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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 7


The Poisonous Saw Tooth Tiger

The twin brothers suddenly laughed brightly as they harvested the demonic beast, ’’This time we got really lucky! This demonic beast condensed a poisonous pearl core!’’

’’A poisonous pearl core?’’ The blue robed young man and black clothed man seemed surprised.

The twin brothers calmly nodded, ’’Yes, it is. It seems to have been formed only a couple of months ago judging that it is no larger than a walnut.’’

A Rank 2 demonic beast could sell for about a thousand silvers. After dividing it five ways, everyone would receive two hundred silvers. However, a pearl core from the demonic beast's body could sell for one thousand silvers by itself. And even though it was only formed months ago, a pearl the size of a walnut could sell for at least two thousand silvers. This was because the poisonous pearl core came from the Demonic Beast's dantian which could be used as a medicinal ingredients or used during for training one's poison arts. What is a pearl core? It was simply the condensation of the demonic beast's life energy compressing over the ages and richness of Qi in its dantian. The result was a pearl that formed from layer upon layer of energy slowly wrapping the pearl core to become larger and larger.

The red clothed girl stared with big eyes as she reached out to touch that incredible rare black pearl core with her hand before the blue robed young man stopped her immediately, ’’Little Sister Tao, don't touch it! Poisonous pearl cores are condensed from the poison from the demonic beasts over many years. It is extremely toxic, it can even melt through iron not to mention what would it do if you touch it!’’

’’Hmph!’’ The young girl stuck her tongue out.

The blue robed teenager took out a jade box from his pocket and said: ’’A wooden box and an iron box would not be able to contain this pearl core, only a jade box could safely seal in the poison.’’ The boy began to accumulate Qi in his left hand before gently pushing the Qi out to lift the poisonous pearl up in the air without actually touching it, carefully putting it into the jade box.

By the dead beast, the twin brothers had already began to cut away parts of the demonic beast's body parts before storing it into a golden silky leather bag.

After everything was done, the elder twin brother frowned: ’’Elder brother Liu, we spent so much effort to kill this one demonic beast. Back in the cave we saw at least three demonic beasts, one of which was extremely massive.’’

The red clothed girl suggested: ’’Perhaps we would go back and ask for help.’’

’’What if other people get there first?’’ The elder twin frowned.

The teenager in black rolled his eyes, ’’How is that even possible? The Silent Hills are at least a thousand miles long, and with its complex lay out, it's incredibly rare to find another group.’’

The blue robed young man shook his head, ’’Didn't you guys notice? The Poison Heart Plant is about to ripen.’’

’’Hmm? What does that mean?’’ The red clothed girl was not following.

The young man in black looked a little bit distracted and also a little bit embarrassed as he said: ’’Once the plant is ready, those poisonous demonic beasts would come out to eat it.’’

The blue robed young man made up his mind, as he said in a low voice: ’’We can handle normal Poisonous Sawed-Tooth beasts, but that extremely large one is definitely out of our league so let's give it up! Otherwise there is a huge chance that we would all die.’’

Everyone fell silent reflecting on those words, it was definitely not worth to lose their life over this.

’’How about I tag along?’’A bright voice rang out in their direction.

’’Who are you?!’’ The teenager in black spun around brandishing his Verdant Green Halberd posed to attack.

Ye Chen walked to them very slowly ’’Calm down, calm down. I'm not here to steal anything. I was just walking past when I saw you guys.’’

The man in black sneered, ’’Just walking past? Lies! You heard our conversation!’’

’’Be calm.’’ The blue robed young man gave him an annoyed look as he took a step forward, blocking the three men behind him. He asked: ’’Who are you, good sir? It seems like we haven't met.’’

Ye Chen shrugged, ’’Ye Chen. Outer Disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School. I was out hunting when I heard your fight so I came to have a look. I mean no harm.’’

’’I see.’’ The blue robed young man did not doubt Ye Chen. The demonic beast was quite strong, so it was quite probable for others to hear. Plus, Ye Chen belonged to the Sky Cloud Martial School, a higher ranked school than the Hall of Golden Light and it was not appropriate to offend him needlessly.

The young man in black observed Ye Chen carefully, he sarcastically replied, ’’Did you say you have only reached Mortal Realm Rank 6? How can a weakling help us with anything?’’

