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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 86


Chapter 86 - The Beginning of the Auction

Inside the private room, Tang Manlou did not look Lin Qi in the eye. However, he could not help but feel terrified when Lin Qi's eyes swept past him. He felt as if he was being cut by a knife, it almost felt like Lin Qi's gaze turned into solid knives and could cut the air and even wound people's souls. It seemed like it contained unbelievable power.

In the air, Ouyang Ming's eyes caught Lin Qi's, this clash brought up sparks and flames, neither of them wanted to back out.

After a few moments, they both separated their gaze.

’’North Snow Fast Blade, huh.’’ Ouyang Ming sneered. But his face did not look good. Although he was not as powerful as Young master North Snow, he could still observe a few things. Even though it seemed like they were both evenly matched earlier, he knew that he had already lost. 'No wonder the leader of the North Snow Martial Academy Xue Wuren thought that Lin Qi was the one who had the most probability to sense the blade intent.'

However, as long as Lin Qi had not sensed it, Ouyang Ming knew that he still had a chance to compete with him.

Outside of the room, Lin Qi remained expressionless. He continued walking, and stopped in front of the room that was right next to Ye Chen's.

Ye Chen suddenly frowned, he seemed to sense a powerful aura that was quite close.

’’Ye Chen, what's wrong?’’ Wu Zongming asked.

Ye Chen shook his head, ’’Nothing, I think the auction is about to start.’’

’’Yeah, everyone seems to have already arrived. Oh right, How much did you bring?’’

’’One hundred and eighty thousand gold.’’

’’You did not ask your family for any?’’ One hundred and eighty thousand gold was a huge fortune that normal people would not even dare to imagine. But for them, it was just normal. This time, they were there for the Zhen Qi pellets and some other treasures, Wu Zongming had brought three hundred thousand gold in total from his family. But, Ye Chen's family was way larger than the Wu family. If Ye Chen had asked for some money, he would have definitely gotten way more than that.

Ye Chen laughed, ’’It's more than enough. After all, I am here only to watch, I might not even buy anything.’’ The one hundred and eighty thousand gold was everything he had gotten from killing the Bloody Butcher and completing some other missions;it was already a lot of money. If he saw something he was really interested in, he still had about ten thousand low rank soul stones in his storage ring. Each one was worth around two thousand silvers, and ten thousand of them would make it twenty million silvers, which was two million gold. That was even more than the worth of some of those small families' wealth.

’’Hehe, you would regret not bringing enough money later.’’ Wu Zongming laughed.

Ye Chen did not really pay attention to the conversation with Wu Zongming. He was using his extremely powerful soul force to scan the other side of the wall, the room right next to theirs.

There was a young man sitting in the room.

He had an ordinary appearance, and was wearing white robes;he had an erect posture. All of his Zhen Qi was perfectly concealed, and it was rushing back to his body. He seemed to have reached the Clasping Yuan Realm, or at least was on the verge of breaking through.

'The peak of Late Condensing Reality Realm... this guy should be ’’Young master North Snow’’.' Ye Chen could not believe that it was Young master North Snow, because according to rumors, Young master North Snow was extremely charismatic and good looking. He always had a smile on his face, which made him really popular among the female disciples, even in the Sky Cloud Martial School.

Lin Qi had no idea of Ye Chen scanning his room. But still, he felt alarmed about something, he turned his head and looked at the wall.

'Did he sense me? No...he did not.' Ye Chen noticed that Lin Qi's eyes were not focused, and felt that he did not notice him.

Since there was no use in scanning any longer, Ye Chen took back his soul power.

Lin Qi sensed that the odd feeling had disappeared. He was a bit confused, but he did not give it much thought, as the auction had started.

An elder walked up and stood behind the auction table made of stone.

He clapped his hands, and all the crystals above the whole auction plaza lit up. The gentle lighting brightened the whole place, including the dark corners.

