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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 78


Chapter 78 - Ghost Corpse Zhen Qi

The one who was standing in the front had a dry and skinny face, his eyes were long and slender. One could clearly see his viciousness in those eyes. He laughed and said, ’’It's always other people that choose to avoid us, we never had to avoid anyone. Little brat, judging from your clothes, you must be a martial disciple. Leave your storage ring, and break one of your arms, then I will let you live.’’

’’Were you the one that attacked me earlier? If you break one of your arms, I will not kill you, but you would have to leave that girl here. A female Condensing Reality Realm warrior must be really great to play with!’’

The man in black that was quite fat said this, while there was a disgusting expression on his face.

’’Maybe my junior disciples' words weren't clear enough, but try and understand that this is your only way out. Otherwise, you will all be dead.’’ The man in black, who seemed to be the most calmest one said.

On the other side, Lin Xiaoxue and the others all stopped what they were doing, they turned extremely pale on seeing those three . 'Where did these three come from? They do not look like living people. What's that extremely horrifying and evil aura they have? It's almost like they're demons.'

’’Miss, they are not friendly people. I am afraid to say this, but this time we might have fallen in great danger.’’ The captain of the guarding team was also a Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior, so his vision was ten times better than Lin Xiaoxue's. He was able to tell that those three men had better cultivation levels than him, especially that man who appeared to be extremely calm, he seemed to be at the Late Condensing Reality Realm. He was emitting an extremely evil and deadly aura.

Lin Xiaoxue raised her hand, and said, ’’We shall wait and see.’’

There were six Condensing Reality Realm warriors in the guarding team. If the five marital disciples were included, there were eleven Condensing Reality Realm warriors in total. Among them, the captain and the second-in-command were all at the Mid Condensing Reality Realm. Wang Feng, Yuan Xuemei and the other two martial disciples were also at the Mid Condensing Reality Realm level, which meant that they had four Mid Condensing Reality Realm warriors on their side. The advantage of numbers was on their side. If those three martial disciples could not deal with them by themselves, then they would all have to go against them together, and would have to fight them with numbers.


Wang Feng who had been quiet this entire time, suddenly started laughing, ’’Interesting, interesting. I had never seen anyone this arrogant before. Ye Chen, Yuan Xuemei, you guys pick one opponent each! But, give me the strongest one. I want to see if he has the ability to back his words.’’

Ye Chen smiled: ’’Alright, I pick the one that looks like dried wood.’’

’’Then I will take the other one. Since he wants to play with women, I would like to show him how terrifying a women could be.’’ Yuan Xuemei did not look any different, but there was an undeniable hint of anger in her calm voice.

’’People always say that the martial disciples are all extremely arrogant. Today I met not one, but three of such arrogant disciples, seems like the rumors were indeed true. Kill them!’’ The man with the hideous face jumped, and threw out a punch. It was aimed at all three of them at the same time, and was extremely powerful.

’’Your opponent is me.’’

Yuan Xuemei slightly shook her hand, a thin sword appeared in her hand and sent out exceptional sword light, that clashed with the incoming punch.

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

The explosion continued to grow louder and louder. Soon, the two took their fight somewhere else.


As he took his sabre out of its scabbard, Wang Feng's eyes were focused on the leading man in black.


The sabre light was as white as snow, its power brought up a strong wind in its surroundings.

The wind and the ’’snow’’ combined together, blurring people's vision.

As soon as the battle began, Wang Feng had already used the North Snow Martial Academy's exclusive martial art - Snow Storm sabre Art. Compared to Ye Tang, his Snow Storm sabre Art was way more cold and brutal. Once he started using it, everything in his surroundings seemed to have disappeared, only leaving that snow like sabre light that kept growing.

’’Corpse King Fist! Break!’’

Their leader was expressionless. Facing the incoming sabre light, he decided to throw out a punch and face it head-on.

All of the sabre light was shattered, and the snow storm completely disappeared.

The leader was neither happy nor mad, he threw out another punch.

’’Great timing! Proud Snow Sharp Frost Art!’’