Ye Chen glanced at him, then said to the blue robed teenager: ’’If my guess is right, that large demonic beast should be roughly equivalent to an Early Condensing Reality Realm martial artist which could be very hard to deal with, but I have a plan to seal its movements.’’

’’Oh? What's that?’’ The red clothed girl seemed be interested.

Ye Chen knew that he would not be able convince them if he did not prove at least some of his ability, so he unsheathed his great steel sword. Seeing him reaching for his sword, they all narrowed their eyes as they tightened their grips on their weapons in case he suddenly decided to attack them. Who could tell one's intention when faced with a poisonous pearl worth at least two thousand silvers.

Ye Chen took a deep breath as he turned around to face a large tree, before suddenly stabbing his sword towards the tree.


The tree's trunk was easily the width of two grown men, but it easily became a piece of soft tofu after being stabbed through without any restraint.

The blue robed young man looked surprised, he said quietly, ’’Sword Light Coagulation! He can condense the sword light into a single point, what skill!’’

A very small percent of Mortal Realm martial artist were able to comprehend the mysteries of the sword and form sword light. To be in the Mortal Realm and comprehend Sword Light Coagulation was unheard of! The blue robed young man shook his head in defeat as he witnessed Ye Chen achieve Coagulation, he couldn't help but admire him. Definitely a Sky Cloud Disciple, no doubt about it he thought.

Ye Chen turned around and said: ’’Poisonous Sawed Tooth Tigers are quite dangerous to kill due their extremely swift movements paired with their high defense. But if we could break through their armor and cripple one of its legs, then we can take it down.’’

The competitive young man in black sneered: ’’Hah, words are cheap. You think demonic beasts are trees? They won't wait for you there to slowly cut off their legs’’

Ye Chen grinned, as he once again waved his sword a couple of times.


The sword was back in its scabbard.

When the teenager in black was just about to sneer again, a couple of leaves drifting above Ye Chen's head suddenly split in half, then again into four pieces, each with smooth edges!

Everyone gasped, being able to do this without even looking was extremely high skill, even the masters in the Hall of Golden Light couldn't do it.

The blue robed young man took a deep breath, he smiled, ’’I am Liu Tao, an outer disciple in the Hall of Golden Light. This fellow in black here is Wang Haichuan. And these two twins are Yang Wen and Yang Wu. And this is junior sister Tao Qing.’’ Liu Tao pointed at the four people as he introduced them, finally confident of Ye Chen's abilities.

Ye Chen replied submissively, ’’Nice to meet you guys.’’

Tao Jing chuckled: ’’Are all the outer disciples in the Sky Cloud Martial School this strong?’’

Wang Haichuan replied quietly, ’’Preposterous...’’


In the forest, a slope could be seen by itself, it was about ten meters high and more than a mile in length.

’’Brother Ye, about a hundred steps further and you will see the cave. If nothing has changed, there should be two Poisonous Sawed-Tooth Tigers guarding out front and the huge one would be inside.’’

Those five people had all trained their movement skills extensively and could walk without any sounds at all, like a group of ghosts.

Ye Chen nodded as he whispered: ’’Brother Liu, do you have a plan on how to draw one out?’’

Liu Tao smiled, ’’Those Poisonous Sawed-Tooth Tigers love to eat poisonous plants. I have five harvested poisonous scorpion plants, and although they are not as exquisite as the Poison Heart Plant, it should work. In fact that's how we lured the previous beast out before.’’

Shortly after, the group could see the dark cave and the two demonic beasts about ten meters away. They all sucked in their breath and held it for a moment at the sight.

With everyone nervously staring, Liu Tao took out a long jade box from his pocket and opened it. Inside was full of purple plants that had nine leaves each that smelled somewhat fishy. It was the poisonous scorpion plants!

Holding them in his hand, Liu Tao explained: ’’This poisonous scorpion plant smell spreads very quickly. Once a demonic beast catches a whiff of it, we will have to immediately depart, otherwise we risk being swarmed by other demonic beasts.’’

As Liu Tao was talking, the demonic beast near them suddenly raised its head, flaring its nostril.

’’Its coming!’’ Tao Qing eyes gleamed in excitement as his body tensed for action.

It was almost as if they were playing a game, when the demonic beast took ten steps forward, they took thirty steps back;then the demonic beast walked forward thirty steps, they backed out another hundred steps.



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