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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 58


Chapter 58 - Pure Jun Zhen Qi Art

On the second floor in the pavilion of the martial arts.

Ye Chen walked around the second floor, picking up and reading manuals before putting them back down.

Many of these manuals were actually quite good, each of them had their specialties. For example, some of them had a fast recovery speed, that was beneficial for long battles;some of them had strong Zhen Qi when in danger, that was beneficial for short fast-paced battles;some of them were great for defense, that was beneficial for warriors who preferred head to head battles;and some of them had special effects, such as the twisted aura from the Twisted Heart Spell.

All in all, any martial art manual that was ranked as a top rank Mortal Realm, would not be too shabby.

Ye Chen had almost gone through all of the manuals on the second floor before he finally found something he was quite happy about.

’’Pure Jun Zhen Qi, top rank Mortal Realm Art with seven stages in total. According to this, it was the special martial art from the Clear River Sword Institution two thousand years ago. The first four stages were focused on training and sharpening Zhen Qi;the fifth stage could produce Qi light and kill people within a ten-steps radius;the sixth stage would improve even further, becoming capable of producing a Qi defense, combining both attack and defense. On the last stage, all the Zhen Qi of the trainer's body could be combined all together and thrown as Qi swords, wounding people from a hundred steps away.’’

’’Great, I will take it.’’ Ye Chen felt that there was no need to continue searching, this Pure Jun Zhen Qi was very suitable for him.

After deciding on a martial art, the next thing to do would be to choose a movement art.

The Golden Swallow Art was only a high rank Mortal Realm, but its was really effective, and even Ye Chen would not dare to look down upon it. In another words, before, without the Golden Swallow art, his only trump card was his body strength, which he wished to keep concealed.

But now, he had the opportunity to choose a top rank Mortal Realm movement art;there was no way Ye Chen would let this opportunity go to waste.

Shadow Shifter!

Wind Rider Spell!

Seven Star Floating Cloud Art!

Crane Shadow Steps!

All the different kinds of movement art manuals were making Ye Chen feel dizzy.

The Shadow Shifter was pretty self-explanatory, it allowed a warrior to quickly shift his body within a short period to confuse the opponent. Wind Rider made a warrior's body strong but light, capable of running as fast as the wind. The Seven Star Floating Cloud Art allowed a warrior to stand on seven stars and float in the sky and travel miles in minutes. Finally, the Crane Shadow Steps allowed a warrior to move so fast that he would become almost invisible.

After a moment, Ye Chen made up his mind and confidently chose the Crane Shadow Steps, just like when he had chosen the Golden Swallow Art.

Finally, Ye Chen picked up a new Fist Art manual. As for a sword art, Ye Chen did not need one at the moment since he had already mastered the Lone Peak Thirteen Swords which was as strong as a top rank Mortal Realm sword art when fully mastered.

After leaving the pavilion of martial arts, Ye Chen went back to his own little compound.


One and half month passed in the blink of an eye.

One morning, a thin layer of fog had covered half of the Wind Mountain.

On a cliff in the middle of nowhere, there came a sound of a man grunting from exertion.

A breeze blew the fog away, revealing a human figure standing in front of a huge black rock with the height of three meters.

The sound was coming from the human figure, and if you looked carefully, you would notice that the fog all around him could not get near him, it was like there was an invisible Qi bubble around him. Not only that, but all the fog that had come close was completely shredded into smaller pieces, almost like steam coming out of pot of boiling water.

The human figure was Ye Chen. His eyes shut as he concentrated on accumulating his Pure Jun Zhen Qi.

After a long while, Ye Chen finally moved!

He waved his hand, and an nigh-invisible Qi light flew out of his hand and landed on the huge rock.


The granite chips flew everywhere, and on the surface of the huge rock, a two-meter long furrow was gouged out, the edges of the furrow were as sharp as a knife cut.

Boom! Boom! Boom! ...