’’Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the North West Auction Plaza. I am a mid rank auction host Qian Zongchao. I assume most of you have never heard of me, but that's okay, there's no need to try and remember my name, since it might still be me hosting the auction the next time you are here.’’

’’Before we start, I would like to mention that if anyone has any valuable treasures they want to put up in the auction, you could entrust us with them now. We would separate them into four ranks, the low rank treasures will be charged with a ten percent service fee;mid rank treasures will be charged fifty percent as the service fee, we would charge you nothing for a high rank treasure. And as for the top rank treasures, we would even pay you in return for auctioning it here.’’

After hearing him, people started to talk.

’’Is he joking? Why would anyone auction their high rank and top rank treasures? How stupid!’’

’’Right, a single low rank treasure would make people fight. Even Clasping Yuan Ream warriors and Astral Reaching Realm warriors would go crazy about a mid rank treasure. Don't even mention high and top rank treasures.’’

Ye Chen was also completely speechless;the auction plaza was grading treasures similar to the grades of a storage ring. A low rank storage ring was equivalent to a low rank treasure, a mid rank storage ring was equivalent to a mid rank treasure. He did not dare to think about the high and top rank treasures.

The elder in yellow smiled, he did not say those words for nothing. He wanted to stimulate the crowd, as people do weird things when they were in high spirits, and that would be a good thing for the auction plaza.

’’Alright, I don't want to waste your time. The auction has officially begun. Please, bring up the first item.’’

After he said that, a beautiful girl walked up from behind him, with a gold colored wooden tray covered with a bright yellow colored silk cloth.

The tray was placed on the auction table, and the elder in yellow revealed what was under the bright yellow silk cloth.

All of a sudden, a blue secret manual appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

’’The first item is a martial skill manual, called the Blue Yuan Palm, which is a top rank Mortal Realm martial skill. It is an exclusive martial art from the rank 8 Blue Yuan Martial School from a hundred years ago. Once mastered, the warrior's palm could even turn a great sabre to ashes. It is extremely powerful! This can be said to be one of the most powerful top rank Mortal Realm martial skills.’’

’’The starting price is twenty thousand gold, at least one thousand gold increment with each bid.’’

Hearing the elder's introduction, everyone in the audience seemed to be excited. Some of the warriors who did not belong to any martial institutions were especially excited. All the martial disciples, once they became inner disciples, they would be able to access all the top rank Mortal Realm martial arts. They did not even need to spend time to search for them. But unlike them, the rest of them had only trained high rank Mortal Realm skills, some of the unlucky ones only trained mid rank Mortal Realm skills, which was nothing when compared to those martial disciples.

’’Damn, I need that. If I could train a top rank Mortal Realm martial skill, I will be a lot more powerful and I will never have to worry about not making money ever again.’’

’’Those martial disciples would not fight for it, this is a good chance to get that manual. I have to get it!’’

Through the crystal glass, Ye Chen saw everyone's reaction. He could not help but shake his head. Compared to all the martial disciples, those warriors really had a hard time. All they could get their hands on were basically rubbish. But according to the introduction, the Blue Yuan Palm seemed pretty powerful, it was probably more powerful than the Tiger Roar Dragon Fist, no wonder so many people had come to this auction.

’’Twenty thousand gold.’’ Someone could not wait any longer, and started the bidding.

As soon as the first bid was out, the whole auction plaza started bidding.

’’Twenty-three thousand gold!’’

’’Twenty-five thousand gold!’’

’’F*k, twenty-eight thousand gold!’’

A warrior with a scary face stood up, ’’I bid thirty thousand gold, who dares to bid against me?!’’

’’Thirty thousand gold is nothing;I bid thirty-five thousand gold!’’

Ye Chen was truly surprised. 'No way! A top rank Mortal Realm manual could actually be bid for thirty-five thousand gold! Then what does my one hundred and eight thousand gold mean?'


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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