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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 83


Chapter 83 - Family Backgrounds

The waiter was extremely nervous. Since only rich and powerful people could sit in the private rooms, none of them would be happy if they were asked to leave. However, this master Tang was not someone simple either. He was one of the top eight youngsters of Happy Town. He also belonged to the Tang Family, which was considered to be below only the top eight families.

’’Sir, please wait. I will go ask the owner.’’ The waiter did dare to make a decision on his own;he ran as fast as he could downstairs.

The young man in nice clothes sneered, he said to the beautiful lady right next to him, ’’I heard that there will be a lot of valuable stuff at the auction. I'm afraid, but a lot of other people had also gotten this information.’’

The beautiful girl said, ’’My second brother disciple Ouyang Ming from the Purple Sun Martial School would be here.’’

’’Oh, Ouyang Ming would be here...’’ Tang Manlou's face changed a little bit. Ouyang Ming, who had the title of ’’Golden Legs’’ was one of the top eight youngsters, just like him. However, Ouyang Ming was considered the top of the eight, and no one knew exactly how powerful he was. He was named in the second stage of the younger generation of Windy Nation.

’’Besides him, 'Fast Blade' Lin Qi from the North Snow Martial Academy is coming too. I heard he is here for a great blade.’’

This damaged Tang Manlou's pride, because compared to the two people she just mentioned, he was nothing.

Soon after, the owner who was in his sixties ran towards him.

’’Ah, isn't this our master Tang? What brings you here?’’

Tang Manlou said impatiently, ’’Owner, clean up a room for me right now. I will be sure to pay you well for it, so don't tell me there aren't any rooms.’’

’’Easy, I will take care of it for you.’’


Dragging the waiter to the side, the owner asked in a low voice,’’Li Lin, tell me about the guests in each room.’’

The waiter nodded while lowering his body, and he said without thinking, ’’The eldest son of the mayor is in Sun room 1, the leader of Luo family is in Sun room 2, in Sun room 3 is...’’

’’Are you kidding me? Who asked about the sun rooms? Those are for the most important people, we can't touch those. Tell me about the star rooms.’’ The owner smacked the head of the waiter, and yelled.

’’Yes...Yes, sir!’’

The waiter wiped the sweat off his forehead, ’’There was a middle aged man sitting in star room 1, he seemed pretty powerful, he should be a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. In the star room 2 is..., in the morning room 4 are two teenagers. I heard they are here for the auction.’’

The owner did not say a word. He felt that all these people were quite powerful. However, the Western restaurant was located in the Happy Town, naturally, they had to please the locals as their priority. Even if those two teenagers in morning room 4 were some rich kids from some big families, it would not affect their business, as they had the Tang family holding down the fort.

’’Go remove the guests from morning room 4, ask them to go to the restaurant on next street. As for all the food they had, tell them that it is on the house.’’ After thinking for a long time, the owner gave his orders.

The waiter was having second thoughts, ’’But...’’

’’What but? Go! Should I fire you instead? Don't you forget, there are plenty of people that are willing to be a waiter in our western restaurant.’’

’’I will go! I will go! Don't fire me.’’

The waiter hurried to run to morning room 4.

Opening the door, the waiter rubbed his hands, and said in a quiet humble tone, ’’Two sirs, I hope you could give this room to the guests outside. All the food you had will be on the house.’’

Wu Zongming was eating a fish when he heard the waiter. He rolled his eyes at the waiter, ’’Are we not guests? As for the food being on the house, hahaha...What a joke. Ye Chen, they think we cannot pay our bill.’’

Ye Chen sneered, ’’There are so many restaurants in the Happy Town, they can find a place to eat.’’

’’The owner said to ask you...’’ The waiter knew he said something wrong, he hurried to cover his mouth.

’’The owner?’’ Ye Chen's eyebrows twitched, a bright light flashed through his eyes.

Frightened by Ye Chen's look, the waiter could not say another word. He had already cursed at Tang Manlou every way he could. 'Why does he have to choose this time to come?! Making my life so hard... I quit, I quit! No! The paycheck here is way too good to quit...'

Outside the room.

Tang Manlou got a bit impatient, he yelled at the owner, ’’Is it not ready yet?’’

’’It won't take long;I will go check it out.’’

Arriving at morning room 4, the owner wanted them to leave, ’’Two sirs, I am very sorry, but this room was already booked a long time ago, you should go to another restaurant.’’


Wu Zongming slammed his chopsticks on the table, ’’Are you bullying us because we are not from here? I will sit here today, I want to see who would dare to make us leave?’’

The owner forced himself to say this, ’’I think you should really leave right now, the guy outside is not someone you want to mess with.’’

’’Who would that be? Bring him in, let us see.’’

’’Um... you two, please leave!’’

Since it was already said and done, the owner gave up any thought of taking care of this peacefully, he already knew that he would be offending one of them.

’’I dare you!’’ Wu Zongming went hysterical.

Right then, the room door was opened again. Tang Manlou and that beautiful lady walked in, they had been waiting for too long and got impatient. So, they had decided to kick them out themselves.

Tang Manlou checked the two guys in front of him. He realized that they were only at Early Condensing Reality Realm and Mid Condensing Reality Realm, he said in an irritated manner, ’’You two, please. It is time for you to leave. Save yourselves some trouble!’’

Ye Chen also carefully observed him, ’’I don't think you have what it takes to say those words.’’

Tang Manlou said sarcastically, ’’So brave of you. Happy Town is not like your home. Don't think you can be rude here, even if you are the king back at your home. Otherwise, don't blame me for not warning you.’’

’’Oh, Tang Manlou, I have never heard of this name before, I would like to see how you are going to discipline us.’’ Standing up, Ye Chen stared at Tang Manlou. It seemed like he was ready to fight.

The pretty girl shook her head. 'This person is way too arrogant, it seems like he has never been challenged where he came from. If he kept going against Tang Manlou, it is not going to end well for him.'

The owner sensed the intense situation. He was afraid that if they decided to fight, then his restaurant would be ruined. So, he said to Ye Chen immediately, ’’Sir, Master Tang is one of the top eight youngsters in the Happy Town, and the Tang family is also the top family around here. He is not someone you can mess with. Just listen to me, leave at once. Otherwise you might get hurt badly. It is not worth it.’’

Wu Zongming laughed.

Tang Manlou had already accumulated his Zhen Qi, and said in a cold voice, ’’What are you laughing about?’’

’’Comparing your backgrounds with Ye Chen, how ignorant! I would not even dare to compare my family with his, not to mention your Tang family.’’

The owner sensed the meaning behind his words, ’’I wonder where he is from, sir?’’

Wu Zongming said with a loud voice, ’’You all should hear this clearly. My friend here is the son of the leader of the Ye family, which is one of the top eight families. And we both are genius disciples of the Sky Cloud Martial School. We are among the top disciples of the whole Windy Nation, not to mention the Tang family.’’

The son of the Ye family leader!

The owner felt like he was about to faint. He had made a huge mistake. The Ye family, as one of the top eight families, was also very influential in Happy Town. They were not someone Western Restaurant could dare to mess with. And somehow, he previously thought that it was okay to tell them to leave. He regretted doing it, because if the Ye family heard about it, then they would never let him get away with it.

All of a sudden, the owner started sweating a lot. he did not dare to say another word.


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