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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 84


Chapter 84 - One Punch

Both Tang Manlou and the pretty girl were extremely shocked. Although the top eight families were not as powerful as the top five martial institutions, their influence in the Windy Nation was not something their family could compete with. As for the martial institution they were from, it did not matter much, since anyone who had a little bit of talent were joining a martial institution these days. it was nothing special if someone belonged to a big martial institution, unless they were the children of a martial institution's elder.

The pretty girl remained silent. It seemed as if she did not want to get involved anymore.

’’Hehe, the Ye family from the top eight families is indeed powerful, but with your cultivation level, you would be nothing without the protection of your family.’’ Tang Manlou calmed down a little. He did not want to embarrass himself in front of the restaurant owner and the pretty girl, so he said casually.

Wu Zongming scorned at him, ’’And you are not using the protection of your Tang family? I think that without the support of your family, you would not even be considered one of the top eight youngsters of Happy Town.’’

’’ are looking for death.’’ A murderous thought flashed through his mind.

Ye Chen slowly walked in front of Wu Zongming, he frowned and said, ’’There is no point in talking. Let us exchange one punch. Whoever steps back, even if it is only an inch, they would have to leave Morning room 4. How about that?’’

’’For real?’’

Hearing him, Tang Manlou was first surprised, but then he smiled. Earlier he was put in an awkward position. While his pride would not let him leave, he also did not want to be the one challenging them. However, his opponent turned out to be more arrogant than he expected. He wanted to exchange a punch with a Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior, what a joke. Tang Manlou thought that his opponent was just looking down on him. Although he was not a core disciple of the Emerald Martial Palace, he was still one of the top inner disciples. How could he be afraid of just a Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior?

’’Of course!’’ Ye Chen had never fought with a Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior. He felt that this was a great opportunity for him to find out how he would fare against one. As for the possibility that he might lose, it never crossed his mind. When he was only at Early Condensing Reality Realm, he was able to beat Wang Kunyang who was at the peak of Mid Condensing Reality Realm with just a single punch. When he reached the Mid Condensing Reality Realm, his power had increased more than a little. So, even if he was facing a real core disciple, he would still want to exchange a punch.

Tang Manlou turned towards the restaurant owner and the pretty girl, ’’Good, you two could be the witnesses for me. I'm afraid, but someone will be eating their words in a while.’’

The owner smiled at Ye Chen, but did not say a word.

’’Okay.’’ The pretty girl Li Lin nodded and agreed. She obviously did not like Ye Chen, she just thought that he was being overconfident.

’’Cut the crap, let's start!’’

Ye Chen did not dare to underestimate his opponent, he activated his Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell to the peak of its third level. An unnoticeable jade like shine appeared on the surface of his skin. Even his clothes and hair looked like shining crystals.

Wu Zongming, the restaurant owner and Li Lin all stepped back to the corner, and made room for the two.

’’Okay, today I will show you the power of Tang Manlou.’’ As he spoke, his powerful aura spread out. His fierce Zhen Qi burst out of his body, and shot to the sky. It seemed like the outcome of this battle was already set.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Seeing Tang Manlou making such a huge effort, Ye Chen did not want to seem weak. Needle like Qi shot out of his body, piercing all the tables and the floor, leaving them with tiny little holes. It did not stop at that. The sharp Qi flow formed countless Qi swords, and hid in the air, ready to attack with just a single thought.

’’Pure Jun Zhen Qi stage 7!’’ Li Lin thought to herself. As an inner disciple from Purple Sun Martial Palace, she fought plenty of inner disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial School, of which some had trained the Pure Jun Zhen Qi Art. However, they had only reached the peak of the sixth stage, and none of them had managed to reach the seventh stage. According to the rumors, Pure Jun Zhen Qi Art was the hardest martial art among all the top rank Mortal Realm martial arts of the Sky Cloud Martial School.

'If this guy is given a little more time, he would definitely become a core disciple!'

But Li Lin still did not like Ye Chen, she just thought that he had a bright future ahead of him.

’’Hehe, even if you had already mastered your martial art to the seventh stage, it is still useless in front of me. The gap between the Mid Condensing Reality Realm and the Late Condensing Reality Realm is not as simple as you imagined.’’ Tang Manlou did not seem to be worried at all. He slowly clenched his right fist, making his knuckles crack. It was like his hand was no longer made of flesh and blood. Instead, his fists looked like two whole pieces of jade that were rubbing together.

’’Major Broken Jade Fist!’’

His fist shone with a bright white light, Tang Manlou threw out a punch directly at Ye Chen.


The punch had not completely made contact yet, but the whole building already started to shake a little. All the other customers looked very confused, and were wondering what had happened.

Inside Morning room 4, even the air was shattered to pieces like a broken jade.

Ye Chen completely ignored the change in the surrounding air, and he stood still where he was. With the protection of his defensive art, these little attacks could not hurt him at all.

’’Tiger Roar Dragon Fist!’’ When the incoming fist almost touched his body, Ye Chen started to move. He took a step forward, his right fist suddenly shone with an unbearably bright blue light, accompanied with a tiger's roars. It sliced through the air, as the Qi flowed in the shape of a dragon.

Their fists clashed together.

The next second.

Including Li Lin, all the people present in the room were unable to see a thing, except the bright white and blue light invading each other. Then the light completely filled the whole private room.


After a thunderous sound, the walls and the floor of the room started to crack, and all the tables and the chairs were completely shattered to pieces. But, the cracking noises did not stop for a while. It sounded like someone was brutally pushed back, and they knocked down something behind them.

After a few moments, the bright light disappeared gradually. As they looked around to check what actually happened, everyone's eyes widened with shock.

’’Tang Manlou had lost!’’ Li Lin gasped.

In that broken private room, Ye Chen stood still at the same place where he was. The only thing that had changed was that the cloth covering his right arm was a bit ruined. And looking at the other side, a human figure was leaning against the wall. That tremendous power had left a huge hole on the wall behind him. There was blood dripping down his right arm and the corner of his mouth, his face looked extremely pale.

That human figure was indeed Tang Manlou.

’’Piss off now.’’ Ye Chen said. Facing Tang Manlou who was beaten in just a single punch, he was not excited at all. He already had a strength of fifteen thousand pounds and had mastered his Tiger Roar Dragon Fist to the peak of its peak stage. With these two, it would be weird if he could not beat his opponent.

Actually, Tang Manlou was not as powerful as Wang Kunyang, who had ten thousand pounds' strength.

’’Good, very good. I will never forget this day.’’ Tang Manlou was not wounded that badly. He was a Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior after all. But the humiliation was almost killing him. He wanted to kill Ye Chen in every possible way.

Standing up, Tang Manlou dragged his body out of the private room. He did not even talk to Li Lin.


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