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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 82


Chapter 82 - Happy Town

The inner disciples must complete at least one mission per month. Even the core disciples had to do the same, unless they had approval from the authorities.

Fortunately, Ye Chen and Wu Zongming had each already finished more than one mission this month, so they did not have to worry about running out of time, they could even stay outside until next month.

The second day.

At the bottom of the mountain, the two of them jumped on their dark brown horses, and started traveling towards north-west.

Between the Sky Cloud Martial School and the Happy Town, there was a distance of twenty-eight thousand miles. The two of them would have to travel through four different cities, two mountain ranges and a huge basin. In fact the cities were not dangerous at all, they could even dine and get some refreshments there. But, the mountains and the basin were not safe places, there were dangerous demonic beasts, robbers and mercenaries residing in the darkest corners of these places. If they were not powerful enough, they would become the targets of all these people and demonic beasts, and it would be very unlikely for them to survive.


The sky was a shade of bright blue, with only a few white clouds floating around.

In the north-west basin, one could smell the stench of blood in the cool breeze.

’’Haha, these thieves must have mistaken us with some weak travelers.’’ Wu Zongming said as he wiped the blood off his sabre with a black cloth, and laughed.

Sitting on the horse, Ye Chen looked at all the bodies of the thieves on the ground. Among the ten horse thieves, some were cut in half, while the rest of them had been decapitated. Their blood colored the grass red.

’’We were only two people, and we even had the dark brown horses. They probably could not handle the temptation.’’

’’Yah, when they learned that we are from the Sky Cloud Martial School, one of them tried to escape. I guess these guys are frightened of martial disciples like us. However, this could not be said about those mercenaries. In fact, they might even target us more.’’

Ye Chen nodded. Although the number of mercenaries out there was less than the horse thieves, every single one of them was extremely powerful. They could even compete with the martial disciples. Some of the lucky ones might have gotten some valuable martial manuals from their dead mentors, so they would not be lacking decent martial arts;and given their experience with fighting and traveling, they would actually be extremely strong.

They had already encountered a Mid Condensing Reality Realm mercenary earlier on, who had managed to push Wu Zongming off his horse with a single move. If he was allowed a second attack, Wu Zongming would have definitely been killed on the spot. Luckily Ye Chen was able to reach the man and killed him, saving Wu Zongming.

’’I heard that the Happy Town is the biggest town in the north-west. It is fifty miles large, with a population over ten thousand people. I wonder what it is like.’’ Getting back on the horse, Wu Zongming said as he looked into the distance.

Hearing him, Ye Chen thought about the world he was from. In the ancient times, a town with ten thousand people was already considered marvelous, while it was nothing when compared to the whole of True Spirit Continent.

Pulling the reins, the two clenched their legs, and continued with their journey.

In the evening, the sun was slowly going down, as it dyed the sky red.

Following the crowd, the two teenagers arrived at a huge river, beyond which a huge town was present.

The two were indeed Ye Chen and Wu Zongming. They had spent one day and two nights crossing the north-west basin until they finally arrived at their destination - Happy Town.

Behind the crowd, Ye Chen looked up, he saw three gold color characters carved on the gate.

’’Happy Town’’


Ye Chen let out a huge breath of air. Even though he had already mentally prepared himself, he was still quite shocked at the size of the river surrounding the town. It was at least five times larger than Windy City, which was the nearest to the Sky Cloud Martial School. The town gate was thirty-three high, while the town wall was sixty-six metres high, with a large number of soldiers holding longbows guarding it. They continued with their patrols without any expression. But, there was a strong murderous aura surrounding them.

’’We are here.’’ Wu Zongming seemed tired.

’’Yah! Let's go inside.’’

Ye Chen saw that they were almost at the front of the line, so he jumped off his horse.

Holding the reins of their horses, the two of them walked up to the gate.

In front of the gate, there were two rows of soldiers in iron armor standing guard. Each one of them was extremely fit. Ye Chen could sense that they were all at the 6th level of Mortal Realm;and their captain was at the 10th level of Mortal Realm, really close to the Condensing Reality Realm.

’’One silver per person. If you try to sneak in, be careful of my blade.’’ The captain of the guards was not in charge of the payment;he was only observing the people that walked past him.

Wu Zongming complained: ’’One silver? That is quite expensive. In Windy City, it is only fifty bronze coins.’’

Ye Chen laughed, ’’You care about this amount of money?’’

’’Of course I don't, but it just seems like a little too much.’’

’’The Happy Town is the no.1 town in the north-west, it might be good to charge a bit more. Otherwise, the town would be completely crowded.’’ Regarding such issues, Ye Chen always thought a little bit more than other people.

’’I guess that makes sense.’’

After paying their entry fee, they entered the town without any hassles.

The Happy Town was indeed the largest town in the north-west. Once they entered, they were completely shocked. In front of them was a street that was so wide that even ten horses could run on it freely. The shops on each side of the road were extremely luxurious, they almost looked like they were decorated with pure gold. In the distance, there were a lot of high buildings. Just like Luo city, the Happy Town also had a high tower, which was located in the center of the city.

’’Marvelous.’’ Ye Chen shook his head. If Happy Town was full of modern skyscrapers, Ye Chen would probably be less surprised. All these buildings in front of him were built by hand from scratch, without any help from the machines. This luxuriousness was not something the architectures in the modern days could achieve.


In the west of the town.

The Western Restaurant!

In a private dining room.

Ye Chen and Wu Zongming had ordered a table full of delicious dishes.

’’I cannot believe this restaurant is doing so well that all the tables are full. But the dishes are really good, they certainly are better than the dried food that we had packed. I felt like I was going to get sick from it.’’ Warriors generally ate a lot. Soon, Wu Zongming had already finished three people's worth of food.

Outside the private room, the waiter was bringing another dish.

’’Sirs, this is on the house, please enjoy.’’

The Western Restaurant had sixteen private dining rooms, all labelled with the name of a star sign. Only customers dining in the private rooms would receive such a great dish for free, other people would have to pay for it.

Ye Chen asked, ’’Excuse me, when is this North West Auction?’’

The waiter was a little shocked. Only wealthy people would be able to go to an auction. 'These two must be from some rich families.' The waiter suddenly changed his attitude, ’’Two young masters, there are still two days until the auction. You are welcome to stay here in our hotel until then.’’

’’Still two more days, I guess we will have to wait! Here is your tip.’’ Ye Chen threw a silver at the waiter.

’’Thank you, young masters. If there is nothing else, I will see myself out now.’’

’’Go on!’’

Right after the waiter had left the room, the two of them heard an angry voice from the outside of the room.

’’What?! The private rooms are full? Are you joking? Do you think I,Tang Manlou, should sit with the other low lives?’’

’’Master Tang, they are really full. Could you please wait for a moment? Some of them are just finishing up.’’ The waiter seemed terrified.

’’Huh, I will give you a cup of tea's worth of time to clean a room for me. Otherwise, I will make your life miserable.’’


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