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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 69


Chapter 69 - Reborn

Long Biyun half joked: ’’No matter how powerful the Godly Water Spell is, it could never compete with Tu Chongshan's Sunshine Art, right? Of course, the Major Luo God Art isn't exactly weak either.’’

Both the Sunshine Art and the Major Luo God Art were fire element martial arts. The former was like a burning sun that could burn anything on this earth, with the power of its explosions, while the latter could be both Yin and Yang, tough and tender. With so many variations in one martial art, it allowed the practitioner to explore it by himself.

Xue Wuren shook his head and said: ’’Among all of us, the most mysterious one has to be you. Who dares to say that they could beat you for sure?’’

’’Regardless of anyone else, I cannot ever compete with Brother Xue's sabre intent.’’

It's not clear, if it was just Long Biyun's personality or if she was just trying to be humble, but she did not boast about herself, and kept praising the rest of them. However, Luo Xinglie and Xue Wuren would never dare to underestimate her just because of that, as it would not end well for them if they did. Previously, there was a Late peak Clasping Yuan Realm warrior from the Rudra Nation, who saw the extremely gorgeous and talented Long Biyun and became very interested in her. He wanted to marry her, but she kindly refused him. But he didn't back out and instead suggested to have a battle to change her decision. If she lost, she had to be his woman, if she won, then he would immediately leave. It took only ten moves. In just ten moves, that powerful warrior from the Rudra Nation had been completely defeated, both physically and mentally. And to do this, Long Biyun did not even need to use her full power.

Since then, no one dared to underestimate Long Biyun. She was a really mysterious woman.

’’Hahahaha, I, Tu Chongshan, am here!’’ A golden halo sliced through the sky, it did not seem to slow down even as it got closer to them. It was heading directly towards Luo Xinglie. All of a sudden, a burning heat wave spread across the whole plaza, it felt like a meteorite was heading towards them.

’’Don't you dare!’’

Luo Xinglie squeezed his eyebrows, one could see that he was enraged. He extended both of his arms, and it looked as if he intended to catch that huge fire ball.


It felt like the whole mountain was shaking. The after-effects of their clash blew away everything in their surroundings. The ground sunk about five meters. It had turned everything in a hundred metre radius to ruins. Everything around them had been shredded to pieces, including the corpse of Jiang Tiansha.

Long Biyun seemed to have seen it coming, she had built a blue colored defensive wall around her. This stopped the wave right in front of her, not letting it come any closer to her.

Xue Wuren turned furious, he stepped forward, accumulated the powerful sabre Qi and slashed in between them.


The sabre Qi had managed to separate the two of them by force, but the power of the strike didn't seem like it diminished by much. It continued on its path and sliced the welcoming plaza in half, in a clean smooth cut. The top of the welcoming plaza slowly slid down, making a huge noise.

Shoo! Shoo!

Luo Xinglie and Tu Chongshan both jumped backwards.

Once his foot touched the ground, Luo Xinglie said in a low voice: ’’Tu Chongshan, what the heck is wrong with you? If you really want a fight, just pick the date.’’

’’Haha, I haven't seen you for years, your Major Luo God Art seems to have improved! But it's too bad, just now I had only used the power of nine suns, if I had pushed it to the tenth sun, you would have definitely lost.’’ Tu Chongshan patted down his sleeves, he did not seem to be sorry for his actions at all.

Luo Xinglie tried his best to control his temper and sneered: ’’So what if you have the power of ten suns? Do you think my Major Luo Zhen Qi is just a decoration?’’

The two had always been fighting for as long as they could remember, neither of them were willing to back down. They could not even remember the reason they started fighting. But, they did not care about that anymore. It seemed as if the Major Luo God Art and the Sun Shine Art were born to be enemies, this in turn making their users arch-enemies for life.

Regardless of their hatred towards each other, both of them could not help but be impressed by Xue Wuren's strength. Although the reason that the sabre Qi being able to stop that attack earlier, was only due to it striking at the point of contact, the timing of the attack and the power in it were still extremely impressive. Besides that, both of them knew that Xue Wuren was the strongest when using the sabre intent, and earlier he was not at all serious.

’’What are you doing? Now is not the time for fighting.’’ Long Biyun walked over and tried to be the middleman.

Tu Chongshan laughed: ’’Since it's you, I will stop it. But, I wonder if Brother Luo would allow it.’’

’’Huh, wait until we finish dealing with this matter, then I will show you my new martial art. Of course it all depends on whether you are brave enough to take it or not.’’

’’Why not!’’ Tu Chongshan squinted his eyes.

Xue Wuren who had just thrown out an attack did not say anything. He actually wanted to see the epic battle between the two, since people at their levels rarely fought.

Soon, the elder who was stepping on light had arrived.

’’Everyone, I, Gao Tianhe, am late.’’ Even while facing the four leaders of the top four martial institutions, the elder was not shaken at all. In fact he was even a bit arrogant.

Xue Wuren frowned and said: ’’Where is Zhuang Qingxian?’’

The elder cleared his throat, ’’The leader is now in closed door training, and was unable to attend. As for today's business, you don't have to be bothered about it anymore. We, the Emerald Martial Palace have already gotten the first-hand information of the situation.’’

Hearing him, the four were all shocked, they all stared at Gao Tianhe.

Even though Gao Tianhe was at the peak of Late Condensing Reality Realm, he was still unable to handle being stared at by four powerful warriors. But, compared to what he was about to say, he felt that it was nothing. He took a deep breath, used all his strength, and said: ’’Half a month ago, some disciples from our martial institution while on a mission, saw five ghosts carrying a coffin. Then, half month later, once the news of the Evil Earth Martial School's extermination broke out, we were able to connect the two. After careful investigation and research, we came to a conclusion. The Nine Evil Cult that was destroyed twenty years ago has been revived. This slaughter was probably committed by the 108th ghost warrior - Ghost Artist, who was the only person that enjoyed living in a stone coffin.’’

Hearing his words, the four of them were shocked.

Long Biyun asked: ’’Is this really true?’’

Gao Tianhe nodded slowly, ’’Would I joke around about this kind of important matter? But, it is still not that serious yet. We had all witnessed the fall of the Nine Evil Cult, the part of them that survived shouldn't be too strong. If I am guessing right, they are currently trying to save their strength, so they probably won't dare to attack the other big martial institutions in the Windy Nation. But, I cannot be sure about the other small martial institutions. For the next three to five years, we might have nothing to worry about. But after that, we will all probably have to face them.’’

Three to five years, who could be absolutely sure? Once they were finished with all the small institutions and gained enough strength and money, they might start going against the larger institutes.

Who could forget the horrors the Nine Evil Cult had caused? They were almost as strong as all the martial institutions in the southern region combined. If it was not for those powerful parties from other nations that came to help, all of the southern region might've ended up in the control of the Nine Evil Cult. When compared to the Nine Evil Cult, the Windy Nation could only be considered a little ant, while the top five martial institutions could not even be considered as ants.

As for the Ghost Artist, who was one of the one hundred and eight ghost warriors, he was not even considered strong in the Nine Evil Cult. But, in the Windy Nation, he could be considered to be unstoppable. He was relatively quiet, probably because he was badly wounded and still needed some time to recover. Otherwise, Evil Earth Martial School would not be the only school that had been exterminated. Even one of the top five martial institutions might have been exterminated by him.


A cold wind blew out of nowhere, while everyone present looked extremely worried.


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk, Disco Pangolin


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