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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 66


Chapter 66 - Five Ghosts and A Coffin

Under the hazy sky, a group of dark shadows flew past the clouds.

When they came a little closer, Ye Chen was finally able to see their real forms.

There were five ghosts holding a coffin, flying in the endless dark night. A normal person would have fainted upon witnessing this, imagining that they were there to take his soul and drag him to the deepest parts of hell. However, Ye Chen was a martial artist, who would even take on life and death challenges for his training. How could he be afraid of such trivial things?

He felt that the five human figures were not ghosts, but rather warriors who had trained some kind of special martial art, that allowed them to travel without an actual form.

’’Clasping Yuan Realm warriors! They must be Clasping Yuan Realm warriors!’’ Also, from their odd Qi vibrations, he realized that their cultivation level should probably be higher than the Sky Cloud Martial School headmaster's, maybe just slightly lower than Luo Xinglie's cultivation level.’’ Ye Chen's soul power was extremely powerful, he could just take a glance at someone and get an idea of their cultivation level. If he was unable to find it that way, he made a rough estimation by comparing their Qi vibrations with that of the people he met prior to them. That was why he chose to try and sense those white hazy figures' cultivation levels by comparing them to people he met, as he was unable to directly see through their cultivation.

Ye Chen felt a cold sweat emerge down his back. He could not help but wondered 'What the hell is in that coffin? A human? Or just a corpse? No way, five Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors carrying a mere corpse? Are you joking? There's only one explanation left, there should probably be a human in that coffin, a warrior whose cultivation is not any lower than the Clasping Yuan Realm.

An Astral Reaching Realm warrior!

Ye Chen licked his dried lips, he didn't dare to move an inch. The Astral Reaching Realm warriors in the Windy Nation had been inactive for a long time. The strongest warriors known would certainly be the leaders of the five martial institutions. The leaders of the Emerald Martial Palace, the North Snow Martial Academy, the Purple Sun Martial Palace, the Rudra Martial School and the Sky Cloud Martial School, were all at the peak of Clasping Yuan Realm and were known to be extremely strong. They rarely faced opponents that could rival their strength. But, that was only under the condition that those Astral Reaching Realm warriors remained inactive, otherwise even they would be powerless.

Suddenly, dark clouds covered the entire sky. Those five figures continued flying in front of the dark clouds while emitting a terrifying aura. As their white robes flew behind them due to the wind, they looked just like ghosts, or rather like reapers.

After they flickered across the sky, the five ghosts and the coffin completely disappeared in the distance, leaving only the dark clouds behind them, seemingly unreal.

Ye Chen wiped the sweat off his forehead, while still a little scared.

’’Young warrior, what are you still doing outside? Your room is ready.’’ the man said to Ye Chen through the window, as he was already inside the house.


After taking care of the dark brown horse, Ye Chen turned to leave.

The guest room was not big, there was a bed, a table and a chair in the room;there was also an oil lamp hung to the wall. The shining orange colored light it emitted, barely brightened the room.

’’You take a good rest. Call for me if you need anything, I will definitely fulfill your wishes.’’ The man stood by the door, while unable to hide his joy. He was still thinking of the five silvers! It was not expensive to live in the Yellow Stone Village. Five silvers is enough for his family to live very well for three months, instead of just barely surviving.

Ye Chen thought about it and said: ’’It might rain later tonight. You go find some people and build a shed for my horse. Here are ten silvers, give it to those who are willing to work.’’

Finished speaking, Ye Chen handed over another two pieces of silvers.

’’Okay, okay, I will go ask them. Only fools would not be willing to do it.’’ The man's eyes were shining like diamonds, he took the silvers with great respect.

Ye Chen waited until the man left, then he waved his hand in the air, and the door closed by itself.

Sitting on the bed with his legs crossed, Ye Chen took out two low rank soul stones from his storage ring, and then started his daily Zhen Qi training.

In the last faw days, although Ye Chen trained regularly and worked hard, he wasn't completely dedicated to it. When someone fully invested themselves in their training, they would do nothing else but train. They would get past or get rid of anything that hinders their training.

Ye Chen used to not take training seriously, since his training speed was already quite fast and he could absorb Yuan qi from two soul stones at once due to his powerful body. But, after what he had witnessed tonight, he became quite anxious. His instinct told him that something major would happen in the foreseeable future, which might affect the whole Windy Nation, or perhaps even the surrounding nations.

Even if it was just him thinking too much, it was always good to be prepared rather than ignore such warnings, because the latter would always end up with him being dead.

He urged his Zhen Qi to complete a whole circle in his body, one circle after another.

Late night!


The two low rank soul stones in his hands had a few cracks on them.

As he slowly opened his eyes, Ye Chen gradually let out a long breath, his Qi shot out like an arrow and hit the opposite wall. Due to the impact, tiny rocks kept falling down from the wall.

’’A normal Early Condensing Reality Realm warrior would use up a low rank soul stone in five days, and I use up two in four days, which is about two and a half times faster than the others. My Pure Jun Zhen Qi's quality has improved, which means it requires more yuan qi to improve further.’’

Discarding the cracked low rank soul stones, Ye Chen felt more thankful to the previous owner of the storage ring. If it wasn't for those ten thousand low rank soul stones, he would never be able to absorb Yuan qi without restraint. Two low rank soul stones in four days which meant twenty soul stones in forty days, two hundred soul stones in four hundred days. And his requirements would keep on increasing along with his cultivation level. Normal people would never be able to afford that many soul stones.

Of course, the Ye family could. But, they would need explanations for a lot of things. First of all, he would have to explain why he used up all the soul stones two times faster than the others. This would need for him to reveal his Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell, which was the last thing Ye Chen wanted to do now.

The night went on, the broken moon was covered by the dark clouds.

Ye Chen did not even take his clothes off before he went to bed. But, he did not completely fall asleep and remained a little conscious.

Later that night, just like Ye Chen had expected, it rained heavily. Under the sound of the heavy rain pouring down the sky, no other sounds were audible. The rainwater washed away the impurities of the land

The rain lasted until the next morning.

Ye Chen could not refuse the man and his wife's request to wait until the rain thins down. So, he gave up on his plans to leave first thing in the morning, and sat down and had breakfast with them. They had a daughter who was only three years old, wearing simple little clothes, with big eyes that were full of spirit. She was eating from her little bowl without caring about anyone else. When she talked, her voice sounded extremely innocent and lovable, which was also why Ye Chen stayed for breakfast.

After breakfast, Ye Chen gave the little girl a jade, since she was so lovable. He felt that it was not worth much, as he had bought hundreds of them for training his Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell. There were still a few of them left, that were worth thirty silvers each. He didn't care about the money, as it was perfectly suitable as a gift.

The little girl thanked him, Ye Chen smiled, and left the house.

At the gates of the village, Ye Chen jumped on his horse and disappeared into the distance.


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