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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 72


Chapter 72 - Three Punches

Lin Xiaoxue turned towards Lin Tiannan and asked, ’’Dad, you always say that the disciples from the Emerald Martial Palace and the North Snow Martial Academy are very powerful, then why did you send those mission sheets to other martial institutions as well?’’

Lin Tiannan explained: ’’Whatever I think is not necessarily the right thing to do. We are only a small family, which means that we have to maintain a good relationship with all the martial institutions. If we send the mission sheets only to the Emerald Martial Palace and the North Snow Martial Academy, and the other academies later on come to know about it, then no other martial institutions would be willing to do business with us. Their disciples would hate us as well, some might even make trouble for us. So you have to remember this, any time if something involves the martial institutions, you should have to consider all of them, and never show any signs of partiality.’’

’’Yes, dad.’’ Lin Xiaoxue seemed to have a lot on her mind.

Lin Tiannan laughed: ’’This trip into the Red Blood Forest might be dangerous, but it is also a great chance to get to know all the disciples from all martial institutions. Among them, there might even be someone that is capable of becoming an inner elder in the future.’’

’’So, dad, who do you like the most?’’

’’Xiao Lie from the Emerald Martial Palace can be considered pretty good, but he is a bit too brutal, which might cause him problems in the future;Wang Kunyang from the Purple Sun Martial Palace has vast reserves of Qi, but he doesn't seem to have good control of it. I cannot really judge the disciples from the Rudra Martial School. As for the Sky Cloud Martial Scho... never mind. And in the North Snow Martial Academy, there is a disciple called Wang Feng, who seems pretty nice. He hasn't spoken so far, but if I am not mistaken, he is probably the most powerful among them all.’’

’’Wang Feng?’’ Lin Xiaoxue seemed confused, she looked over in the direction of the ring.

By this time, there were about seven or eight people, that had already been pushed out of the white circle. Most of them were from small martial institutions, while there was only one disciple from a big martial institution, and he was from the Sky Cloud Martial School.


In the crowd, a teenager from the North Snow Martial Academy with a cold look on his face, and a Rudra Martial School disciple, exchanged a palm attack. The moment their palms clashed, there was a huge shock wave, that spread in every direction.

All of a sudden, three more people had been blown out of the circle. But surprisingly, Ye Chen, who had the lowest cultivation level, stood still in the middle of the white circle, as if everything that was happening around him, had no effect on him.


Both Lin Tiannan and Lin Xiaoxue were surprised.

Their attention was previously focused on that cold-looking teenager - Wang Feng, but Ye Chen's performance soon caught their attention. 'This guy... is not simple at all.'

There was another person who was also quite surprised by this, it was indeed Wang Kunyang.

He effortlessly kicked out a disciple from a small martial institution. Wang Kunyang then shifted his target, and ran towards Ye Chen, as he laughed maliciously and said, ’’Little brat, if you bow down in front of me and lick my shoes now, there might be a chance for you. Otherwise, today, I will make you vomit three liters of blood.’’

The light yellow colored burning Zhen Qi suddenly expanded, Wang Kunyang took big steps and ran towards Ye Chen, while surrounded by a terrifying aura. He hid his right palm behind his waist, there was a yellow fire burning between his fingers.

’’Try and take three of my punches, if you are still alive after that, then I will let you live.’’ Facing Wang Kunyang's terrifying aura, Ye Chen was unperturbed. He had already made up his mind, that he would use his all against him;if the opponent could handle it, then it's fine;if he could not handle it and died, then it only means that he was just asking for it. Since he would not be the first one that was killed in a battle, the Purple Sun Martial Palace could not openly look for trouble.

Wang Kunyang accumulated all his Zhen Qi, he tightened his right hand and threw it out towards Ye Chen, with the yellow fire wrapped around his whole fist.

’’You are looking for death, Major Sun Burning Fist!’’

Compared to Ye Jun's Burning Fist, Wang Kunyang's Major Sun Burning Fist was even more brutal and intense. His incoming fist attack looked like a huge sun that was about to burn everything in its way. All the disciples who were close to them, hurried to jump away from the attack zone to avoid being burnt.

