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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 89


Chapter 89 - Who is richer?

’’Do not be surprised! The fifth item is indeed a low rank Earth Realm martial skill manual. It belonged to a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, who was pretty famous in the north side of the Windy Nation. But, I can't share his name with you all, as it would be against the rules. So I will come to the point. This low rank Earth Realm martial skill is a leg art, called the Killing Tyrant Kick. Once mastered, each kick could part a river;if mastered completely, each kick could even break a hundred meters' high mountain. Rumors say that once it's mastered to its peak, even the air would no longer be able to restrict your movements, and the speed of each kick will reach an inhuman level. A distance of one hundred meters can be covered with a single step.’’

Without wasting too much time by teasing the crowd, the elder in yellow gave the whole introduction, with not even a single pause.


The whole auction plaza went crazy.

Stopping a river, breaking a mountain, travelling a hundred meters in one step, every single one of them sounded powerful by themselves, not to mention, the warrior would be able to do all of them if they could master this skill. This clearly revealed the huge barrier between a low rank Earth Realm skill and a top rank Mortal Realm skill.

Ye Chen did not show much interest when he heard the first two lines, as his tyrant fist could also do the same. However, the third line really impressed him, being able to travel one hundred meters in just a single step was way more powerful than even being able to fly a hundred meters, as even that would require more than a single leg movement. Not only that, the Killing Tyrant Kick was not just about speed.

’’This leg art is mine.’’ Inside the room, Ouyang Ming made up his mind. Although he already had a low rank Earth Realm manual, it was only a martial art. His kick art and sword art were all only top rank Mortal Realm arts, of course, they were all the best of the top rank mortal realm .

’’The starting price is a hundred thousand gold. Each bid should raise it by at least ten thousand gold. May the bidding begin!’’

’’One hundred and twenty thousand!’’

’’One hundred and thirty thousand!’’

’’One hundred and fifty thousand!’’

’’One hundred and eighty thousand!’’

The bidding price for the manual had already shot through the roof, completely shocking all those warriors who did not belong to any of the martial institutions.

Ouyang Ming sneered, he lifted his board and yelled, ’’Two hundred and fifty thousand!’’

’’Who the heck is in that room? Adding seventy thousand gold just like that? How rich is he?’’ Some warrior could not bear the curiosity and asked.

’’I saw 'God Legs' Ouyang Ming from the Purple Sun Martial School walk in there earlier, I think it should be him.’’

’’No wonder. Among the younger generation of Windy Nation, there are only a few people who could compete with him in terms of wealth. Young master Emerald, Young master Duanmu and Young master North Snow would probably be the only ones that can.’’

’’In this auction, there is someone who could compete with Ouyang Ming. 'North Snow Fast Blade' Lin Qi is also here.’’

’’Lin Qi... I heard that he is expected to surpass Young master North Snow and become the No.1 disciple of the North Snow Martial Academy.’’

’’It may not happen any time soon, but no one can be sure about the future.’’

As the discussion among the crowd continued, another bid had been placed.

’’Three hundred thousand!’’

The voice sounded deep and firm, it originated from room number two.

Ouyang Ming remained undisturbed, he said, ’’Three hundred and fifty thousand.’’

’’Four hundred thousand!’’

’’Four hundred and fifty thousand!’’

The person followed up the price immediately, ’’Five hundred thousand!’’

To be honest, Ye Chen was also shocked by that price, he thought, 'The guy who is following up the price sounds quite firm, it should be a middle aged man. A middle aged man who can take out five hundred thousand gold should probably be a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, as there are not many Condensing Reality Realm warriors that could take out five hundred thousand gold, other than those top warriors of the younger generation. The other guy was the one who competed with me earlier for that half blade, he is most likely a core disciple of one of the big martial institution and I probably heard his name somewhere. I just can not recognize who it is.'

’’Six hundred thousand!’’ Ouyang Ming raised his voice.

’’Seven hundred thousand!’’

’’Eight hundred thousand!’’

’’Nine hundred thousand!’’

The other person did not back off either.

’’Hehe...’’ Ouyang Ming started laughing, one could see the murderous intent on his face. This terrified both Tang Manlou and Li Lin. They knew that Ouyang Ming was extremely angry. But, that middle aged man did not seem like someone that would just give up. He was most likely a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. Unless the elders from the Purple Sun Martial School were here, there was nothing they could do to that guy.

Taking a deep breath, Ouyang Ming yelled, ’’One million and two hundred thousand gold!’’

Right next to Ye Chen, Wu Zongming said bitterly, ’’This martial disciple is too rich. Although I have never heard his voice before, he most likely belongs to the top stage among the younger generation of the Windy Nation. Compared to him, we are way too poor. I almost feel sad.’’

’’Complete a few more missions, and save up for a few more years, then you can also have that kind of money.’’

’’After a few years, won't he have a lot more money? Never mind, cultivation is the most important thing, we could always make more money later, right?’’

Ye Chen did not reply, he started thinking again. It was good to have a lot of money, there would always be these kind of auctions. One or two million gold was not enough then. Although he appeared to be doing pretty well, as he had those ten thousand low rank soul stones in his storage ring, if he was asked to exchange them for some money, he would probably think twice about it.

’’One million and three hundred thousand.’’

The price still continued to increase.

Ouyang Ming bit his lips and said, ’’One million and five hundred thousand!’’

’’One million six hundred thousand.’’

That middle-aged man remained the same from the beginning, without any emotional changes.

’’Damn.’’ Ouyang Ming smacked the purple wooden table with his palm, his eyes were completely bloodshot. If it was not for that sabre he was planning to buy, he would not be this mad. If he spent way too much gold on this, he knew that he wouldn't be able to win against Lin Qi, since the amount of gold they each had would probably be about the same.

’’One million eight hundred thousand.’’ Ouyang Ming decided to fight for it again. He just hoped that his opponent would back off, otherwise once he reached the Clasping Yuan Realm, he would definitely kill him.

The calm voice was heard once again, ’’Two million.’’

’’If I don't kill this man in the future, I will never forgive myself.’’ All the veins over his forehead had popped out, Ouyang Ming roared in a deep voice like a wild animal.

The elder in yellow could not care any less about that. All he cared about was the bidding price. The martial skill manual's original value was only five hundred thousand gold, and it was estimated to not go beyond a million dollars. However, it had been bid for twice that price and reached two million gold. He could not be anymore happier than this.

’’Two million going once, two million going twice, two million going three times! Sold!’’


The peak of the auction had come and gone, the rest was very low key.

The North-West auction plaza had a different style compared to other places. It was separated into three rounds, the first round for setting the mood, and stimulating the crowd;the second round would have less valuable items but larger quantities. There would be dozens of them, of various prices, with the lowest being only twenty thousand gold, and the highest being over a hundred thousand gold.

All the warriors who did not belong to any martial institution were waiting for this moment, they continued to bid, and fought for the items they set their eyes on.

The third round had begun.

Unlike the first two rounds, the third round had extremely valuable treasures. The starting price of every single one of them was at least five hundred thousand gold. Some of them were way more valuable than that Killing Tyrant Kick manual.

’’The sixty-eighth item, is a low grade treasure sabre, the Air splitter!’’

The true highlight of this auction had just let go of its veil. Inside a private room, Lin Qi opened his eyes, that have been shut this whole time. His gaze was extremely sharp and felt almost solid. His eyes looked like they were emitting two beams of sword light, It was extremely terrifying.


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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