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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 73


Chapter 73 - Flying Dragon in the Air

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The Qi swords were extremely fast;everyone could only see five thin lines streak past their eyes. They pierced Xiao Lie's chest, shoulder and waist, leaving tiny bloody holes as they passed through. Xiao Lie was frozen for an instant.

’’Not good! He can actually form solid swords with his Qi!’’ Xiao Lie was quite shocked witnessing this. if it wasn't for him pulling back his body a little bit, there would have been way more bloody holes on his body, which might have even cost him his life.

’’Jade Clear Qi Art!’’

Xiao Lie was quite afraid of Ye Chen's Qi sword attacks and at once activated his Jade Clear Qi Art. It was a top rank Mortal Realm defensive art from the Emerald Martial Palace.

All of a sudden, a blue Qi layer with one meter radius, appeared around Xiao Lie's body. it looked just like a thin layer of crystal.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The second round of Ye Chen's Qi sword landed on that Qi layer. The impact resulted in sounds similar to a metal striking against metal. The Qi swords could not move even one inch further into the layer and were completely blocked.

’’Dissection Hand!’’

After he successfully blocked Ye Chen's attack, Xiao Lie threw out a claw attack.


The ground was completely shattered due to the shock wave. The claws were made by shaping his Qi like a curved blade, with each of them extremely sharp. They came slicing through the air, attacking towards Ye Chen.

’’Crane Shadow leaves no trace, one flying dragon in the sky!’’

Ye Chen's figure blurred as he moved towards Xiao Lie. He effortlessly avoided Xiao Lie's attack, and appeared right above him. Without any delay, he immediately threw a punch right at Xiao Lie.

The strong blue light that appeared along with the loud roar of a tiger, was unbearably bright.

As soon as he adapted his eyes to the bright light, all that Xiao Lie could see was a flying dragon made of blue Qi, heading towards him. It was four meters long, and had sharp claws. Its attacks filled with a strong killing intent were directed towards Xiao Lie.

’’If I am going down, I will take you down along with me!’’ Xiao Lie's eyes were wide open, he stood still, with his both arms stretched wide open in the air. He looked like he was ready to take on the attack of that blue flying dragon.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With each step Xiao Lie took backwards, there was a huge explosion below his feet. After ten steps, his whole body was blown high into the air, with blue light flashing around him.

’’Two more punches!’’

Ye Chen ignored the fact that the Tiger Roar Dragon Fist costs him a lot of Zhen Qi and threw out another two punches. The blue Qi dragon twisted around Xiao Lie, and completely swallowed him mid air. Then, it continued to fly high into the sky while carrying his body. It looked as if there were real dragons flying in the sky.

Boom! Boom!

The huge blue Qi layer exploded like fire crackers mid air, it even dyed its surroundings blue.

Shortly after the explosion, a human figure landed on the floor, close to where Wang Kunyang was.

’’Whoo...’’ Ye Chen let out a huge breath of air. The Tiger Roar Dragon Fist was a top rank Mortal Realm fist art. He had picked this when he chose the Pure Jun Zhen Qi Art, and had already completely mastered it to the peak of the highest stage, half a month ago. The Flying Dragon in the Sky was the killing move of the Tiger Roar Dragon Fist Art. it used up a lot of Zhen Qi. Just three punches used up as much Zhen Qi as ten normal punches. It was also extremely powerful, and was almost equivalent to a low rank Earth Realm Martial skill. But, Xiao Lie was a Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior after all, he also had a defensive art like Jade Clear Qi Art. So, it would have been really hard to try and hurt him from a distance. If he had managed to avoid the first Flying Dragon in the Sky attack, he would have probably managed to survive the three punches with his defensive art.

Looking around, Ye Chen realized that there were a lot of people staring at him in shock, as if he was some kind of monster.

’’Two Mid Condensing Reality Realm warriors couldn't even take three of his punches? Did I see it wrong?’’

’’So strong! When did someone like this appear in the Sky Cloud Martial School? When he reaches the Mid Condensing Reality Realm, then he might not even be afraid of those Late Condensing Reality Realm warriors!’’

’’Definitely! challenging two geniuses beyond his cultivation, this kind of power is not just about the cultivation levels anymore.’’

The remaining disciples from the Emerald Martial Place and the Purple Sun Martial Palace were full of various thoughts. But there was one thought that flashed through all their minds, 'We cannot leave this guy alive, he will definitely become a strong threat in the future. I have to go back and tell senior brothers and sisters about this and get them to kill him. We cannot let him grow any stronger.'

