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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 80


Chapter 80 - The Best among the Younger Generation

’’Okay, everyone, let's get back to our mission! We are running out of time, we have to get back before the sunset.’’ Lin Xiaoxu said, as she brushed the hair over her forehead and tucked it behind her ears.

’’You are right, miss. I would never want to spend a night in the Red Blood Forest, I am afraid that I wouldn't live to see the sunrise.’’

’’Indeed. The nights in the Red Blood Forest are ten times scarier than the day.’’

’’Come on, everyone, let's hurry up.’’

At the idea of spending the night in the Red Blood Forest, everyone's faces completely turned pale. Even the six Condensing Reality Realm warriors in the guarding team were scared.

Leaving the Lin family guards and Lin Xiaoxue to their matters, Yuan Xuemei said to Ye Chen, ’’On our way back, we will have to depend on you, Brother Ye. Earlier, I had to use spring, summer and autumn sword arts. This had severely affected my meridians, I could only use seventy percent of my power now.’’

Then, she glanced at Wang Feng who was sitting to the side, recovering his Zhen Qi, and said, ’’Wang Feng's Vacuum Killing Blade was even more powerful and brutal. He was probably affected worse than me.’’

Ye Chen nodded: ’’It's okay, I got this.’’

The first movement of the Tyrant Fist was not any worse than the Vacuum Killing Blade, it also had the same amount of strain on his meridians. It was just that Ye Chen's physical body was extremely strong. His strength had already reached fifteen thousand pounds. It could already be considered close to the human limit. From now on, increasing his strength by even a single pound would be extremely hard, unless he was able to improve his Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell once again, and managed to reach the fourth or the fifth stage.

Those men in black robes were not carrying any storage rings. But, Ye Chen did not mind this too much.

Ye Chen found a clean place and sat down;he took out some low rank soul stones and started to recover the Zhen Qi that he had used up.

Time passed rapidly, and the sun started to go down.

Although there were a lot more herbs to collect, Lin Xiaoxue still decided that it was time for them to leave the Red Blood Forest.

It was not an easy trip back, but the number of demonic beasts they encountered was definitely lower than they had to face on their way in. Maybe during the night, the true horrors of the Red Blood Forest would probably reveal themselves.

By the time the group left the forest, the night had arrived. A half moon was present in the sky and the world had gone completely quiet.


The group could vaguely hear a woman's crying voice from the deepest parts of the forest. They suddenly felt a chill go down their spine.

’’Luckily we got out early! This Red Blood Forest is way too scary, no one had ever gone to the deepest part of the forest. I heard a few rumours that there are a lot of demonic beasts that appear during the night.’’ The captain of the guarding team wiped the sweat off his forehead, as he said in an anxious tone.

The others also agreed with him.

Once they were out of the forest, the rest of their journey back home was easy. The group arrived at the crowded Black Stone Town, in less than an hour.

Ye Chen, Yuan Xuemei and Wang Feng stayed with the Lin family for the night. They left the Lin family house the next morning and went their separate ways.


Time passed by fleetingly for a warrior.

One month passed.

During this month, Ye Chen continued spending his days just like any other inner disciple. He would train for two days and would go on a mission for the next three days. He would spend the rest of the week on the road. This had become his routine.

Even though It looked like a boring way to spend his time, it was not. Ye Chen was able to learn more about the customs and cultures of all the places he visited. There were all kinds of missions. All the missions were not about killing people, sometimes there were even missions to deliver packages. One week ago, Ye Chen had delivered a letter to the a high-ranked general of the Windy Nation - Lin Zhenghao, who had given him a military bow as a reward. The arrows shot by that bow could even break through a normal Condensing Reality Realm warrior's defensive Zhen Qi.

Ye Chen had just returned after finishing a one-star grey rank mission.

On the way up the mountain, some of the inner disciples who had also just come back from their missions did not rush to get back and report to the Floating Cloud Palace. Instead, they continued walking leisurely. They seemed to be talking about something.

’’Did you know? Something big happened in the Emerald Martial Palace!’’

’’What could happen to the Emerald Martial Palace? Don't tell me they had also been exterminated like the Evil Earth Martial School? It can't be. Each of the top five martial institutions have some old ancestors holding down the fort. Even if it was those powerful warriors who had killed everyone from the Evil Earth Martial School, they would not dare to attack recklessly.’’

’’No, it's not that. It is something concerning the younger generation!’’

’’Brother Fang, stop taking your time, and just tell us.’’

’’Young master Emerald had reached the Clasping Yuan Realm!’’ Although the speaker's voice was not loud, all the inner disciples around him heard it loud and clear.


’’Young master Emerald had became a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior? Really? The first challenge for a warrior is to breakthrough the Condensing Reality Ream to the Clasping Yuan Realm. If it is not an extremely talented genius, it would take at least three to five years. Without talent, it is not uncommon for warriors to be stuck at the peak of Late Condensing Reality Realm.’’

’’That's right. Young master Emerald had reached the peak of Late Condensing Reality Realm just a year ago. How could he have a breakthrough already?! Doesn't this make him the best among the younger generation? This also means that Young master Duanmu and Young master North Snow had been completely beaten.’’

That inner disciple who was called ’’Brother Fang’’ said, ’’My mission was close to the Emerald Martial Palace, I heard about this news by chance. They said that the leader of the Emerald Martial Palace, Zhuang Qingxian, would come out of his closed door training to celebrate this occasion on the ninth of July. They had also invited all the other martial institutions.’’

’’Oh wow, seems like it is true. Young master Emerald is indeed talented. Few years ago, there were three other Young masters competing with him. Too bad, our second senior brother could not live up to the expectations, and had been surpassed by the other three. Now, only Young master North Snow and Young master Duanmu can compete with him.’’

Hearing the news, Ye Chen was also very surprised.

Although there was only a small gap between the peak of the Late Condensing Reality Realm and the Clasping Yuan Realm, it was almost impossible to have a breakthrough, unless you were extremely talented and determined. But once a warrior managed to reach the Clasping Yuan Realm, he would even be able to fly, just like the birds in the sky. If they had huge reserves of Zhen Qi, even ten thousand miles would only be a day's trip. They could unleash massive amounts of power with only the tiniest movements;they would be able to kill a Condensing Reality Realm warrior as effortlessly as killing a chicken.

In other words, if Young master Emerald wanted to kill Young master Duanmu and Young master North Snow, it would only take him a couple of movements. And if he wanted to kill Young master Hanshan from the Sky Cloud Martial School, he could do it in a second.

He had become the best among the younger generation of the Windy Nation, and no one could compete with him.

That disciple continued talking, ’’Besides this, there is also a new core disciple in the Emerald Martial Palace. I heard that it is someone named Ji Xueyan. This girl is extremely talented, she reached the Late Condensing Reality Realm at the age of sixteen. She mastered a low rank Earth Realm martial art, and manage to beat a lot of the core disciples and became one of the top core disciples. Some even named her as one of the new top four disciples of the Emerald Martial Palace, along with Young master Emerald, 'Broken Palm' Liu Wuxiang and 'Stone man' Shi Potian.’’

’’Ji Xueyan? Isn't she a member of the Ji family? I know about her, she has a great movement art.’’

Ji Xueyan!

Hearing them, Ye Chen looked the same on the outside. However, he felt great pressure. Right now, he was still only an Early Condensing Reality realm warrior. Although he could beat someone with a higher cultivation level than his own, he was not confident that he could take on a challenge from a Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior. He knew that if he ever encountered a Late Condensing Reality Realm genius, then he would not have a chance.

I have to break through!

Ye Chen made up his mind, and increased his walking speed.


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk


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