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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 63


Chapter 63 - Sword Out, Head down

The Bloody Butcher glanced at Ye Chen, who appeared to be about fifteen years old. He was wearing white robes and had a long sword hanging at his waist. The Bloody Butcher said in an icy tone: ’’It seems like a lot of people are interested in the mission to kill me. I have just killed an inner disciple of the Purple Sun Martial Palace, and there's an inner disciple from the Sky Cloud Martial School here already. Are the inner disciples from the North Snow Martial Academy and the Emerald Martial Palace coming as well? Too bad that you are even more stupid than him. Even though you know that I am a Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior, you still say that you want to take my head. Are you just looking for death?’’

If Ye Chen was a Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior, then the Bloody Butcher would not even consider fighting him, and he would just escape. But, based on the thickness of Ye Chen's Zhen Qi, he judged that Ye Chen was only at the Early Condensing Reality Realm, and hadn't even reached the peak of that level. Although he felt that Ye Chen's Zhen Qi was extremely pure and was as sharp as countless small knives, he did not care.

Ye Chen looked unfazed, he said: ’’As a Mid Condensing Reality Realm level warrior, to be able to disguise your cultivation level to appear as that of a peak of Early Condensing Reality Realm level warrior, you must have trained some kind of auxiliary art, right? I am very interested in it.’’

Even though this kind of auxiliary art did not have any use in improving one's cultivation level, it was quite useful compared to the other arts in some areas. The Bloody Butcher used it to hide his true cultivation level, and waited for his opponent to get careless before fighting back. It could also be used to disguise his cultivation and enter some places that had restrictions based on cultivation levels.

The Bloody Butcher frowned. A faint sense of danger arose in him from listening to Ye Chen's calm voice. Even though his instincts warned him that something horrible might happen if he continued to talk to him, he chose to ignore it. How is it possible? An Early Condensing Reality Realm warrior, even if he is a genius, wouldn't have what it takes to beat me. He is just like that inner disciple from the North Snow Martial Academy, no matter how strong he was or how valuable the pellet he had used is, I still managed to kill him. With such thoughts running through his mind, the Bloody Butcher sneered: ’’A dying man doesn't need to know more. Earth Explosion!’’

As he was speaking, the Bloody Butcher stomped on the ground heavily. The ground suddenly cracked open and pitch black Zhen Qi could be seen erupting forth, twisting and spreading out all the way towards Ye Chen.

The next second!


The tiny rocks on the ground were like weapons, they shot out in every direction, and hit everything within the radius of a twenty meters. All the buildings on either side of the street were filled with holes and cracks, the bodies of the spectators closer to them were also ridden with holes. They lifelessly fell down to the ground, with their faces filled with shock and their eyes wide open.

At the place where the explosion took place, there appeared a huge hole in the ground.

’’Hahaha... if I, the Bloody Butcher, wanted you dead, you wouldn't be alive for a second more. In your next life, you should be careful of who you mess with.’’ The Bloody Butcher hadn't been this satisfied in a long time. It was all due to him being able to kill the two inner disciples continuously without spending too much effort. The only downside of it was that, his opponent was shredded to pieces during the explosion, and all of his gold notes and belongings would have been destroyed due to it. But the Bloody Butcher was only slightly upset about it, and he was soon back to being happy. When he thought of the millions worth of gold and other treasures he had already obtained, he felt that the small amount of gold that was destroyed wouldn't make much of a difference.

All those travellers who had been forced to move farther away due to to fight were all looking at each other confused as they did not know how to respond to what they just saw.

The Bloody Butcher is so damn strong! Even an Early Condensing Reality Realm warrior couldn't take a single attack from him, and disappeared completely. Luckily, we were careful earlier and had moved farther away from them, otherwise we would also be dead.

Just as the Bloody Butcher was about to search Teng Yunlong's body, a tiny dot of sword light suddenly appeared in front of him, and all he could see was Ye Chen, in his white robes flash past him.


A bloody arrow passed through the Bloody Butcher's neck, and then continued for another three meters before it stopped.

’’You didn't die!’’ Each word the Bloody Butcher was forced out, shooting out more blood from the hole in his neck.

Standing five steps behind the Bloody Butcher, Ye Chen put his sword back into its scabbard, as he said lightly: ’’I was going to talk to you for a little longer, too bad.’’

A look of realization at the irony of his situation flashed past the Bloody Butcher's eyes. His head slowly tilted and fell off his neck, then his body collapsed as well, and his blood washed the floor.

Turning around, Ye Chen slightly shook his head.

If he fought fairly, it would take him at least three attacks to kill the Bloody Butcher, as his opponent's cultivation was even above Cui Shiming, and he had a lot of experience that even two of Cui Shiming could not compare to. However, the Bloody Butcher had underestimated him in the beginning, otherwise even if Ye Chen managed to stab him, it would have been blocked by his defensive Zhen Qi.

Ye Chen had forgotten that after training the Crane Shadow Steps, his speed had already reached an inhuman level. But now, he felt that the Bloody Butcher would failed to even accumulate Zhen Qi in time to block him even if it was a fair fight.

The Bloody Butcher had been cautious his whole life, but in the end he lost his life due to his carelessness. Of course, no matter how careful he was, if Ye Chen decided to kill him, his life would not be his to keep. This was the absolute advantage of being strong.

All those travellers who hadn't remained stood there shocked with their mouths wide open.

All they saw was Ye Chen pull out his sword, and then in the next second the Bloody Butcher's head was falling off. They had no idea what happened in between.

Sword out, head gone!

How simple was that? What kind of skill was that?

It was just like those assassins, once they attacked, their targets would be dead without fail.

’’This guy is very scary!’’ one of them said quietly.

The other guy said: ’’He reminded me of the Young Master North Snow, they are both very young and deadly.’’

’’However, if he wants to reach the Young Master North Snow's level, he will have to surpass someone else first.’’

’’Who is that?’’

’’Who else? The third ranked disciple of the North Snow Martial Academy, Lin Qi. Although his cultivation level is nothing special, he has always managed to do things normal people could not. Like beating Wu Wanshan in just ten sword attacks, or splitting a waterfall with one move, or killing a Burning Bird with just his oppressive aura. The leader of the North Snow Martial Academy even said that he had the best comprehension ability for saber intent among all the disciples, not even the Young Master North Snow had been given that kind of compliment before.’’

’’Saber intent! Are you joking? Even a saber artist who had reached the Clasping Yuan Realm might not be able to sense saber intent. It is extremely rare for anyone to be able to sense it. In the whole Windy Nation, only the leader of the North Snow Martial Academy is known to be capable of sensing it.’’

’’What cultivation are you, and what cultivation is the leader of the North Snow Martial Academy? Could he be wrong? Also, he only said 'most likely', not 'certainly'.’’

’’That is true. But this guy's cultivation level is way too low when compared to Lin Qi. If he wants to compete with Lin Qi, then he still has a long way to go.’’

The travellers kept discussing and expressing their opinions. Ye Chen did not hear all those gossiping as all his attention was still on the Bloody Butcher.

As a wanted man for a bounty mission, he must have a lot of money. At least thousands of silver, perhaps even ten thousands of silvers, which was also an extra reward that those disciples were after. If he was lucky, he might become a millionaire overnight.


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