The only people that were quite happy about what had happened earlier were obviously the inner disciples of the Sky Cloud Martial School. Although it was extremely competitive within the school, it was never this intense and life-threatening. Outside the school, the competition could be said to be ten times or even hundred times more intense. Sky Cloud Martial School had a lot of geniuses in the past, that were very talented, but had ultimately been killed by the disciples of other schools. It was very sad to lose them, in the name of competition. Now that there was another strong inner disciple from the same school, all the disciples would feel proud for just being in the same school as him. Otherwise, it would be just like what happened earlier. Even when they were being humiliated by the disciples of other schools, they would be unable to even fight back. That was extremely frustrating.

’’Good job, Brother Ye!’’

When three people get together, the strongest one is addressed as teacher. Although those disciples would not address Ye Chen as teacher yet, they would be glad to call him Brother.

[Ed note: It's a saying, I was unable to come up with anything close. It roughly means that the strongest one is respected by the rest]

Ye Chen still looked the same, he turned to the remaining disciples from Emerald Martial Palace and Purple Sun Martial Palace, ’’Do you want to walk out of the circle yourselves, or should I escort you out?’’

’’I dare you!’’ One of them was unable to put down his pride and blurted out.


That guy's eyes went blurry, when Ye Chen's fist landed on his body. His body flew out of the circle.

Seeing this, the rest of the disciples did not dare to say anymore, they jumped out of the white circle one after another.

’’Ye Chen, you are so dead. My senior brothers and sisters will never let you get away with this.’’

’’No matter how powerful you are, you are merely an Early Condensing Reality Realm warrior, you will be dead when you face a Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior. Our Emerald Martial Palace will definitely send someone for you.’’

When had those disciples from the Emerald Martial Palace ever been treated like this? They lifted Xiao Lie who was still unconscious, and left as they said those words.

There were only three disciples that had come from the Purple Sun Martial Palace, one was already on the brink of death, one was badly wounded, and the only one remaining was obviously unable to carry two people all by himself. So, he did not dare to say anything to Ye Chen. But he had been cursing Ye Chen continuously in his heart, and swore to himself that he himself would get his revenge for today's humiliation.

Lin Tiannan looked like he was having a very hard time. He asked someone to send Wang Kunyang and the other Purple Sun Martial Palace disciple, who was badly wounded into the inner yield. He planned to use their finest medicine to cure them. Otherwise, he was afraid that even the leader of the Purple Sun Martial Palace might blame them, and that would not be a good thing for the Lin family.

Inside the white circle, there were seven people remaining. Ye Chen, three Rudra Martial Palace disciples, and three North Snow Martial Academy disciples.

Ye Chen had a pretty good impression of the disciples from those two martial institutions. At least, he did not hate them, so he said, ’’There are still seven of us left, we need to get two more out, I guess we should carry on with the selection.’’

’’No need.’’ A tall slim girl who seemed to be the leader of the disciples from the Rudra Martial School, said to the male disciple right next to her, ’’Brother Yang, your cultivation level is slightly lower, so step out.’’

’’Yes!’’ That male disciple did not even hesitate before he stepped out of the circle.

And the cold-looking teenager, Wang Feng, seemed to be the leader of the North Snow Martial Academy group, he also asked one of the weaker ones to give up the selection.

Finally, there were exactly the right amount of people left in the circle.

The tall teenager girl said to Ye Chen with a smile: ’’Brother Ye, you were quite impressive earlier. I, Yuan Xuemei was deeply impressed.’’

Ye Chen did not seem too happy about her compliment, he said: ’’There are so many geniuses in the world, I am just one of them. I'm afraid to say this, but I don't think that I am the best of those geniuses.’’

Yuan Xuemei froze for a second, and then she laughed, ’’Interesting. It's just as brother Ye said, there are indeed a lot of geniuses out there, that can fight beyond their cultivation levels. But, there are not a lot like you. Also, you should be extremely careful, the disciples from the Purple Sun Marital Palace and the Emerald Martial Palace would not let it go easily. I heard that the Blood Craving Monster from the Emerald Martial Palace is also on a mission around here. Try your best to avoid him! Otherwise you might be in great danger!’’

’’Blood Craving Monster!’’ Ye Chen frowned a little. 'That guy should be an inner disciple from the Emerald Martial Palace! How did he get that title?'


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk


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