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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 62


Chapter 62 - I Am Here to Take Your Head

’’Great Yang Palm!’’

Both of Teng Yunlong's palms had accumulated a layer of purple Qi at a high temperature that heated the air around everywhere it went, like boiling water.

When the Bloody Palm and the purple Qi clashed, the air was suddenly violently twisted. A bright purple light exploded as it tried to break down the Bloody Palm. But the Bloody Palm was too strong and firm, in addition, it had the ability to corrode Zhen Qi. Once the purple light came in contact with the Bloody Palm, it started to melt like snow under a bright sun. Within just a few seconds, more than thirty percent of the purple Qi had already dissipated and the remaining seventy percent was also being corroded at a rapid pace.


Teng Yunlong flew backwards with a surprised expression, as he opened his mouth and let out a mouthful of blood.

The Bloody Butcher would never let this kind of great opportunity slip by. His feet touched the ground, then stepped down as he chased after Teng Yunlong. He laughed arrogantly, ’’Although my Bloody Palm is only a top rank Mortal Realm skill, its specialty is to corrode Zhen Qi. Besides, you didn't even have enough time to recover from your fall. You were probably able to use only about seventy percent of your full power, how could you be my opponent in such circumstances? Just die already.’’

’’Bloody Butcher, do you really think that I am a fish on the chopping board, waiting to be slaughtered?’’ A vicious look flashed past Teng Yunlong's face. While he was still in the air, he reached into his pocket and withdrew a pellet. It was about the size of a grape, its body was crystal clear while there was a burning red light that continuously twisted inside of it.

He swallowed it without hesitation and roared, his purple clothes started fluttering, while he started to accumulate all his Zhen Qi.

The next moment.

Teng Yunlong's face turned to a shade of burning red, while his veins looked like earthworms as they were bulging under his skin, all the way up to his hairline.

The Bloody Butcher was shocked, ’’Heart Boosting Pellet!’’


The floor under his foot broke into pieces as Teng Yunlong managed to stop his body. A light red light appeared around his body, which brought along with it an oppressive aura that was comparable to a Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior.

’’That's right, it is the indeed the heart boosting pellet. For fifteen minutes after taking it, all my Zhen Qi will be extremely stimulated, which is equivalent to boosting my power up by a level. Also, as long as the effect of the pill remains, I will have endless amounts of Zhen Qi. And all of my wounds from before have also been alleived.’’ While talking, Teng Yunlong's right hand hovered around his Dantian as he slowly pulled it up like he was preparing for one last attack to make the best use of the pellet.

While this was happening, a large crowd had already congregated to watch the battle, which included a lot of travelers. Ye Chen was also one of them.

I didn't expect that the disciple from the Purple Sun Martial Palace would get here before me. This makes it a bit tricky now. But the good thing is that the Bloody Butcher is not that easy to handle. Although his cultivation level is only comparable to a normal Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior, his experience makes him much stronger than that, allowing him to effectively use 110 percent, or maybe even 120 percent of his power. Even if it was a Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior fighting with him, it would not be that easy to take him down.

Holding the reins of the horse in his hand, dozens of thoughts went through Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen came to a clear understanding of the situation as he saw the changes going through Teng Yunlong's body and heard the Bloody Butcher mention the heart boosting pellet. Teng Yunlong had a final trump card. The heart boosting pellet was an exclusive pellet from the Purple Sun Martial Palace, and only a few dozens are made each year. Each pellet was worth more than ten thousand silvers and it was the dream of many warriors to obtain one.

It seemed like Teng Yunlong really wanted to kill the Bloody Butcher no matter the cost, as he was willing to use a pill that was worth more than ten thousand silvers, while the reward for killing the Bloody Butcher was only four thousand gold. He would not be able to make any profit this way, and it would only be a worthless kill.

’’Little Brat, it doesn't make a difference even if you took the heart boosting pellet, now die!’’

He even has the heart boosting pellet, which means that the leaders of the Purple Sun Martial Palace pay a lot of attention to him, he might have even more valuable things on him.

Such thoughts went through the Bloody Butcher's head, his aura turned even more forceful, as he threw out a brutal palm attack towards Teng Yunlong.


The air was torn apart by the bloody palm attack, while it brought up visible waves in the air.

At this critical moment, Teng Yunlong roared, and the red light around his body suddenly turned three times brighter. The resulting strong Zhen Qi vibrations shook all the doors and windows around, which made a scary creaking sound.

’’You want to kill me? What a suicidal move.’’

Without backing down, Teng Yunlong's right hand drew a half circle in the air as a stream of purple and red Qi flow was formed into a light ball, which was then thrown out towards that bloody palm attack.


The buildings on both sides of the street were filled with huge cracks. The resulting shock wave was powerful enough to kill a huge tiger, and spread out in all directions. It blew over all the audience members who were standing far away, making some of them cry in pain.

The two people fighting had to back away three steps each, before starting to move forward again and to resume their deadly battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

The wind from the palm blows continued to gust, moving back and forth, clashing and making unbearably loud sounds. The two continued their fighting from the east side to the west side, from the streets to the rooftops, there was no place that was unaffected.

After a long time, one of them suddenly backed out, and landed on the rooftop of a house.

It was the Bloody Butcher.

’’Trying to prolong the fight? No way!’’ Teng Yunlong sneered, as he jumped towards his opponent, and threw out a palm.

The Bloody Butcher showed no signs to avoid the attack, but instead he slightly spread his legs, then lifted up his right palm, and took Teng Yunlong's attack head on.



There was a cry after the huge sound, Teng Yunlong who was now badly wounded was pressed into the wall of the restaurant. His eyes widened as if he had just seen a ghost. He used all his energy left, and said: ’’You are so despicable, hiding your true cultivation level.’’

’’Haha, I had already reached the Mid Condensing Reality Realm half a month ago, I was just afraid that I might be chased by even more powerful people if this was known, so I hid my cultivation level. This way, I could not only live an easier life, but also have the opportunity to play with you so-called martial institutional disciples. Plus,I get to have all the great treasures that belong to you, so why not?’’ The Bloody Butcher took a break, then he resumed, ’’After getting all the treasures from you, I will leave the Windy Nation and head to another nation. As soon as I reach there, I will change my name, and then no one will ever find the Bloody Butcher, hahahahhaha...’’

Towards the end of his speech, the bloody butcher could not help but laugh in satisfaction. Although he had a strong cultivation, it wasn't enough to save him forever, as he had messed with a great number of women, including even a few daughters of some big families. People who want to kill him are almost countless, they could easily fill up the whole restaurant. But fortunately, he had survived even until now. Since he had already gained more than a few million of silvers, no matter where he went, he would be able to have a great life.

Teng Yunlong's eyes were wide open, he let out his last breath filled with regret. He regretted that he did not leave after the first signs of danger, he regretted taking on this mission, he regretted meeting this evil man.

If there was a second chance in life, he would rather choose to live, instead of risking it for so-called fame.

Even though he saw that Teng Yunlong had died, the Bloody Butcher threw another palm attack at his chest just to be sure. Then, he walked up closer and was just about to search through his belongings when he was interrupted.

’’The Bloody Butcher is indeed as brutal as his reputation suggests.’’ A bright voice appeared out of the crowd.

The Bloody Butcher stopped in his steps, and looked over in the direction from where the sound originated from, while his face looked a little upset. ’’Who said that?’’

’’Someone who is going to take your head.’’

Ye Chen slowly walked out from the crowd.


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