincible!’’


It was from Wang Haichuan. He waved his Verdant Dragon Halberd around in a circle to force back those people who were attacking him. Then, he turned his body the other way and stabbed his sword towards the opponent.

The giant man dared not to risk his life, he knew no matter how well he mastered the Iron Shirt, his body would never become as strong as actual iron. Even if he could protect himself from normal blunt blows, but he would suffer injuries and die from any sharp weaponry. And with Wang Haichuan's powerful sword movements and his die-hard attitude, his sword could cut through even an iron armor.

With his hands put together, the giant man caught the Verdant Dragon Halberd at once and would not let it move an inch.

Liu Tao saw the open opportunity and jumped behind the giant man, his palm gently pressed against his back.


A sound that was like an iron hammer hitting a piece of thin leather rung out and you could see there were drops of blood leaking out the corner of the giant man's mouth. And if you look closer there was also a slight bloody bruise on his chest.

In that moment, two ferocious men jumped forward and attacked Liu Tao.

Liu Tao saw them coming but he realized that he was stuck in a powerless situation. Although his attack wounded that giant man, he couldn't move his arms to defend himself because they had gone numb from the rebounding force from his attack.

Seeing his friend in need, Wang Haichuan felt powerless as he was being crazily attacked by the men whom he had wounded before. He was forced to retreat step by step, barely dodging their attack.

Only Yao Qing and the twin brothers seemed to do be fine as they only had one opponent each.

Liu Tao eyes dimmed as he thought his death had arrived when a bright dazzling sword light suddenly appeared. It twisted twice in the air, and suddenly two head fell on the floor as blood started pouring out from their neck. Then, their bodies fell back and hit the ground.

After his successful attack, Ye Chen didn't stop at all. Using Skyfall movement ’’The Search for Opportunity’’, he stabbed another man in the chest which saved Wang Haichuan from his predicament.

’’Thanks!’’, gratefully said Liu Tao who felt like he had escaped from hell's gate. His face still looked a little bit pale from before.

Ye Chen nodded, ’’It can wait. Let's kill them all first.’’

Actually, after Maq Wu's death, the men's fate had already been decided, it was just a matter of time.

Shortly after, other than the man with the Iron Shirt art, the rest were all dead;And on Ye Chen's side, besides Liu Tao and himself, the rest were all wounded more or less.

’’Where do you think you are going?’’ Wang Haichuan sensed that the giant man planned to escape, with a sharp sound, he threw out his two-meter Verdant Dragon Halberd at him.


The giant, experienced man tilted his body and avoided the halberd by inches.

However, he couldn't run away from his fate even if he tried. Ye Chen waved his sword smoothly, and with one sword move, the Iron Shirt defense gave way. The sword slid easily into the chest of the giant man and back out leaving a giant bloody hole.


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