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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 88


Chapter 88 - Low Rank Earth Realm Martial Skill

’’Thirty thousand gold! Someone had increased the price again! What are you waiting for?’’ The elder in yellow sounded quite cheerful, the price had already reached thirty thousand gold, which was his target price. Now, even if no one bid for a higher price, he would already be quite satisfied.

The old antique collector raised his board once again, ’’Thirty-one thousand gold!’’

’’Thirty-two thousand!’’ Ye Chen followed up the price.

Ouyang Ming sneered, ’’Forty thousand!’’

’’I will give up, although it is something I'm interested in, it is definitely not worth that price. I might as well go buy some other antiques.’’ The old collector gave up on the bidding.

’’You should have given up ages ago, it is only a half of the blade, why bother spending that amount of gold on it.’’ The warrior sitting beside him said while laughing.

’’What do you know? Every antique has its value for research.’’

’’Alright, I don't know anything about this stuff, unlike you.’’

In the room, Ye Chen frowned before he raised the bidding price to forty-one thousand gold.

Wu Zongming asked, ’’Ye Chen, what's wrong? There are still many valuable treasures coming up, there is no need to buy that crap! Do you really think you could find something from that blade? Without the spirit, that half blade is only worth the price of a normal greatsword.’’

Ye Chen said, ’’Since we are in an auction, I should at least buy something, right?’’

’’Hehe, I cannot understand you sometimes.’’ Wu Zongming shook his head.

’’Fifty thousand!’’ Ouyang Ming raised his board again, that amount of gold was nothing to him. He had been an inner disciple for years now, and had completed hundreds of missions. He had earned a huge fortune already. Even some of the mid-level families could not compete with him, so fifty thousand gold was really nothing to him.

The elder in yellow could feel that his heart was about to jump out of his chest. He couldn't truly believe that the half blade which had been sitting in a dusty corner for all these years would be bid for fifty thousand gold. It was way beyond what he had expected, and it seemed like the two bidders were still planning to continue.

Below the stage, even though the crowd also found it strange, it was still not enough to shock them, as this kind of stuff always happens in an auction. For example, some worthless crap could be sold for an unreasonable price, while some of the truly valuable treasures could not be sold at all.

’’Another two rich guys with too much money.’’ Someone said jealously.

’’They must be martial disciples;these guys are so rich.’’

’’Ah, too bad we don't have that kind of talent, otherwise we would be in a martial institution as well. We would at least be outer elders by now, how cool would that be?’’

’’Stop talking! They raised their bids again!’’

’’Fifty-five thousand!’’ Ye Chen added another five thousand gold.

’’Sixty thousand!’’

’’Sixty-five thousand!’’

’’Seventy thousand!’’

’’Eighty thousand!’’

’’Ninety thousand!’’

Ye Chen's face did not look good, he thought that no one would want to bid for this half blade. He certainly did not expect it to reach ninety thousand gold. He could not understand if the other person was doing it to mess with him or if he really wanted it just like him.

Raising his board, Ye Chen said, ’’One hundred thousand!’’


Everyone in the crowd could not help but gasped. One hundred thousand gold was not a small amount of gold, even a lot of Mid Condensing Reality Realm warriors who had worked for over a decade might not have that kind of money. As warriors have a lot of expenses, they would never be able to save that amount of money, as they need to buy pellets and such which were not exactly cheap.

’’Although one hundred thousand gold is nothing to me, there is no need to raise it any further. I have no use for it and it would probably just end up in my collection. At least I managed to mess with that guy, he must be hurting a lot right now!’’ Ouyang Ming comfortably sat on the leather chair, and said with an unnoticeable smile on his face.

The Purple Sun Martial School disciple on his side tried to suck up to him, and said, ’’If we know who this guy is, we should ask him to treat us to dinner, since our brother Ouyang had been so considerate to him.’’

’’Yeah, after the auction, let's go check who it is.’’

Ouyang Ming said, ’’You guys don't just assume things. I don't want him to buy me dinner. But, if he could lend that half blade for a few days, that would be really nice.’’

Hearing him, Li Lin forced a smile. She was hoping in her heart that the person who bought it would not try and fight against her second senior brother, as it would not end well for him. Among the younger generation of the Windy Nation, there were not many people that could compete with Ouyang Ming.

’’One hundred thousand gold going once, one hundred thousand gold going twice, one hundred thousand gold going three times. Sold! Congratulations to the guest in room no.7. This half blade would be in your hands in no time.’’ The elder in yellow could not help but smile wider, he looked as if he had just found a hundred thousand gold on the street.

Soon, a pretty girl walked in with the half blade.

’’Damn, this shit is worth a hundred thousand gold!’’ Wu Zongming just glanced at it before he completely lost his interest in it.

Ye Chen took out ten gold notes that were worth ten thousand gold each, and handed them to the pretty girl. He then took the blade and placed it in his storage ring.

Ye Chen studied it with his soul force and thought, 'These two pieces match just like I expected. However, there is still a tiny piece that's missing, I wonder if I could get them all.'

He thought of the day he heard that laughter from his half blade, which left a great impression on him. He was sure that there was something about that blade, otherwise he would not have spent a hundred thousand gold for that piece.

’’The fourth item is a Zhen Qi pellet. There are three of them here. I think you all know their effects well. It could increase a Condensing Reality Realm warriors' chances to raise their cultivation level by fifty percent, with very few side effects. Besides that, these pellets could be used three times continuously, the first time would increase the chances by fifty percent;the second would increase it by thirty percent;while the third time increases it by ten percent. Whoever buys all three pellets is almost guaranteed to raise their cultivation level, unless he had the worst luck possible.’’ The true battle had just started. Those were the pellets that Wu Zongming had been dreaming about. And this time, there were three of them together, which made it even more priceless, especially for those warriors with a lot of potential.

’’These three pellets would be sold separately, with a starting price of thirty thousand gold each. Each bid should increase the price by at least two thousand gold. The bidding starts now.’’

Wu Zongming could not wait for even a second more, he raised his board, ’’Fifty thousand!’’


All the people in the crowd felt a bit dizzy after hearing that price. 'Who the heck is this, starting with such a high price, leaving us with no opportunity at all?'

The warriors who did not have enough money were really pissed. But there was nothing they could do about it, as they just did not have the money to continue bidding.

’’Fifty-five thousand!’’ After a second of silence, someone started to follow up the price.

Wu Zongming smiled, ’’Seventy thousand!’’

’’Eighty thousand!’’ Some other martial disciple had also joined the bidding.

’’One hundred thousand gold!’’ Wu Zongming carried on his bidding.

’’One hundred and twenty thousand!’’

’’One hundred and fifty thousand!’’

Eventually, the first Zhen Qi pellet ended up in Wu Zongming's hands, leaving a lot of people in despair.

The bidding of the second pellet was not as intense. It was bought by a marital disciple for a price of one hundred and thirty thousand gold.

And the third pellet was also sold for a high price, it reached a hundred and sixty thousand gold. It was also bought by a martial disciple.

The elder in yellow was really pleased with the results, he cleared his throat and said, ’’Up next is one of the greatest items, it is a low rank Earth Realm martial skill manual.’’

’’What?! A low rank Earth Realm martial skill!’’

’’Are you joking?’’

Everyone including the guests in the private rooms were extremely shocked.


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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