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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 70


Chapter 70 - Two-Star Gray Rank Mission

At night!

Ye Chen, who was sitting on his bed, opened his eyes all of a sudden. He raised his hand in the air and made a Qi sword by circulating his Qi. It was then shot out like lightning towards the opposite wall.


The wall was just like a piece of tofu. It was easily penetrated, leaving behind a tiny little hole.

’’I finally reached the seventh stage of my Pure Jun Zhen Qi Art!’’

Although the peak of sixth stage was just a small step away from the seventh stage, its power was on a completely different level. If the Qi light was used instead of normal weaponry, then the Qi sword would be a great sword. It could not only slice iron like mud, but could also easily kill a Mortal Realm warrior from even a hundred steps away, without much effort.

Stepping down from his bed, Ye Chen took a small leap, and then directly appeared in the yard in front of his room.

If one followed his gaze, they would find another sword hole on the half-meter-thick wall around the yard. This hole was exactly like the one earlier. Ye Chen didn't know where the Qi sword went, he only hoped that he hadn't hurt someone by accident.


The Second day morning.

In the Floating Cloud Palace.

’’There are no more five-star white rank missions available?’’ In front of the white jade wall on the right side, Ye Chen frowned. He was planning to take on a five-star white rank mission to practice, and maybe make some extra money. But it seemed like the five-star white rank missions were extremely popular, and also quite rare.

Giving it some more thought, Ye Chen turned and walked deeper into the palace. He stopped in front of the grey jade wall.

’’Dude, is he looking for death? Even the top two hundred inner disciples are very cautious about the gray rank missions. And he is only at the Early Condensing Reality Realm. How could he dare to take a grey rank mission?’’

’’Maybe he just came to take a look, I doubt he is brave enough to take it.’’

A couple of inner disciples noticed Ye Chen, their eyes brightened, while they continued with their discussion.

Ye Chen did not care about their chatter. With his strength, he was quite confident that he could take on a gray rank mission. According to the difficulty of the missions, if the Condensing Reality Realm warriors could be divided into fifteen stars, Ye Chen would definitely be ranked above five stars.

On that grey jade wall, there were a lot of missions.

Soon after, Ye Chen found a mission that he liked.

The third mission sheet on the fourth row.

Mission: Protecting the Lin Family's herb collecting team in the Red Blood Forest.

Detail: The herb collecting location is located in the deepest part of the forest, where a lot of rank 3 and 4 demonic beasts were seen.

Mission Difficulty: Two-star

Mission Rewards: Twenty thousand gold and ten Qi Healing pellet

Notice: Five temporary guardians will be selected.

Ye Chen looked around, just as he expected, there were five other identical mission sheets. Someone had already taken one earlier. The same mission was probably issued to the other martial institutions as well, which meant that there would be a lot of people there for the mission. Ye Chen would have to fight with other candidates for the job.

Without any hesitation, Ye Chen reached out his hand and tore off the mission sheet.

’’What?! He really took it! That was a two-star grey rank mission!’’ All those inner disciples gasped.

’’Huh, they only need five people, he will only be insulted if he goes there. I just hope that he would not make a fool of himself and embarrass our Sky Cloud Martial School.’’

’’The Purple Sun Martial Palace had always been a rival of the Sky Cloud Martial Institution, they would humiliate us any time they have a chance. Plus, there are also those arrogant Emerald Martial Palace disciples, the chances of him being chosen are almost none.’’

With everyone staring in silence, Ye Chen walked out of the Floating Cloud Palace.

At the bottom of the mountain.

Ye Chen jumped on his horse and disappeared in the dust.

The Lin family was a small family in the Black Stone Town, with collecting herbs and producing medicine as their main business. They did not have many powerful warriors in their family, only two Early Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, and ten Condensing Reality Realm warriors. Compared to the top eight families, they could only be considered weak.

