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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 79


Chapter 79 - Vacuum Killing Blade


As Ye Chen threw out the punch, the surrounding air was being compressed. The friction between the fist and the surrounding air made an unbearably high pitched noise.

The incoming Ghost Corpse Zhen Qi tried to fight against it, but failed. It was instead sent backwards at an even faster speed. The Ghost Corpse Zhen Qi was completely restrained by the power of the tyrant fist. It was shrunk from its initial few meters size to a mere half meter width. It was just like a white light column tinged with grey.

’’How could this happen? He was able to absorb and combine my Ghost Corpse Zhen Qi with his fist force?’’

The evil man's eyes were wide open, as if they were about to pop out of his head. They were full of shock and desperation. Leaving him no time to react, the beam of light passed right through his body.

His body was cut in half and then it went up in flames. Eventually there was nothing but ashes left.

’’Brother Tian!’’ The man in black who was fighting against Wang Feng could not believe his eyes. Although his fellow disciple Tian was not as powerful as him, he was still undeniably strong. Even he would have needed to use hundreds of moves, if he wanted to win against him. Although there were many Condensing Reality Realm warriors at the Ghost Corpse Mountain, only the most talented disciples could become low ranked ghost guards. They were then allowed to travel around the world to gain experience. He thought that with their strength, they could easily compete with the martial disciples and could kill them whenever they wanted.

But, the reality slapped him in his face.

He was completely shocked.

Wang Feng had no advantage in his battle so far. Right then, seeing that his opponent was distracted, he knew that this was a great opportunity for him. So, he attacked with his sabre without hesitation, as it brought up extremely fierce winds along with it.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The man in black who seemed to be the leader was a Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior. Once he sensed that he was being attacked was, he activated the Zhen Qi in his body and brought out a greyish white colored halo. The halo blocked the strike from the ice cold sabre.

’’Corpse King Fist! Die!’’ His eyes were bloodshot, as he threw out a punch at the incoming attack.

Wang Feng had already seen the Corpse King Fist. It was extremely powerful with the effect of corrosion and could even melt any Zhen Qi. So, he did not dare to face it head-on. His foot touched the ground and he started to fly backwards. During this entire time, the Colorful Snow Sabre in his hand did not stop at all. He sent out thirteen sabre lights, all at once.

The man in black did not care about Wang Feng's reaction. He bent over, and punched the ground.

’’Deadly Locust Wave!’’

The whole ground within thirty miles' radius started to shake. All the loose rocks on the ground were being tossed in the air as if they were alive. The next second, a two-meter-long greyish white colored Qi completely enveloped Wang Feng.

Ye Chen frowned, and was just about to step in and help.

However, it turned out to be unnecessary. Wang Feng who was holding his Colorful Snow Sabre sliced open the Qi encasing him, and stepped out of it. He sent out a sabre attack, then a second one, a third one, fourth one...

He sent out thirty-eight sabre attacks in a row. They combined with each other and formed a huge sabre Qi that was almost like a black hole. It sucked all the air in the surroundings, and created a vacuum space with no obstructions, increasing his slicing speed by more than three times. They all attacked the place the man in black was standing.


The ground was sliced open. It left a deep mark, all the plants and flowers around it had fallen into the huge crack.

Ye Chen looked very serious. 'What a scary attack. Under this kind of attack, even the peak of third stage of his Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell could not handle it. Only if he managed to enter the fourth stage, then he might have a chance to block it head-on. Otherwise, all he could do was evade it.

The inner disciples from the North Snow Martial Academy were definitely not easy targets. Their individual battle prowess was as good as people from the Emerald Martial Palace. In a way, they might even be stronger.

The man in black had completely disappeared from this world. There was nothing left behind, not even bones or ashes. The sabre Qi Wang Feng had created was way too fast and way too powerful, while his opponent's speed was even worse than that of the man Ye Chen had just killed.


As he spit out a mouthful of blood, Wang Feng's face turned pale, and he was forced to drop one of his knees to the ground.

Stopping Ye Chen from coming to help him, Wang Feng said: ’’I am fine, it is just due to executing the Vacuum Killing Blade by force, it caused my Qi and blood to flow backwards. You go check on Yuan Xuemei!’’

Vacuum Killing Blade!

What a suitable name!

Ye Chen nodded, and started to walk towards the other battle.

’’Spring Rain!’’

Beyond the well-grown bushes, Yuan Xuemei's feet were not touching the ground. She was floating in the air as if she was weightless. The thin silver sword in her hand shook extremely fast. It was so fast that it was almost impossible for human eyes to capture. You could only see the beams of sword light it shot out. They were almost as numerous as raindrops.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!...

The grass under that evil man's feet had already been destroyed, it almost looked like it had been attacked by locusts. He was being forced to use a defensive art to protect himself from the rain like sword light.

’’Summer Rain!’’

After seeing that the man in black was able to block the first wave of sword light, Yuan Xuemei looked undisturbed. But her sword movements completely changed. The initial smooth and gentle strikes turned extremely rough and brutal now.

’’No way! How could I be restrained?!’’ Facing the endless sword light, he was the one extremely clear about the power of the sword light. If the previous attacks were like the spring rain, then the attacks now were like summer rain, as they heavily poured down, they washed away his defense, layer after layer.

’’Autumn Thunder!’’

Leaving the man in black no time to fight back, Yuan Xuemei changed her sword movements once again. This time, her sword light contained the power of thunder, just like the rain in the autumn.


The defensive layer was completely cracked open, the man in black yelled with great horror, ’’I give up! I will leave right now! Don't kill me! Please don't kill me!’’

Ye Chen shook his head. Compared to the previous two, the man in black who looked the most fearsome and was full of murderous aura, turned out to be the most cowardly and vulnerable of them all. It was completely unlike how he portrayed himself . However, this had also displayed the complexity of human emotions. One's mentality can't be simply judged from their appearance. There were people who looked bright on the outside, but were extremely evil on the inside. There were some quiet and polite scholars who in reality were creepy and messed up in their heads. There were also people with great sense of justice, but do the most unethical things.

Yuan Xuemei had already decided to kill him. There was no reason for her not to. So, once again, the sword movements became faster, the mad thunder sword light buried the man in black completely.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

There were more and more holes appearing in his defense. Eventually, his defensive Zhen Qi was unable to handle the attacks anymore and broke down completely. The instant he lost his protection, he was shot through, and lost his life.


As she let out a breath of air, Yuan Xuemei lowered her body, and once again her foot touched the ground. Her forehead was covered in shining beads of sweat.

Ye Chen smiled, ’’The Four Seasons Sword Art from the Rudra Martial School is indeed incredible. It's too bad that I was unable to witness the most powerful winter sword art.’’

’’The Four Season Sword Art is an Earth Realm sword art, how could I get a chance to learn it? That was only the Four Season - Rain Sword Art. Compared to the real Four Seasons Sword Art, it is nothing. However, the fist art that Brother Ye had just used was really amazing! You could even absorb your opponent's Qi and make use of it to attack, enabling you to take them down in a single move.’’

Yuan Xuemei looked at Ye Chen with a smile.

Ye Chen shook his head and forced a smile. Trying to win with words against Yuan Xuemei was almost impossible.

On the Lin family side, everyone let out a huge sigh. All their palms were full of sweat. They had already prepared themselves to join the battle and face their death if needed. However, the martial disciples had lived up to their expectations and reputation. Although they looked like they were about to lose the battle, at the critical moment, they used extremely powerful martial arts, and ended up killing the three men in black. When they thought about their own strength, they knew that they didn't even have the right to compare themselves with the martial disciples.


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