Ye Chen stood still until Wang Kunyang's fist was just one meter away from his body. Then he also threw a punch towards the incoming palm. His fist was covered in a blue fire, and drew a beautiful angle in the air. All of a sudden, one could hear a tiger's roar, and see a blue dragon in the air, which was extremely shocking.

’’Top rank Mortal Realm skill: Tiger Roar Dragon Fist!’’

The two fists clashed accurately, the yellow and blue colored light infused together, while the fists kept clashing with each other, exploding and bringing up endless shock waves.

But what surprised everyone was that, it was Wang Kunyang who had given up first. All the clothes on his right arm were torn apart, showing his extremely muscular arm. However, over his well built muscles, there was a noticeable amount of blood coming out, while there were also some cracking noises due to his bones being broken.

The shocked Wang Kunyang was blown away, while he vomited a lot of blood.

’’Where do you think you are going!’’

Ye Chen did not want to let him off so easily. His feet touched the ground, and then his body disappeared completely. The next second he appeared, he was already right next to Wang Kunyang's flying body. Maintaining the same speed, Ye Chen lifted his fist, and punched twice on Wang Kunyang's chest.

Boom! Boom!

His fist was five centimeters deep inside Wang Kunyang's body, the noises from his breaking ribs were loud and clear.

’’No!’’ Blood shoot out of Wang Kunyang's mouth, he was no longer able to control his body. He was blown out of the white circle at an inhuman speed, and crashed into the walls of the Lin family field.

The whole wall was completely shattered and collapsed, it buried Wang Kunyang's body completely, no one could tell whether he was alive or dead at that moment.


Complete silence!

Everyone present stopped whatever they were doing, and just stared at Ye Chen.

Leaving everyone no time to be shocked, Ye Chen turned towards Xiao Lie and sneered, ’’Didn't you say you wanted to break my arms and legs? Actually, I would like to know, if there is a difference between your definition of breaking arms and legs, and mine.’’

Lin Tiannan was extremely distressed, 'Is this Ye Chen planning to kill Xiao Lie as well?!'

Xiao Lie swallowed the saliva in his mouth, pretended to be calm and said: ’’You made a huge mistake today. Wang Kunyang was one of the favorite disciples from the Purple Sun Martial School. Now that you've killed him, you would not be able to live for long. If you choose to apologize now, you might still live. Otherwise, there is only death waiting for you.’’

Ye Chen did not care about his threats, ’’Do you know how many disciples of the Sky Cloud Martial School, had lost their lives at the hands of their disciples? Our Brother Wu was killed by the disciples of the Emerald Martial Palace last year, brother Fei was disabled by them, Sister Miao was turned into a mentally disabled person by them. Now I had only knocked out one Wang Kunyang, and who dares to criticize me? I always believed that a dead genius is no longer a genius, only the ones alive count. Today, you cannot escape my three punches, but if you are still alive after that, then I will let you go.’’

Finished speaking, Ye Chen once again launched his Crane Shadow Steps. His body shifted, and moved towards Xiao Lie.

The instant Ye Chen disappeared in the air, Xiao Lie was more anxious than ever. He knew that he was not any stronger than Wang Kunyang. Since Wang Kunyang was unable to take even a single punch from Ye Chen, he knew that he would not be able to take it either. In that moment, he felt that the only way out was to use the advantage of his speed to escape. He could then wait for an opportunity to seek revenge in the future. He was extremely determined about this, as he knew that the disciples of the Emerald Martial Palace were always capable of finding ways to kill the disciples from other martial institutions.


Xiao Lie could not care any less about the selection;he ran towards the edge of the white circle. He thought, 'you want to hurt me? Keep on dreaming!'

’’Stay!’’ Seeing that his opponent was about to leave the white circle, Ye Chen raised his hand in the air. Five sharp Qi swords shot out, and blocked Xiao Lie's way out.


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk


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