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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 77


Chapter 77 - Low Rank Ghost Guard

Turning around, Yuan Xuemei said to Lin Xiaoxue, ’’Now, let's take everyone to the deeper parts of the basin.’’

’’Okay.’’ Lin Xiaoxue also knew about the importance of the spirit fountain. However, she had no intentions to claim it, because with just the power of the Lin family, they could not protect it, even if it was the smallest spirit fountain. If they dreamt too high, she knew that would not end well for them.

Ye Chen, Wang Feng and Yuan Xuemei took the lead, while the two other martial disciples covered the back. The group of fifty people headed for the deepest parts of the basin.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!...

A huge amount of Qi swords were shot out;a large group of Deadly Bees could not even come close, before they were sliced in half mid air. All their body parts fell from the sky, as if they were raining from the sky.

Yuan Xuemei complemented: ’’Brother Ye, that martial art of yours must be the Pure Jun Zhen Qi art, right? I saw a Sky Cloud Martial School disciple use it once, but that guy could only shoot out Qi light instead of Qi swords. So I wonder, which stage of the art have you reached, Brother Ye?’’

Ye Chen said: ’’You are flattering me too much;I had only managed to reach the seventh stage recently.’’


Both Yuan Xuemei and Wang Feng were surprised. They knew that it was not easy to master a martial art to its highest stage. Normally, if a person could train their top rank Mortal Realm art to its fifth stage in two years, they would be regarded as extremely talented, if he could reach the sixth stage within the same amount of time, then he would be regarded as a genius;it was almost impossible for someone to train to the seventh stage in just two years.

The deeper they walked into the basin, the more demonic beasts they encountered.

Just after they managed to kill a group of Deadly Bees, three Green Shelled Lizards came out of nowhere.

’’Drop Water Through the Stone!’’

Yuan Xuemei, as a Rudra Martial School inner disciple, with her cultivation level at Mid Condensing Reality Realm, had great battle prowess. A thin sword appeared in her hand. She slightly shook her hand, and three thin sword lights shot out. Although they were really fast, somehow it gave people the impression that it was really slow.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

’’Great sword art. The Drop Water Sword Spell from the Rudra Martial School lives up to its reputation.’’ Wang Feng's voice sounded cold, but they still understood that his admiration for the sword art was genuine.

Yuan Xuemei said humbly: ’’It is nothing when compared to you guys.’’

After they walked for a few miles, the group had finally arrived at the center of the basin.

The density of the Yuan Qi was at least two times thicker than the outer area. A thin layer of Yuan Qi settled everywhere, it seemed to have liquidized into Yuan Qi droplets. Unfortunately, the burst of the Yuan Qi light column had caused turbulence in the natural Yuan Qi. So, the Yuan Qi present there could not be used for cultivation. if the warriors tried to use it by force, it would break down their own Yuan Qi, which would only be detrimental to them. Otherwise, it would have been a perfect place to train.

After she studied the Yuan Qi light column, Yuan Xuemei shook her head, ’’It turns out to be a fake spirit fountain!’’

’’Fake spirit fountain? How do you know?’’ Ye Chen did not understand.

Wang Feng who would not generally speak much, said, ’’A fake spirit fountain means it is a spirit fountain that hasn't completely formed yet, and there are no soul stones in it. Even If there are any, there would not be many, and the quality of the soul stones would not be that good either. However, for some of the small or mid level families, this would already be a great benefit. As for the method to distinguish them, it is very simple, all you have to do is to check the color in the middle. If the color was white with a hint of yellow, then it means it is a small spirit fountain;if it is white with a bit of orange, then it would be a middle spirit fountain;white with red, then it would be a large one. Legend says, there is also a white with purple colored top notch spirit fountain, but I don't know if it is true or not.’’

Yuan Xuemei who had travelled a lot, said, ’’I have indeed heard of the top spirit fountain, three hundred years ago, the Illusion King had found half of a top spirit fountain in the deepest part of an ocean, it was three hundred miles long, and fifty miles wide. The Illusion King brought it out of the ocean by force and brought it back home with him. It filled the whole mountain he was living with Yuan Qi. One could train at least a hundred times faster than normal in that place.’’

Three hundred years! Brought out a whole spirit fountain full of Yuan Qi by force!!

Ye Chen could not help but secretly be shocked. Although he knew that a strong warrior who went through the challenges of life and death would be able to reverse their destiny and live for thousands of years, and all of those warriors were supposed to be unbelievably powerful. But, now that someone had voiced out those legendary tales, he was quite shocked. Ye Chen was still a little embarrassed by his lack of imagination.

The Yuan Qi light column continued for another fifteen minutes, then it started to weaken. Huge amounts of Yuan Qi spread out in every direction like a fountain, it nourished all the plants it touched.

Seeing this, everyone finally understood why the plants in this basin grew so fast and well. It was probably because of such regular bursts of the spirit fountain.

Lin Xiaoxue saw that the medicinal plants in the center of the basin were more valuable. She could not help but get excited. She told the members of her herb collecting team, ’’Now! Hurry! Let's go harvest! And all the guards too, join if you could. But, everyone, please be careful!’’


Long before Lin Xiaoxue said this, all the members of the collecting team were already excited. They had never seen such large quantities of medicinal plant in their whole lives. They were extremely well grown and were very thick.

Ye Chen smiled. Even he was tempted seeing the amount of herbal plants present there. However, he felt that a true gentleman would not break his word. Since he had taken this mission, he should not do anything that he was not instructed to. But, there were so many plants here, it would not really make a difference even if he took some.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Out of nowhere, three men completely covered in black appeared outside of the basin.

’’The Yuan Qi light column has weakened. Let's go check it out!’’

’’Wait, there are a lot of footsteps here. There must be a lot of people there.’’ One of them studied the surroundings, and stopped his companions from doing something reckless.

Another one of them, who seemed to have a short temper, kicked away a frightened black haired pig and said furiously, ’’F*k! Who the heck are these people that dared to go there before us?’’

’’It should be one of the herb collecting teams from the nearby towns. See? All the herbs have been collected, and the process was also very efficient, it must have been done by professionals.’’

’’Herb collecting team... there shouldn't be any powerful warriors with them. So there is no reason for us to get worried.’’

The three chatted for a while, and then they started to walk towards the deeper parts of the basin while following the tracks. They were neither fast nor slow, they maintained a constant speed, and moved noiselessly.

Soon, the view in front of them widened, the three of them had arrived at the center of the basin.

’’It is indeed a herb collecting team. Did they not see the Yuan Qi light column? That's not possible, it could even be seen from a few miles away.’’

’’Maybe it is a fake spirit fountain? F*k, what a waste of our trip.’’

’’Why would you think this is a waste of a trip? Didn't you see that girl over there? She looks pretty good. We had spent so many years in that Ghost Corpse Mountain, without even seeing a woman. Now that we have finally become low rank ghost guard and were allowed to leave the mountain. Why not make use of this great opportunity?’’


The three exchanged a look, while a nasty expression appeared on each of their faces.


All of a sudden, a Qi sword attacked them from a hundred steps away. It was so fast that they were almost unable to avoid it.

’’Go Die!’’ The man in black with a short temper did not back out, he threw out a palm attack to meet that Qi sword.


The Qi sword exploded, and the noise alerted all the people that were close.

’’You three gentlemen, this is not a place you should be in. Please leave at once.’’ Ye Chen, Yuan Xuemei and Wang Feng walked over, as they glared at the three men in black seriously.

The three men were very good at hiding their tracks, but how could they hide from Ye Chen's extremely powerful soul force? Ye Chen discovered them the moment they set foot in the center of the basin.


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