Wang Feng held his sabre firmly, and waved it in a slightly tilted manner. An ice cold sabre light formed on the tip of his sabre. Along with its ice cold feeling, it fiercely sliced through the air.

The white light flashed through the sky, but still failed to hit its target. Their leader's right hand rested on the back of Wang Feng's sabre, while his left hand formed a fist and headed towards Wang Feng.


Wang Feng who had decided to take the man's punch head-on had to back out ten steps to stabilize himself. He seemed to be having a tough time handling him.

Ye Chen frowned. 'This leader is quite tricky to handle! However, as one of the top inner disciple of the North Snow Martial Academy, he must have some cards up his sleeve that he was saving for such situations. So, the winner can not be determined yet.'

’’Little brat, being distracted is the dumbest thing you can do in a battle! So die!’’ The evil man's body shifted, and turned into few beams of black light and rapidly attacked Ye Chen from various directions.

’’Ten Flash Ghost Shadow!’’

The black light spread out, and then its speed increased. There were eight figures of the evil man, all of a sudden. It was extremely frightening. Any ordinary person that walked past would have fainted upon witnessing it.

An unnoticeably high pitched sound was directed towards Ye Chen's ears. But, he was not too surprised with it. His body slightly leaned back, and then he completely disappeared.


The ground was filled with scratch marks. The man fighting with Ye Chen looked surprised, his Ten Flash Ghost Shadows were aimed at Ye Chen from all directions. Even a Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior would be confused by them, and would have become an easy target waiting to be killed. He had never encountered a Condensing Reality Realm warrior with a movement art better than his own.

'Is this for real!'

The man fighting against Ye Chen understood that it would be quite tough to handle Ye Chen. He performed the Ten Flash Ghost Shadows once again. However, unlike the previous time, this time, the black light consisted of a light grey colored layer of Qi. Everywhere it went, all the flowers and plants were instantly killed, the floor was cracked open, and a slightly foul smell spread out.

The surface of his Zhen Qi defense showed signs of corrosion. Ye Chen did not dare to take any risks, he activated his Pure Jun Zhen Qi and used it to protect himself. Countless sharp Qi swords were formed from the Pure Jun Zhen Qi and melted all the greyish white Zhen Qi that was approaching him.

’’Break!’’ All the black light was combined. The evil man appeared behind Ye Chen, while his right hand covered in the greyish white Qi reached towards Ye Chen.

The next second!

A huge sound of explosion was heard by everyone that was present. Ye Chen's defensive Qi layer was brutally cracked open. It now consisted of a huge hole, and Ye Chen himself was almost injured. Of course, the man in black was not having it easy either. The surface of his palm was stabbed many times by Ye Chen's Qi light, his blood kept pouring out from those tiny wounds. It looked as if he had been been stung by too many bees.

’’AHHH!’’ The man in black was furious. While his fellow brothers seemed to have an easy time, he was the only one facing a very tricky opponent, who was only at the Early Condensing Reality Realm.

Without touching the ground, Ye Chen landed on a plant as if he was weightless, ’’Zhen Qi with corrosive effects... You guys are some awful men, aren't you?’’

’’How dare you? You haven't even seen the Ghost Corpse Zhen Qi's true power yet. Once you witness it, You are a dead man, then I will kill you and claim your corpse!’’

The evil man in black threw out another palm attack, a huge wave of white grey Qi suddenly appeared and continuously attacked Ye Chen like the waves of an ocean.

The ground was burnt and cracked open, all the medicinal plants were burnt to ashes. Everywhere the white grey Qi passed, there was only death in its wake.

Ye Chen sneered, ’’You really think I cannot kill you?’’

He accumulated all his Zhen Qi. Ye Chen's power kept increasing, and eventually his body started to float in the air, it rose above the Red Blood Forest. Meanwhile, he slowly threw out a punch as if he was pulling ten strong horses at the same time even though it was extremely tiring.

’’Tyrant Fist. First movement: Tyrant's ways!’’

As soon as he decided to finish this as quick as possible, Ye Chen stopped hiding his true strength. He performed the low rank Earth Realm fist art that he had mastered recently - Tyrant Fist.


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