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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 85


Chapter 85 - The Godly Legs and The North Snow Fast Blade

Li Lin gave Ye Chen a deep look, and then walked out of the room, leaving the anxious restaurant owner standing in a corner.

He knew that he had to fix his mistakes, so the owner said with regret written on his face, ’’Master Ye, I lost my mind earlier due to money, and did things that offended you, I hope you could forgive me. There will always be an empty private room here waiting for you. So do you think you could...’’

Ye Chen did not plan to punish the restaurant owner, he knew that the owner was just put in an awkward position earlier. Either way, he would have offended someone. Earlier, if he had not chosen to ask them to leave, he would have pissed off Tang Manlou.

’’Don't worry. I won't give you a hard time. It's just that we haven't finished eating yet, find us a place, it's okay even if it's in the lobby, just don't ask other customers to leave.’’ Ye Chen said casually.

’’Yes, yes, I understand, I will see to it right away.’’ The restaurant owner was very grateful, he stepped out of the room while he continued to bow repeatedly.

After waiting until the restaurant owner had left, Wu Zongming looked around the broken room, he shook his head and said with determination, ’’Whatever it takes, we have to get a Zhen Qi pellet this time.’’

Ye Chen said, ’’That stuff comes with certain side effects, but if we could take care of them, then it should be fine.’’

For a warrior, training was a journey of no return, so no matter what method you chose, as long as your heart was firm, there was nothing to be worried about.

Soon, the restaurant owner found them a table in the second floor lobby, and he even personally served the dishes.


Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

On the third day.


It was raining. The sky had a dark shade of grey. The rain completely washed over the land of Happy Town.

In the north side of Happy Town, a great building was located, it was square shaped with a height of about thirty meters. On its front door, there was a huge board, with five huge characters in gold - The North West Auction Plaza.

If one took a bird's eye view, there were a over a dozen lines formed from people lining up around the auction plaza. Some of them were walking along the streets or small lanes. Some were rich people, who were riding in sedan chairs;there were also rich wives being carried by low rank demonic beasts;there were young warriors riding on excellent horses. Of course, about seventy percent of the crowd were normal warriors.

Outside the gate, Ye Chen glanced at the huge characters written on the board, and walked in along with Wu Zongming.

’’You are...?’’ The hostess who was standing in front of the gate had already sensed that they were not just simple teenagers. So, she walked up to them and asked at once, as people with different statuses were allotted different seating areas.

Wu Zongming said, ’’This is the son of the leader of the Ye family, and I am from the Wu family.’’

’’The Ye family, one of the top eight families... respected sirs, please come this way, I will show you to the vip rooms.’’ The hostess was actually glad she noticed that they were different, because in her profession, great observation was the key. Although she might not recognize everyone, as long as she could tell them apart from ordinary people, it meant that she was doing just fine. And the young warrior in front of her was surprisingly the son of the Ye family leader, who was definitely an influential person. Although there were a lot of Wu families out there, since he was with the son of Ye family, she was sure that he was definitely from the most powerful Wu family.

In front of them, the hostess who was in the silk dress twisted her waist as she walked. All she could think of while walking was about the rewards she might get, if her boss knew about this.

The auction plaza was huge, it was a lot bigger than the ones in the world Ye Chen came from. There were a lot of gold and crystals embedded on the walls around them, creating beautiful patterns, but not in a senseless way. Instead, they were arranged in such a way that they made people quite happy just by looking at them.

Their room was located slightly to the left side, opposite of the auction stage made of stone.

The room was not big, and there wasn't much stuff in there. Only a couple of leather chairs made of demonic beasts' skins, a purple wood table with gold carvings on it was completely filled with fruits and snacks. There were also some landscape paintings on the walls.

’’Respected sirs, if you need anything, you could ask me at anytime, I will be right outside.’’ There was more than one hostess working here, and each one of them took care of one private room.

Ye Chen said, ’’Okay.’’

The hostess closed the door as she walked out. Wu Zongming threw himself onto the leather chair. It was really soft, and even had a hint of a delicate fragrance to it.

’’It's always better to have a private room. I even get to sit in a leather chair made of demonic beasts' skin.’’

Ye Chen sat down on the leather chair right next to Wu Zongming, and laughed, ’’Is that all it takes to make you happy? You are the second son of the Wu family after all.’’

’’Don't even bring it up. It would never be my turn to lead the Wu family. But, to be honest, I don't really mind it. I will just become an outer elder in the Sky Cloud Martial School.’’ Wu Zongming said as he picked up a grape and put it in his mouth.

Ye Chen shook his head and did not say anything. He only had one goal, that was to become stronger, and to discover the secrets and the truths of the world.

The private room, just three rooms away from them was occupied by five young warriors.

The man sitting on the far left corner was none other than Tang Manlou, who was beaten by Ye Chen a few days ago. The pretty girl Li Lin was sitting right next to him this time too. As for the teenager in the purple gold robe who was sitting in the middle, he was eighteen years old. His eyebrows were thick and sharp like a blade, his eyes were bright, like two shining black crystals. He had very long legs, that were about four inches longer than normal people. When he sat down in the room, everyone present could sense the boundless pressure coming from him. He was obviously the leader of the five.

The two people sitting beside the teenager were wearing the same clothes as Li Lin, they were all purple, without any gold.

’’Tang Manlou, I haven't seen you for half a year now, you seem to be a lot stronger now.’’ The teenager said casually while stroking his storage ring.

Tang Manluo had a complicated look on his face, he said, ’’How can I compare with you, Ouyang Ming? You did not get your title 'Godly Legs' for nothing.’’

’’Of course, in Windy Nation, besides that Young master Emerald who had already reached the Clasping Yuan Realm, our Brother Ouyang is definitely one of the top.’’ One of them said.

’’Yah, yah. But I heard that this time, the third disciple from the North Snow Martial Academy, 'Fast Blade' Lin Qi is also coming here. I think that he is here for the same thing as you - that great sabre.’’ Sitting with Ouyang ming, he always felt inferior to him, so he brought up Lin Qi to tease him.

Ouyang Ming sneered, ’’'Fast Blade' Lin Qi, I will fight him one day. Then we will see whose sabre is fierce.’’ Although people knew him as the ’’Godly legs’’, his blade art was also very powerful. It was just that there were too many people using a sabre. Everyone in the North Snow Martial Academy were great with sabres, so he chose to emphasize his legs more.

Right then, a human figure became visible through the crystal glass in front of the group.

The figure wore a white robe, which made his body look extremely straight and skinny. Although he seemed to be walking very slowly, the hostess was unable to catch up with him, and almost tripped. The figure gave people a very strong impression. But if you moved your attention to his face, then you would be a little disappointed. Because, he had a very common face, it was so ordinary that you might not even recognize him in a crowd.

’’Lin Qi.’’ A bright light flashed past Ouyang Ming's eyes. He subconsciously lowered his body, which resulted in the chair making deep cracking sounds.

As if he sensed the attention from Ouyang Ming, the figure turned his head. Their eyes met, and suddenly, the atmosphere in the whole room froze.

The hostess was very curious, because the wall was made of a special kind of crystal, that only allowed one to see from the inside, but not from outside. 'Why does this disciple from the North Snow Martial Academy look like he just saw someone?'


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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