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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 81


Chapter 81 - Breakthrough

The so-called peak of Early realm, peak of Mid realm actually only meant that the warrior was stuck at a critical stage of his cultivation and was unable to have a breakthrough.

After ten days of severe training, Ye Chen had finally managed to reach the peak of Early Condensing Reality Realm, and was only a little step away from Mid Condensing Reality Realm. However, he did not want to stop at this stage. He knew that once he relaxed, even for a little while, he might lose his drive and would probably have to waste another month or two stuck there. That was something he could not afford to do.

So, he decided to try and reach Mid Condensing Reality Realm in full force.

Ignoring the pain in his meridians, Ye Chen fully activated his Pure Jun Zhen Qi, and forced all his Zhen Qi to complete the whole circulation. He also had a low rank soul stone in each of his hands, so that when he ran out of Zhen Qi, he could absorb the Yuan Qi from the soul stones and continue with his training.

The endless dark night was filled with stars, a bright moon was hanging in the sky, and looked extremely clear.

There was a light breeze in the air, that gently blew the leaves of the trees.

There was only silence at that moment.

All of a sudden, with the yard as the center, in a three hundred meter radius, all the Yuan Qi in the surroundings started to move towards it. Gradually, the thickness of the Yuan Qi in the whole yard, started to decrease.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!...

The sudden change in the density of Yuan Qi caused disturbance in the flow of Qi in the surroundings. The mild breeze turned into a huge storm in a second, and even blew away the sand and rocks on the floor.

’’Eh? Is someone trying to breakthrough?’’

As soon as he became an inner disciple, Ye Chen had moved to a compound in the middle of the mountain that was specially allotted to the inner disciples. He was surrounded by other inner disciples with the same cultivation level. With only a fifteen meter gap from the next house, it was not surprising that other people noticed the changes in the density of Yuan Qi.

The density of Yuan Qi in their surroundings continued to decrease, as all the Yuan Qi headed towards Ye Chen's room. Even the roof of his house was broken down, as Yuan Qi forced its way through.

Ye Chen was on his bed, the color of his face switched between red and being pale continuously. Around him, in a one metre radius, there was extremely sharp Qi. It sometimes even knocked over the furniture in his surroundings.

'The result of my hard work for the past few days will depend on this moment! Break!'

Ye Chen's face suddenly turned extremely painful, he ignored the pain due to his unstable Zhen Qi, and absorbed a huge amount of natural Yuan Qi into his body, just like a snake swallowing a huge elephant.


Almost at the same time, a spherical wave of transparent Qi spread out, breaking all the furniture and windows. It even left some huge cracks on the surrounding walls.

As he let out the rest of the natural Yuan Qi, Ye Chen's pain decreased a lot, and he sensed that the Zhen Qi in his Dantian seemed to have become stronger.

And this was the key moment which required perseverance and talent. People who did not have enough perseverance might have lost it by now and would be stuck at the peak of early Condensing Reality Realm;As for the people who did not have enough talent, they would be restrained by their own limits, no matter how hard they tried, they could not get any further than that.

Ye Chen had both perseverance, and talent.

All he needed now was to make the final leap.

Zhen Qi full circulation one hundred and eighty times!

Two hundred twenty times!

Two hundred fifty times!

Ye Chen had already gone beyond his own limits, he had already done two hundred and fifty full circulations;that was ten circulations more than his personal best.

But, he did not stop there. Ye Chen started to push his extremely powerful soul force, while he tried his best to control his Zhen Qi, so that it would not continue to be violent, which might even ruin the whole process. He then increased the speed of the circulations.

When he completed circulating two hundred and eighty times, the natural Yuan Qi inside his body was completely combined with his own Zhen Qi. It rushed back to his Dantian, just like little rivers rushing back to the ocean. It continued flowing with his old Zhen Qi.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

The Zhen Qi tornado in his dantian expanded by three times, and then eventually started to stabilize.

Only then did Ye Chen finally open his eyes. Suddenly, there was a bright light that appeared in the room, it was followed by lightning that flashed past his eyes. Now, he could finally manage to create lightning from nothing.

’’I have finally reached the Mid Condensing Reality Realm in ten days. I shall keep up the hard work and push all the way to the Peak of Mid Condensing Reality Realm. It would definitely be full of difficulties, but I shall not give up!’’ Ye Chen slowly let out a breath of air, as a smile appeared on his face.