That first Qi light had already been extremely powerful, but the subsequent Qi light were even more powerful. Each attack was narrow, long and sharp, bent like a saber, every attack landed precisely on the huge rock, leaving countless extremely horrifying deep fissures.

’’Blade like Zhen Qi, is this the sixth stage of the Pure Jun Zhen Qi art?’’

Looking at the huge rock with fissures everywhere, Ye Chen felt something stir inside him. Half a year ago, he would never have been able to cause this kind of destruction even if he had used all his power. But now, he could throw out hundreds of attacks without effort, and if those attacks ever land on a human being, they would just become diced meat.

Wanting to test the limits of his new martial art, Ye Chen took a deep breath, and his right hand formed a knife hand as he waved his hand in the air.


A half-meter long Qi light was formed. In the blink of an eye, the huge rock was punched through, and tiny little cracks soon covered the whole rock.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen started to walk towards the huge rock.

When he was only one meter away, the surface of the huge rock slowly depressed before becoming a dark-brown-colored powder and shooting out, covering the ground.

As he took a step back, he could see there was a new oval-shaped hole on the surface of the huge rock, it was smooth like it had been polished.

’’Good, this Qi light is pretty impressive!’’

Ye Chen marveled at the so-called Qi light that was formed by countless sharp Qi, it would shred any object that came too close;if it was mastered to a high level, no common weapon could compare and would definitely be shredded into iron dust if they clashed.

However, it was not be easy to master the Pure Jun Zhen Qi art to the sixth stage. During the past one and half months, Ye Chen had trained his Zhen Qi for a total of one hundred and eight times, and after each time, he would be completely exhausted and full of sweat.

But of course, all of this was worth it. The power demonstrated by his Pure Jun Zhen Qi art was more powerful than most Zhen Qi, and it was only at the sixth stage. Once he mastered the seventh and highest stage, his Zhen Qi could throw out Qi swords freely. By then it would be fully mastered, and his Zhen Qi would be able to easily kill his enemy a hundred steps away, its power was simply incomparable to any other martial skill.

Unfortunately, powerful martial arts were quite difficult to master. Ye Chen's comprehension ability could be considered to be one of best, but he could still not reach the seventh stage within the time he spent, not to mention the peak of the seventh stage, or the full completion of the Pure Jun Zhen Qi art.

Let's train the Crane Shadow Steps first!

According to the rumors, there was a huge mountain that was one hundred thousand meters tall on the west side of the True Spirit Continent. On that mountain, there were thousand-year-old magic cranes;their wingspan could reach more than a hundred meters wide, covering the sun. When they flew over the forest, branches would be snapped by the strong winds that followed their flight. When they flew over the sea, waves would reach more than one hundred meters high. When they flew past the desert, they would cause countless sandstorms and drown everything.

These magical cranes were not demonic beasts. Some said they were some deity's pet, and some said they were prominent ancient creatures, but all of the rumors only made them more mysterious. Every year, many people would journey west at least once in their life to try and catch a single glance of them.

Real or not, the legends of the magical cranes have existed for thousands of years, which was the basis of their name, the thousand-year-old magical cranes.

Two hundred years ago, a movement art genius journeyed to the west side of the True Spirit Continent like many others. After waiting for several years, he finally saw the magical cranes and although the magical crane that he saw only had a wingspan of only thirty meters, it was still as magical as the legends. The magical crane could easily crack open small mountains, its speed was so fast that human eyes could not follow it, and a single leap could reach ten miles.

Inspired by the majestic crane, the movement art genius spent another several years studying the magical crane. Day by day, he toiled away before eventually creating his own impressive movement art.

The Crane Shadow Steps.

However, mortals have never actually seen the magical cranes, so they could not capture the essence of the art, resulting in the slow degradation of the Crane Shadow Steps. Eventually it was lowered to be a top rank Mortal Realm art.

In an accident, the Crane Shadow Steps art manual was retrieved by an inner master of the Sky Cloud Martial School and he stored it in the Pavilion of the Martial Arts for disciples to learn.


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