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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 61


Chapter 61 - The Bloody Butcher

The Bloody Butcher's cultivation was equivalent to a normal Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior. Even though Ye Chen had just reached the Condensing Reality Realm stage, he was not afraid. To be honest, this mission was way too easy for Ye Chen.

However, Ye Chen had his reasons for picking this mission. This was his first mission, he did not want any screw ups, it had to be perfect. Once he had enough experience, he would choose more difficult missions, as there were always many missions available. It was not like this was the last mission he would ever do, so there was no need to hurry.

Tearing down the mission sheet, Ye Chen did not rush to leave, but instead turned to the white jade wall with the school missions.

The first row of the school missions were full of four-star white rank missions which were obviously easier than the missions like killing the whole Skull gang, and the reward was five thousand gold and two low rank soul stones, which did not seem like much when compared to the bounty missions.

However, a low rank soul stone was worth one thousand silvers, and it was really hard to buy even when one had enough money. Especially for those cultivators who were unaffiliated with any power, it was really hard to find even one. You could only buy soul stones in an auction, making each soul stone extremely precious.

That was exactly why those inner disciples who were lacking soul stones loved to take on school missions, even though the rewards were not much. Every time there was a school mission, it would usually be taken by someone immediately. The first row of the white jade wall had ten mission sheets only a few moments ago, and there was only one left now, which would also probably be taken away soon.

Ye Chen did not need any more soul stones, and the white rank mission did not reward that many soul stones, so he was not interested in it at all.

When Ye Chen walked out of the Floating Cloud Palace, Wu Zongming happened to come out at the same time.

’’Ye Chen, what kind of mission did you take?’’

Ye Chen waved the mission sheet in his hand, ’’A three-star white rank mission.’’

Wu Zongming laughed, ’’Same here, I also took a three-star white rank mission. I am going to kill a two-tailed cheetah in Wind Bell Valley.’’

’’A two-tailed cheetah? They are quite fast!’’ Two-tailed cheetahs were rank 3 demonic beasts. While their paltry fighting power was barely equivalent to a normal Condensing Reality Realm warrior, they had an extremely fast speed which made them a bit tricky to catch.

’’That is true, I need to head back and start preparing, I will talk to you later.’’


After parting with Wu Zongming, Ye Chen realized it was still early, and he started to walk down the mountain.


Dark Stone Town. A small town that was close to the dark stone mountains, in the middle of nowhere.

The whole town was not big, and there were no tall buildings. It was simply guarded with wooden bars, preventing low rank beasts' attack, since there were many demonic beasts out here in the woods.

On the road close to Dark Stone Valley, there was a teenager;He slowed down his horse.

’’According to my research, the Bloody Butcher was here three days ago. Within a hundred miles from here, Dark Stone Valley is the only place he can be staying, unless he went somewhere else in the last two days.’’

The teenager was indeed Ye Chen. It had been one day and two nights since he had taken on the mission. During the past one day and two nights, he had not stopped once, and came all the way to the Dark Stone Valley three thousand miles away.

’’Whatever, let's go in and check it out first.’’

He slightly tightened his legs, and rushed his dark brown horse towards the gate of Dark Stone Valley.

Inside Dark Stone Valley, Ye Chen got off his horse, and started walking as he held the horse.

The environment inside the valley was not that great, the ground was full of cracks and mud, the shops on both sides of the street looked very old and shitty, it seemed apparent that they had not been taken care of for a long time. Compared to Wind Town, this place looked like a village, which was obviously a completely different level.

Of course, Ye Chen did not care for the environment, he was here to kill the Bloody Butcher, and would leave soon.

In the middle of the valley, there was a two storey high restaurant. It was the most crowded place in Dark Stone Valley.

Second floor.

There was a huge muscular looking man sitting by the window. He wore dark brown colored clothes, his long wild hair laid on his shoulders, the knuckles from his wine-holding hands were massive, with thick calluses which made them look like black iron stones. As for his appearance, he looked horrifying. Countless knife marks on his face almost ruined his whole face, only his eyes were bright like light, full of murderous intent.

After having a couple of steaks and a glass of wine, the muscular man turned his head towards the teenager in purple who was sitting at the table across him, and asked: ’’Who are you? You've been staring at me for a while.’’

The teenager in purple put down the chopsticks in his hand, and asked: ’’You are the Bloody Butcher?’’

’’Indeed!’’ The muscular man licked his lips.

’’It looks like I am pretty lucky. Do you want to kill yourself, or should I do it personally? Pick one.’’

Hearing him, the Bloody Butcher laughed: ’’A mere peak Early Condensing Reality Realm warrior dares to be this arrogant? You have underestimated me, the famous Bloody Butcher. Judging from your clothes, you must be a disciple from the Purple Sun Martial Palace, right? Too bad, today your journey ends here.’’

He had killed countless people, and was constantly chased by disciples from different martial institutions, but somehow, he still survived. But last time, he ran out of luck, and ran into an inner disciple from the North Snow Martial Academy, who had the same cultivation as him and was hit by an extremely sharp Snow Storm sword art which had almost killed him.

Luckily, his brutal past wasn't for nothing, in the most critical moment, he fought back recklessly with nothing to lose. The North Snow Martial Academy disciple he was fighting lacked experience and had planned to slowly take apart the Bloody Butcher with a prolonged fight instead of fighting him head on. In the last attack, the disciple was killed by his palm attack, while the Bloody Butcher himself had taken dozens of sword attacks to his face, resulting in his current appearance.

The teenager in purple slowly stood up, ’’I have eaten and drunk enough. Since you choose to be stubborn, then don't blame me for being too brutal. Oh, I forgot to tell you, my name is Teng Yunlong and I am going to end your life.’’

’’Haha.’’ The Bloody Butcher stood up as well, but did not reply, staring at a place behind Teng Yunlong, where there seemed to be something more important than what was going on in front of him.

Teng Yunlong looked confused, and turned to look.

’’Little brat, you are still too young.’’ The Bloody Butcher laughed in satisfaction, his right hand with huge knuckles was held up, it was full of bloody red light. He threw it towards Teng Yunlong whose head was still facing the other direction.

Teng Yunlong was furious, ’’Despicable!’’

Teng Yunlong backhanded and threw out a palm attack towards the Bloody Butcher.


A powerful wave spread across the room, shredding all the tables and chairs on the second floor. Some of the customers did not manage to avoid the wave and bled internally to death.

After the huge noise, Teng Yunlong was thrown out of the second floor window and landed heavily on that dirty street. All his clothes were torn apart and his face looked very pale.

The next second, the Bloody Butcher caught up to him, and threw out another palm attack.

He yelled: ’’Butcher's Blood Palm!’’

The bloody Zhen Qi formed a huge palm in the air, pressing down towards Teng Yunlong, blocking all the Zhen Qi and blood inside Teng Yunlong's body, who looked a bit out of it at the moment.

At this critical moment, Teng Yunlong bit his tongue, reached out with both of his palms full of purple Zhen Qi towards the Bloody Butcher.


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