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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 60


Chapter 60 - Killing Mission

Inside the great Floating Cloud Palace, there were hundreds of disciples and counting.

Walking into the palace, Ye Chen scanned the room. The palace still looked empty even though there were hundreds of people gathered in it. The ground was laid with whole pieces of blue steel stones, each side had nine blue and red stone columns each with flying dragons carved on them.

And beyond the stone columns, there was a jade wall every thirty steps that was full of papers.

’’Ye Chen, you are here too.’’ A teenager also walked into the palace. It was Wu Zongming, he had already known that Ye Chen had became an inner disciple, so he didn't seem surprised to see him there.

Ye Chen turned around and said, ’’After I trained for three months straight, I don't think I can improve any more for a while, so here I am to check it out.’’

Wu Zongming laughed: ’’I cannot even compare to you. I had trained for five months before I dared to take on a mission. Oh, right, this is your first time here in the Floating Cloud Palace, you might not know much about the school missions, let me brief you in.’’

’’Thanks, man!’’ Ye Chen was just thinking about asking.

’’There are two types of school missions: one of them is a bounty mission from outside parties. For example, if some small family would like something done, they would hire the martial institution, then the martial institution will rate the case before giving it to the disciples;the other one is from the martial institutions themselves, which is also called the inner school mission. The paycheck from inner school mission is not as high as the bounty mission but you can get a small amount of soul stones for it. So to tell which mission is which, all you need to do is to look at the paycheck, because the bounty mission only pays in gold, while the inner school mission pays in gold and soul stones.’’

Ye Chen nodded.

’’Also, according to the difficulty of the mission, they are all separated into different levels. The lowest level is the white rank mission which is suitable for Early Condensing Reality Realm warriors to take on, the next level is the grey rank mission, which is suitable for the Mid Condensing Reality Realm warriors;then there is the black rank mission, which will only be accepted by Late Condensing Reality Realm warriors. As for the master level rank above the black rank mission, it is not something we need to think of. Now, check out the color of those jade walls to tell the mission level from it.’’ Wu Zongming pointed at the jade walls in the palace.

Hearing his advice, Ye Chen looked over the direction Wu Zongming was pointing , and he realized the two jade wall close to the door were white, so the mission on it should be a white rank mission. According to the ’’left big, right small’’ rule of thumb, the wall to the left would be the school missions;and the wall to the right would be the bounty missions. After that, there were two grey jade walls, then two black jade walls which had the least number of disciples standing around them, only eight. Those disciples must be at Late Condensing Reality Realm. Among them, there were even core disciples seen.

Clearing his throat, Wu Zongming continued talking: ’’Besides that, within the same rank, the missions are then separated into different star ranks, from one to five stars, with a five-star rank being the most difficult. With my cultivation now, I can only take on a three-star white rank mission. Otherwise, my life would be in danger, a five-star mission would be a suicide mission to me.’’

Ye Chen asked: ’’Does that mean you can team up for a mission?’’

Wu Zongming nodded and said, ’’Yes, that is correct. For example, I can only take on a three-star white rank mission, and if I want to take a four star white mission, I must bring one or two inner disciples with similar cultivation with me. Once the mission is completed, the individual pay could be even better than a three-star white rank mission, which would be a win-win to everyone.’’

’’Ah! Sounds good!’’

After listening to Wu Zongming's explanation, Ye Chen was very interested in the school missions, but did not feel like teaming up with others at the moment.

’’Alright, I need to go say hi to those older disciples, I teamed up with them before.’’ Wu Zongming saw Ye Chen had already learned the basic rules, he would not continue to engage in bull shit pleansatries with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen thanked him once again.

After Wu Zongming left, Ye Chen walked over to the white jade wall on the right side first.

Just as he expected, the white jade wall on the right was full of bounty missions, they only paid in gold, no soul stones.

He read it from the top to the bottom.

On the first paper, there was a black skull drawing on it, and under the skull there were words written on it.

Mission: Kill the Skull Gang.

Crime Committed: Robbed businessmen, killed for goods, raped women, unforgettable crimes!

Analysis of cultivation: The leader of the Skull Gang is a peak Early Condensing Reality Realm warrior, the second and third in command are both Early Condensing Reality Realm warriors. There are around forty people and horses in the Skull Gang, with dozens of bows and arrows.

Mission difficulty: 5 stars

Mission rewards: Thirty-thousand gold

Suggestion: To be completed by five peak Early Condensing Reality Realm warriors or two Mid Condensing Reality warriors.

After he finished reading the paper, Ye Chen could not help but gasp. This five-star white rank mission is so damn hard! Killing a whole gang! Of course, the more people there are, even if they have one power level higher than the opponent, it might still not be enough. If you are reckless or careless, you might even get killed. No wonder it is recommended that it should be completed by five peak Early Condensing Reality Realm warriors or two Mid Condensing Reality Realm warriors, if you were to go alone, it would just be a suicide mission.

But they were only suggestions for those disciples who were not talented or gifted. For geniuses like Ye Chen, taking challenges that were above their level was nothing new. If he took on this mission, Ye Chen was sure he had a ninety-percent chance to complete the mission.

However, if he took on this kind of difficult mission for his first mission, would it truly be a good idea?

Thinking about it for a moment, Ye Chen decided to give up the five-star white rank mission. It was not that he was trying to avoid the troubles, but rather being cautious. He decided to start with an easy white rank mission, then take on harder ones later when he had more experience.

’’This mission is mine!’’ All of the sudden, a hand made a grabbing gesture in the air, then ’’swoosh’’ the piece of paper with the Skull Gang mission on it landed on the hand effortlessly.

Ye Chen turned his head, it was a tall teenager, with thick,black eyebrows. Standing there, the teenager had a great aura, pressuring all the disciples around him and pushing them, which made them had to step back. They yelled out of surprise: ’’Brother Wang!’’

Brother Wang? Ye Chen was not familiar with the name, but the vibration of the Zhen Qi from that teenager was extremely strong, which meant he was at least a Mid Condensing Reality Realm Warrior.

With a light laugh, the tall teenager turned to leave.

Ye Chen was not bothered with what just happened, he put his attention back on the jade wall, scanning down the wall.

On the third row.

Mission: Killing Bloody Butcher!

Committed Crime: Raped women, killed countless people!

Analysis of cultivation: Peak Early Condensing Reality Realm warrior.

Mission difficulty: 3 stars

Mission rewards: Four-thousand gold

Suggestion: To be completed by two Peak Early Condensing Reality Realm warriors or a Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior.

Ye Chen's eyes brightened. This is it!


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