Being able to reach the Mid Condensing Reality Realm was not a simple breakthrough for Ye Chen. He was able to beat Wang Kunyang, who was at the peak of Mid Condensing Reality Realm, when he was only at Early Condensing Reality Realm. Now that he had reached the Mid Condensing Reality Realm, he would not have to be afraid even if that Blood Craving Monster came looking for trouble. He had enough confidence to beat him. Of course, he would still have to be careful with those core disciples from all the martial institutions. Only the best of the best would be able to become core disciples. Some of them even mastered low rank Earth Realm Martial skills and arts. This made them extremely powerful. Ye Chen knew that he could not compete with them as he was now. But, even if he could not beat them, Ye Chen was confident that he could escape from them without being injured.

’’Give me a little more time. When I am reach the peak of Mid Condensing Reality Realm, I would be able to compete even with the core disciples.’’ Ye Chen told himself.


The news of Young master Emerald reaching the Clasping Yuan Realm was heard by practically everyone in the Sky Cloud Martial School. They would chat about it whenever they had some time.

People might have been interested about it only for the gossip, but for Zhu Mei and Young master Hanshan, it was pure pressure, heavy enough to suffocate or even completely crush them.

No one with their strength would be happy about falling behind, as all they did was train everyday and dream about the day when they could manage to reach the top.

Right now, Young master Emerald had reached the Clasping Yuan Realm earlier than them, which only meant that they had been beaten in a way.

And he would be considered the no.1 among the younger generation.

That kind of glory was what they had been dreaming about.

However, all this did not concern Ye Chen. Currently, he was gladly receiving his good friend Wu Zongming.

Wu Zongming rarely came to visit Ye Chen, so when he saw Ye Chen after a long time, he could not help but gasp. He asked with a hint of surprise, ’’You have reached the Mid Condensing Reality Realm?’’

Ye Chen said, ’’I just did, my Zhen Qi hasn't stabilized yet.’’

’’I have to say, I really admire you. One year ago, you were only at the 6th level of the Mortal Realm, and now you are way beyond me and Zhang Haoran.’’

Even though Zhang Haoran was really talented, he had still not reached the Mid Condensing Reality Realm. He was only at the peak of Early Condensing Reality Realm, Ye Chen already knew this.

’’Oh! You probably already know that Young master Emerald had reached the Clasping Yuan Realm, right? Damn, the top four Young masters of the Windy Nation, huh? He was already fighting with the other three for the top spot last year, and now, he is the first one to breakthrough.’’ Wu Zongming said with some dissatisfaction.

As he poured some tea for Wu Zongming, Ye Chen replied, ’’If the rest of them turn this pressure into passion, then it would not be impossible for them to catch up with Young master Emerald.’’

’’Yah, but it would be hard!’’ Wu Zongming shook his head, he took a sip of the tea to cover his forced smile, ’’All these issues are still a long way away for us. There's no point in talking about them now. The reason I came here this time, was to ask you to come with me to the North-West Auction Plaza!’’

Ye Chen asked in surprise, ’’One of the top five auction plazas of the Windy Nation?’’

Wu Zongming nodded, ’’Yes, that is the one. The North-West Auction Plaza has been in the Happy Town for a hundred years now. It has longer history than some of the martial institutions. And as one of the top five auction plazas, they have the most valuable items. They also have some items that would benefit us warriors greatly.’’

’’You probably heard about something, right?’’ Ye Chen asked.

’’Hehe, every six months, the North-West Auction plaza would hold a small auction, and a big one, once every three years. Although this time it's only a small auction, there would be a lot of valuable stuff. I heard that three Zhen Qi Stabilizing pellets will be auctioned off this time.’’

Hearing him, Ye Chen got interested. The Zhen Qi Stabilizing pellet was a really rare pellet. It would increase the user's chances to breakthrough by fifty percent. It could be considered a better version of the Condensing Reality pellet. Currently, Ye Chen was doing everything he could to get stronger. So, the auction sounded like a great idea to him. He felt that he might even find something else interesting in the market.

’’Alright, I will go.’’

Ye Chen agreed to go with Wu Zongming.


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