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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 64


Chapter 64 - The Evil Blood Martial School

Searching the Bloody Butcher's whole body, Ye Chen could not find anything valuable, only a few hundreds worth of gold notes and some silvers.

'Am I really this unlucky? No, wait, this Bloody Butcher had mentioned earlier that he had gained a huge fortune from all those martial institution's disciples he killed, and he also said that he would leave the Windy Nation to go to another nation, so it is impossible for him to have only this little amount of money on him. There must be something else.'

Not believing that his luck was that bad, Ye Chen released his soul power, and searched the Bloody Butcher's corpe inch by inch.

Soon after.

Ye Chen's eyes brightened as his hands reached towards the Bloody Butcher's waistband.

There was something hidden in the waistband, something that felt like a ring. When Ye Chen's soul force came in contact with the ring like object, he could sense some spirit power.

'It is a storage ring, no wonder.' Ye Chen had to admit that he was very impressed with the Bloody Butcher, who had stored all his treasures in the storage ring and hid it in his waistband. If it was not for his powerful soul force, he would have most likely missed it and would have probably lost the opportunity to get rich.

There were a lot of people standing around watching. Ye Chen accumulated his Zhen Qi at the tip of his finger, and stealthily sliced open the Bloody Butcher's waistband and took out the storage ring. He put it into his own storage ring without even checking its contents.

As for Teng Yunlong's belongings, Ye Chen decided not to take any of them. He felt that it'd be troublesome, if the Purple Sun Martial Palace tried to find who was responsible Teng Yunlong's death and blamed it on him for possessing any of his belongings.

Finished with searching the Bloody Butcher's body, Ye Chen started to scan the Bloody Butcher's head. His face looked extremely horrifying. There were countless knife wounds that covered his whole face. Only his eyes were wide open, and they were staring straight at Ye Chen.

As he shook his head, Ye Chen took out a black fabric out of his storage ring. He reached out to the head using his Zhen Qi and brought it onto the black fabric. He then wrapped it up efficiently and tied a knot on top of it, so that it could barely be made out as a human head.

It was needed to be produced, for Ye Chen to prove that he personally killed the Bloody Butcher, so that he could get the reward from the Floating Cloud Palace.

’’Young warrior, you can't just leave us like this. My restaurant has been ruined, and all those customers also lost their lives. What should I do now?’’ the restaurant owner who was in his late forties ran out and cried to him. He felt that since Ye Chen was a disciple from a marital institution, he probably wouldn't kill an innocent man.

Ye Chen frowned. The restaurant was ruined by the Bloody Butcher and Teng Yunlong, and those customers were killed by the after wave from their battle, of which neither could be said to be his responsibility. But now that the Bloody Butcher was dead, and as he had gotten all his money, Ye Chen felt that it wouldn't be right if he didn't make it up to the restaurant owner.

While such thoughts flashed through his head, Ye Chen took out two gold notes that were worth ten thousand silvers each, and said: ’’Here is twenty thousand silvers, it will be enough for you to repair your restaurant and make it up to those who had lost their lives. But remember this, only one thousand silver in this belongs to you, if you dare to take any more than that, you will be the next one to die.’’

The Black Stone Valley was located in the middle of nowhere, all the buildings here were old and rusty, so one restaurant was worth no more than one thousand silvers. However, it was harder to name a price for someone's life, if someone's rich, they could be worth more than thousands of silver, and if the person belonged to a famous family, then they would be a lot more valuable, as they already own a fortune.

According to the law of the Windy Nation, for each normal person who lost their life in an accident, their family would be compensated with five hundred silvers, which would probably be enough for their family to live comfortably for a span of ten years. Now that Ye Chen had taken out twenty thousand silvers, after leaving out the thousand silvers for the restaurant owner, the rest of the nineteen thousand silvers would be enough to compensate thirty-eight families, while the number of people that lost their lives was even less than that.

Maybe it was the misery of being poor, but most of the people who had lost their family member would rather take the five hundred silvers than have their dead family come back alive. Because at least the former could insure their life for the next ten years, they would even have money for their children to get married, and maybe even repair their houses.

The owner of the restaurant kept nodding his like a little chick eating rice off the ground, ’’Young warrior, you don't have to worry. With these many witnesses present, how would I dare to take more than I deserve?’’

’’I hope so.’’ Ye Chen agreed.

After he handed over the gold note, Ye Chen was just about to leave when all the surrounding mercenaries came up to him.

’’Young warrior, you were so skillful. The Bloody Butcher had killed countless people. There were many people that wanted to kill him, but ended up being killed by him. Now that he is finally dead, there would probably be many people that would like to thank you.’’

Ye Chen could not simply turn them away, he said: ’’You guys are flattering me. There is always justice, if I don't kill him today, then someone else will do it later.’’

’’I admire you greatly young warrior. I wonder what your name is.’’

Ye Chen knew that one's reputation was bound to be affected while traveling the world, sometimes even if you were not interested in fame, other people would respect you for your deeds, eventually there would be no way to escape that pattern. So, Ye Chen thought that he might as well just accept it, and replied: ’’I am Ye Chen, an inner disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School.’’

’’Young warrior Ye, I am Two Blades Xu Shan.’’

’’Deadly Arc Sun Ruhai!’’

’’Iron leg Liu Wan!’’


All of a sudden, all the mercenaries yelled out their names. As they already had a little bit of reputation for their names in this area, they felt that if they could be in good terms with an inner disciple from the Sky Cloud Martial School, then their reputation might increase a lot, and they might even gain more respect from people.

Ye Chen forced a smile. He knew that fame was not always a good thing, as it sometimes attracted trouble.

By the time he had gotten rid of all those people, it was already afternoon.

Ye Chen got on his dark brown horse, and then headed back.

On a street that was pretty much empty, Ye Chen took out the Bloody Butcher's ring from his own storage ring and injected his soul power.


A wave of Qi spread out, and Ye Chen could see the space inside the storage ring.

The space inside was about three square meters, equivalent to the size of a small room, which was filled with gold and silver. The golden light radiating all around made it seem extra bright.

There were about ten thousand pieces of gold and thirty something silvers on the floor, and also a pile of gold notes worth about sixty thousand right next to them. There was more than ten thousand gold on the whole, which was equivalent to a few millions of silvers. This was definitely a huge fortune.

Even Ye Chen's father, the leader of the Sky Cloud Martial School, only had ten thousand silvers or so. Although he did not need to spend his own money as the clan leader, but it was enough to understand that this amount of money was a lot even for a clan leader.

Besides money and normal belongings , there were a couple of manuals placed on a small bookshelf in the corner.

Ye Chen's heart skipped a beat as he took out the manual placed on top of the shelf, from the storage ring.

On the cover of the manual, there were four huge bloody characters - Slaughtering Yuan Bloody Palm!

As he opened the manual.

’’The Slaughtering Yuan Bloody Palm, top rank Mortal Realm skill, the Rudra Nation's seventh ranked martial institution, the Evil Blood Martial School's exclusive martial art. To train in this art, one has to absorb the rare bloody qi present in the nature. The more it is absorbed, the stronger the its power will be. Once mastered, the warrior can easily break down the defensive Zhen Qi and kill an opponent at the same level.’’

When it turned out to be a martial art that belonged to the seventh ranked Evil Blood Martial School of the Rudra Nation, Ye Chen had some concerns about it

' The Evil Blood Martial School is one of the best martial institutions in the Rudra Nation with its general rating even higher than the Emerald Martial Palace. it is an extremely brutal martial school, its disciples are also known to be brutal and dangerous. I wonder how this manual ended up in the hands of the Bloody Butcher?'

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