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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 71


Chapter 71 - The Mix Battles Began

It was indeed Ye Chen. As he was not very familiar with the Black Stone Town, he got confused about which one of the routes was the short cut, so he was a bit late.

Fortunately, he asked someone for the route, otherwise he wouldn't have made it here on time.

Seeing that the selection had not started yet, Ye Chen greeted with his fists held in front of his chest, and said: ’’I am Ye Chen, an inner disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School. Greetings, leader Lin.’’

Lin Tiannan forced out a laugh, and said: ’’If you had arrived a little later, we would have started without you.’’

One of the disciples from the Purple Sun Martial Palace said sarcastically: ’’Actually, it doesn't really make a difference if you were able to make it or not. But now that you're here, you could at least stay here for free.’’

’’Haha, if I remember it right, the Sky Cloud Martial School disciples love to take advantage of other people, now I can finally confirm the rumors.’’ An Emerald Martial Palace disciple interrupted.

’’You...’’ The disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial School were not happy at all. They were mad about the other disciples' allegations, but they were also mad at Ye Chen, for his arrogant speech.

The disciples from the North Snow Martial Academy and Rudra Martial School chose not to get involved in this. But, they kind of felt sorry for the disciples of the Sky Cloud Martial School and particularly Ye Chen.

As for the disciples from other martial institutions, they could not be anymore happier, you could even see the gloating expressions on their faces.

Ye Chen sneered: ’’We will find out later, who is the one that likes to take advantage of others. Whatever you say right now is not even worth a fart.’’

’’You are looking for death.’’ Ye Chen's words provoked the Purple Sun Martial Palace disciples. A tall teenager who was about six foot high, walked out from the crowd. He was extremely massive, and looked like a bear with a thick neck. His arms were thicker than a normal person's thighs. It was clear that he was someone that chose to train his body as his priority. A burning heat rose around him, making him look like he was on fire. He then started walking towards Ye Chen step by step.

Meanwhile, a teenager walked out from the group of Emerald Martial Palace disciples. Although he looked just like any other teenager at his age, his aura was just as powerful as that tall teenager. His body flashed, and then appeared just three steps away from Ye Chen. Mildly transparent Zhen Qi was released like a thin layer of fog, it consisted of a mysterious power to explode.

The two stood right in front of Ye Chen, and continued to stare at him. They wanted to humiliate Ye Chen in public.

’’Haha, this Ye Chen had managed to piss off both Wang Kunyang from the Purple Sun Martial Palace and Xiao Lie from the Emerald Martial Palace. It is not going to end well for him.’’

’’Damn right, Wang Kunyang is at the peak of Mid Condensing Reality Realm, just a little step away from the Late Condensing Reality Realm. Also, he is well known for his ten thousand pounds strength, even a Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior would not dare to fight him. That Xiao Lie is even more scary, his speed is inhumanly fast, and each of his attacks are extremely deadly. All his opponents either lost their body parts or were killed brutally. Hence, he got his nickname as the Dissection Killer. Everyone is terrified of him.’’

’’I don't think it will happen though. Lin Tiannan, the leader of the Lin family, is here. How could he let that happen?’’

’’Well, that is true. It's too bad then.’’

During their chatters, Wang Kunyang's and Xiao Lie's aura had grown more and more stronger. They slightly lifted their heads up, and were looking down at Ye Chen.


Ye Chen was just about to teach them a lesson, when Lin Tiannan appeared.

’’Wait. The selection is about to start. Please, could you two wait until the mixed battles?’’ Lin Tiannan was having a headache right now, all these disciples were quite arrogant and very hard to control. The most frustrating part was that this disciple called Ye Chen, was way too arrogant. 'Why did he have to mess with the disciples of the Emerald Martial Palace and the Purple Sun Martial Palace, everyone knows that they will never tolerate this kind of teasing. I guess he will probably suffer during the battles.

’’Huh, I will let it go for now, since it's the Lin family leader asking, but once the selection is over, I will make you fall on your knees and lick my boots.’’ Wang Kunyang spat on the floor, while he threw a dirty look at Ye Chen. He stopped emitting his aura, went back and stood with his fellow disciples.

On the contrary, Xiao Lie said in a creepy way, ’’I will have to admit that you are very lucky. If it wasn't for leader Lin, I would have definitely broken your arm.’’


Xiao Lie's body shifted, and then appeared among the disciples of the Emerald Martial Palace, leaving only a vague shadow where he was standing earlier.

On the other side, all the disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial School were all chatting in low voices. They did not seem happy.

’’What should we do? That Ye Chen is one of us too, letting him be bullied by other people, it doesn't make us look good either.’’

’’What could we do? He chose to be arrogant, without our senior brothers and sisters here, we would all be going down if we interfere for his sake.’’

’’So frustrating! Why am I not more powerful?’’

’’Stop daydreaming, try and get selected first!’’

Ye Chen who was just about to fight, turned expressionless. In fact, he was quite pissed off by their attitude. For the first time, he personally experienced the competition between the disciples of various martial institutions. However, he was not just any normal disciple from the Sky Cloud Martial School. He would not let anyone get away after messing with him.

’’Dad, has the selection started yet?’’ At this intense moment, a soft and cute voice, that sounded like the chirping of a little bird or the ringing of a small bell was heard.

Lin Tiannan looked surprised, he turned his head and said, ’’Xue'er, didn't I ask you to stay home?’’

’’I wanted to see how powerful those disciples are. Since I will be the leader of the herb

collecting team anyways, why not let me watch them fight?’’ Outside the training court, a young girl slowly walked in. She looked very pretty. She was wearing a pink dress, which made her look extremely slim and beautiful.

Forcing out a smile, Lin Tiannan introduced her to the crowd: ’’This is my little daughter Lin Xiaoxue, she will be the leader of the herb collecting team tomorrow.’’

’’Miss Lin, you don't have to worry. With me - Wang Kunyang protecting you, your safety is ensured.’’ Wang Kunyang confidently patted his chest, and said loudly.

Lin Xiaoxue raised her pretty eyebrows, she said with a smile: ’’Well, thanks. But right now, let's decide on the five temporary guardians!’’

Lin Tiannan nodded, ’’The selection is officially started. Everyone please enter the white circle.’’

Hearing him, all the disciples from the Emerald Martial Palace and Purple Sun Martial Palace entered the white circle first. Then they started staring at the rest of the disciples seriously. They seemed to be extremely confident that they would win. All the disciples from the North Snow Martial Academy were wearing white robes, they were just as powerful as the disciples from the Emerald Martial Palace and Purple Sun Martial School. Even though the disciples from the Rudra Martial School were always humble, no one dared to underestimate them.

When it was the Sky Cloud Martial School's turn to go in, Wang Kunyang sneered, ’’What are you guys doing? As you would anyways be kicked out soon, I think you all are better off not entering. But, that brat has to come in here, as I don't want to waste time looking for him later.’’

Keeping their heads low, all the disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial School still entered the circle.

Since their cultivation levels were so low, the rest of the disciples were not bullied at all, as they felt that there was no point in doing so.

After everyone had entered the circle, Lin Tiannan took a deep breath and said, ’’The selection begins!’’

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just as Lin Tiannan's words were out, all the people in the ring started to fight. The powerful Zhen Qi converged in the ring like the rivers converge in an ocean. A couple of people had already been blown out of the ring.


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