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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 87


Chapter 87 - Half of the Blade

’’Forty thousand!’’

The scary looking warrior added five thousand gold at once, it seemed like he really wanted to have the manual.

’’Damn, all I have with me is only thirty-eight thousand, I still need two thousand, if anyone of you could lend it to me, I will return in double.’’ Someone wanted to borrow some money from the warriors around him.

’’I don't care about two thousand gold, but if I miss a valuable treasure due to that, I will hate myself, so sorry I can not lend you any money.’’

’’Good point, the small auction is held only once every half year. If I miss this one, then I will have to wait another six months. How could I lend you the money!’’

No one wanted to lend any money to that warrior, since they themselves did not carry much. It would only be stupid to lend people any money.

In the end, the Blue Yuan Palm manual ended up in hands of the scary looking warrior for the price of forty thousand gold.

’’The second object, three sets of low rank soul stones, with each set containing one hundred pieces. Each set will be sold separately, the starting price of each set is twenty thousand gold. Each bid should be no less than one thousand. Begin!’’

The gold surfaced wooden tray was put on the table, and the elder in yellow revealed the item, as he said in a loud voice.

’’What? Selling the low rank soul stones? I haven't used a low rank soul stone for ages, this time I have to get a set.’’

’’With those low rank soul stones, I could probably reach the Late Condensing Reality Realm in a short time, they could be so helpful!’’

’’One hundred soul stones would last me more than a year.’’

Off stage, all those warriors who did not belong to any martial institutions got extremely excited. They could not help but breath rapidly, staring at those low rank soul stones with their red eyes;they wished they could just run up stage and steal them all.

’’Twenty thousand gold!’’

’’Twenty-five thousand gold!’’

’’Twenty-eight thousand gold!’’

’’Thirty thousand gold!’’

The price of the first set of soul stones increased rapidly, the elder on the stage was filled with smiles. The higher the bidding price, the better it is for his position in the auction plaza, and the more commission he would get.

Soon, the first set of soul stones ended up in the hands of an ugly warrior for a price of thirty-five thousand gold.

The bids for the second set of low rank soul stones started shortly after.

It might be due to there being only two sets of soul stones left, the warriors in the crowd who were still indecisive earlier could not wait anymore. So, they also joined the bidders with no regrets, making the second set of soul stones way more expensive than the first one. It reached thirty-eight thousand gold, and was bought by an older looking warrior.

When it got to the third set, the whole auction plaza went crazy. All the warriors who were unable to win a set of soul stones could not hold back anymore, they decided to use all their money so that they could win the bid and get the last set of soul stones.

In the room.

Ye Chen was also surprised, he thought a low rank soul stone would cost two hundred and fifty gold tops, but he never expected it to reach almost four hundred gold. 'Does it mean all those ten thousand low rank soul stones in my storage ring are worth four million gold?!'

’’Forty thousand gold going once, forty thousand gold going twice, forty thousand gold going thrice. Sold! Congratulation to this warrior!’’ The third set of soul stones had finally been sold as well, the elder in yellow let out a sigh. 'It seems like these low rank soul stones are very popular, too bad the lowest price for an item to be eligible is twenty thousand gold, otherwise the soul stones could be sold individually or ten stones per set. We could make a lot more money that way.'

Waiting until all the low rank soul stone sets had been delivered to their new owners, the elder in yellow cleared his throat, and said in a loud voice: ’’The third item coming up is an ancient broken blade.’’


The silk cloth was lifted, and the top part of the ancient blade appeared in front of everyone. Maybe it was because it was too old, the body of the blade still looked rusty and dirty under the crystal light, it could not look any worse.

’’F*k, what the heck! What is this?’’

’’Only a half... even if it was a mid rank treasure, it probably would not worth much now. Who would want to bid on that?’’

’’Wait and see. Maybe there is something special about it, you never know.’’

The crowd was a bit confused, they all stared at the elder on the stage, waiting for him to do the introduction for the item.

The elder in yellow was already prepared for this, he reached out and picked up the half blade, and said, ’’After the examination conducted by our auction plaza, this half of the blade has a history of at least five hundred years. This means that it is a five-hundred-year-old antique. In addition, it was very likely a high rank great sword five hundred years ago. It was later on cut in half by someone for some reason, which led to its current look.’’

’’A five-hundred-year-old antique! High rank great sword!’’

’’Damn, what a shame! If it was still in one piece, I think all of the most powerful people would definitely come here and fight for it.’’

’’A broken high rank great sword, without its spirit, what's the use of that?’’

’’Maybe some of the antique collectors would want to bid for it. It doesn't concern us anyway.’’

’’Yeah, we should just watch them fight over it. Look at that shit.’’

Hearing the comments from the crowd, the elder in yellow forced a smile. 'This half blade is indeed pretty useless;its only selling point is the five hundred years' age. I hope it could sell for a good price. Of course, if it doesn't sell I can do nothing about it. The first two rounds of the bidding had already made me look good, it all depends on what happens next.'

’’This is the other half of the broken blade?!’’ In the room, Ye Chen's eyes brightened, he stared at the blade on that stone table without blinking.

This half of the blade also looked rusty and dark, the width was exactly same as the one he bought in the nine feet tripod pavilion, even the broken part matched well. Only a small piece in the middle was missing, if he guessed it right, the two parts of the blade belonged together, but they were separated for some reason.

’’Now, the bidding starts. The starting price is twenty thousand gold. It should be at least one thousand gold more for each bid.’’ The elder in yellow looked around, and yelled after taking a deep breath.

The auction plaza was in silence for a while.

’’I call twenty-one thousand gold!’’ It was an elder who was in his seventies, he had a grey beard and was wearing an old-fashioned black robe.

Some one had recognized the elder. He was one of the top antique collectors in Happy Town. He had a great interest in odd things and liked to put them at home for himself to look at. No one else was allowed to see his collection, not even his family.

In the room, Ye Chen did not rush to bid, he wanted to wait. If he went all out with the first bid itself, it might make some people curious.

The whole plaza was completely quiet, there was no one willing to bid.

The elder in yellow knew it was time to loose up the atmosphere, ’’Twenty-one thousand gold! Who wants to bid for a higher price? Don't forget, this half of the blade might be part of a high rank great sword, even if it does not have any spirit anymore, but you never know what you could find in it. Beside, it had five hundred years' history, it is a long time.’’

The whole auction yield was still in silent.

Right then, Ye Chen raised up the board in his hand, ’’Twenty-two thousand gold.’’

’’Great, someone placed a higher bid, good eyes. Who wants to go higher? This is a one-and-only opportunity!’’ The elder in yellow looked extremely excited, he said with great passion.

’’Three hundred thousand gold.’’ This time, it was not the old collector, it was from Ou Yangming who was sitting three rooms next to Ye Chen.

Tang Manlou looked curious, ’’Brother Ou, is this half of the blade that important?’’

Ou Yangming said casually: ’’Not really, I just want to buy it as a part of my collection, since it is pretty cheap.’’

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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