And that was why the Lin family decided to hire disciples from the martial institutions to help their herb collecting team, since there were so many martial geniuses among the disciples that could challenge people beyond their cultivation level. A Mid Condensing Reality Realm disciple would probably be more powerful than a Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior from their family, as they have way more powerful martial skills.

However, they were only a small family after all, so they did not have much money to spend on hiring . Finally, they decided that they would choose five temporary guardians.

In the afternoon.

Ye Chen arrived in the Black Stone Town after traveling continuously, he headed directly towards the Lin family, present in the north side of the town.

At that moment, it was quite crowded in the Lin family. About Ten talented young warriors were gathered in the training court. Among them, there were inner disciples in green who were from the Emerald Martial Palace, the Rudra Martial School inner disciples dressed in blue, and the Sky Cloud Martial School inner disciples in white. Besides that, there were a lot of other inner disciples from various other martial institutions. There were more than ten of them altogether.

With all the twenty people standing there, the people in Lin Family could not help but think, 'if these people were all members of the Lin family, then the Lin family would definitely become a middle rank family in about a decade or so, it might even be possible to become a high rank family.' Unfortunately, it was only a dream that would never come true.

’’Everyone, our herb collecting team will leave for the Red Blood Forest tomorrow morning. So, the selection of the five temporary guardians needs to be done by tonight. Those who fail to be selected, we will not treat you badly, you could stay and dine here, we will try our best to satisfy you.’’ The one who was speaking was the leader of the Lin Family, Lin Tiannan. He was an Early Clasping Yuan Realm warrior in his forties.

Hearing him, one of the inner disciples of the Rudra Martial School asked, ’’Leader Lin, I wonder what the rules of the selection are? Would you enlighten us?’’

Lin Tiannan smiled and said: ’’Conducting individual battles is probably not practical, as we are short on time. So, I decided to go with the mixed battles. Check out the training court over there, you can see a white circle. Later, all of you will enter the circle, and then the battles will begin. Whoever gets pushed out of the white circle loses, and the last five people remaining would be the temporary guardians for this trip.’’

Clearing his throat, Lin Tiannan spoke again: ’’Just to be fair, during the mixed battles, teaming up against someone and bullying them is strictly prohibited. All the battles have to be one on one battles, without interrupting the battles between other people. I hope you would remember the rules by heart.’’

Everyone looked towards the training court, there was indeed a huge circle that was drawn with white paint. It had a radius of about fifteen meters, which could probably fit about twenty people in it. However, during the battles, the candidates might be affected by the after-effects of other people's attacks, which would make this extremely hard.

’’Good, challenging, I like it.’’ An inner disciple in green, who was from the Emerald Martial Palace nodded while he looked down at the rest of the crowd arrogantly.

The inner disciples from the Purple Sun Martial Palace did not want to back out, ’’Our Purple Sun Martial School has extremely powerful martial arts, especially suitable for such battles, hahaha...’’

’’Us, disciples from the North Snow Martial Academy are not afraid of anyone.’’

’’The Rudra Martial School isn't afraid either.’’

When it was the Sky Cloud Martial School disciples' time to say something, everyone sneered at them, because all the Sky Cloud Martial School disciples that were present all seemed very weak. The most powerful warrior among them was only at the Mid Condensing Reality Realm, and he had no reputation at all. Their existence here seemed to have no purpose whatsoever. Everyone felt that they were present there, only as mere decorations.

Besides the top five martial institutions, the disciples from the other martial institutions seemed to gradually lose their hope. But, when they saw the disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial School, they seemed to gain back some of their confidence.

’’For the selection for the five temporary guardians, count me in.’’

Right then, a firm voice originated from outside the training court.

Lin Tiannan looked towards the owner of that voice. But when he saw the speaker, he could not help but be disappointed. 'What the heck is wrong with this Sky Cloud Martial School? Their disciples seem to be so weak. And this guy in front of me is just a plain fool, how could he dare to be so arrogant, when he is only at the Early Condensing Reality Realm?'


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