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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 52


Chapter 52 - Before Heading Back to the Sky Cloud Martial School


Ye Chen landed a few meters away and put his sword back in its scabbard.

’’If you are just not as good as other people, I believe that there is nothing much you can do about it. But on the other hand, if I lost to you, you would have crippled my cultivation. Now, if I do not kill you nor cripple your cultivation, and you still decide not to drop this issue, then don't blame me for being cruel. Plus, I believe that the Emerald Martial Palace would not declare war on my Sky Cloud Martial School just for the sake of you, a little inner disciple, you are not that important.’’

’’Ye Hai, let's go.’’

Since the dishes had all been knocked over, there was no reason for them to stay there any longer. Fortunately, they were almost done eating when Ye Xuan and the others came in.

Ye Hai just stood there staring at Ye Chen's back as he walked away. Although he already knew that Ye Chen was very strong, he still could not help but be surprised when he saw him beat a Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior within ten moves. What kind of aura is that? In comparison, my fighting spirit, which is all I have gained during my travels, is nothing when compared with him.

By the stairs, Ye Xuan could not control her trembling heart as she watched the two leave.

Maybe he could really tower over the young generation of the Windy Nation, being able to accomplish things even the top disciples of Emerald Martial Palace could not accomplish. He at his Early Condensing Reality Realm somehow managed to beat Cui Shiming who was already at the Mid Condensing Reality Realm. When he reaches the Mid Condensing Reality Realm, does that mean he could challenge warriors at the Late Condensing Reality Realm? Then, what happens when he gets even stronger?

’’Bastard, I will never let you get away with this.’’ Cui Shiming roared, he had a murderous look on his face.

Ye Xuan frowned as she glanced at Cui Shiming. Although she was not a big fan of Ye Chen, but when compared to Cui Shiming, it was obvious who was the better of the two, Ye Chen had even won fair and square.

’’Brother Cui, are you okay?’’ Even though she said that, Ye Xuan did not sound that worried.

Cui Shiming waved his hand in the air, ’’I was careless this time. The next time we meet, I will have to kill him to relieve this hatred I feel. All of you, listen up! If you tell another living soul about this, you are dead.’’

’’Brother Cui, don't worry, we will keep our mouths shut.’’

’’Yes! That brat must have known about the secret of the Shadow Cuts skill before, how else

would he be able to beat our brother Cui?’’

After hearing these words, he felt slightly better, Cui Shiming turned his head to look at Ye Xuan, ’’Sister Ye, you are a member of Ye family, I am sorry but I will have to kill Ye Chen. I hope you will not obstruct me.’’

Ye Xuan replied calmly: ’’Life or death, it is only a warrior's destiny.’’



After arriving at Ye family , Ye Chen and Ye Hai went their separate ways.

The following days, Ye Chen did not go anywhere but put all his effort into training.

Although his Zhen Qi was already more stable than most of Condensing Reality Realm warriors that had broken through, in order to reach the Peak of Early Condensing Reality Realm, he would have to produce a lot of Zhen Qi before extracting them which was not easy at all;he would have to do it step by step without taking any shortcut, only then would he might be able to reach the next stage.

At night, the moonlight was as clear as the water in a river.

On a hill in his yard, Ye Chen sat with his legs folded in front of him;both of his hands had a low rank soul stones each, he rested them on top of his knees while he breathed out slowly but firmly. Gradually, he extracted the Yuan Qi from the soul stones.

The Yuan Qi from the soul stones was much purer than the Yuan Qi obtained from the nature, because it had been sealed in the soul stones for a long time, it even grew a little bit of ling qi which was way more beneficial than just the Yuan Qi, the longer you were exposed to it, the sharper your mental acuity would be and the fresher you would feel;it had great benefits for a human body.

The Yuan Qi from the soul stones flowed through the meridians in Ye Chen's arms and entered his body, the Zhen Qi tornado inside Ye Chen's Dantian also sped up its spinning. It was like a meat shredder, shredding everything into pieces then putting them back together with the help of the Zhen Qi. It then followed the remaining Zhen Qi and started spinning, from which, it cleared out all the impurities.

One rotation!

Two rotations!

Three rotations!


Seventy-two rotations!


One hundred and eight rotations!


Two hundred and forty rotations!

Only when his meridians and Dantian began to hurt, and his muscles tightened and grow numb, did Ye Chen finally stop absorbing Yuan Qi. He sighed. If I could just continue absorbing and extracting Yuan qi endlessly, reaching the Peak of Early Condensing Reality Realm would not be impossible for me.

In actuality, Ye Chen was just being too greedy, if anyone else of the same cultivation had heard Ye Chen's thought, they would be extremely envious and jealous of him.

Because normally, it was already extremely hard for Early Condensing Reality Realm warriors to complete one hundred and eight rotations of Zhen Qi. Not many people could manage to complete even one hundred and fifty rotations, not to mention the two hundred and forty rotations that Ye Chen did.

It was all because his strong body that allowed Ye Chen to handle that large amount of Yuan Qi, while his strong soul allowed Ye Chen to be able to control it so precisely. It would have never been possible if either one of them was missing. Why could those people who had a great potential be able to train faster than other people? It was only because their bodies were much stronger than the normal human beings, and their mental fortitude was much stronger. As for people with great comprehension abilities, their mentality would be much stronger even if their bodies might be comparatively less stronger.

But of course, that was also why Condensing Reality Realm was not considered to be that significant. Once warriors reached the Clasping Yuan Realm or higher, they would go into closed door training for months;some Astral Reaching Realm warriors would even go behind closed doors for years to train. But when they were finally come out, they would be unbelievably powerful and would be able to beat all the powerful people around the world easily.

Unfortunately, the higher the power level, the harder it is to advance. To go behind closed doors and train was done to stabilize their essence and filter out the impurities. However, it was extremely hard to have a breakthrough in their cultivation, if they didn't have enough training then it would all be pointless. There were a lot of powerful people who were able to defeat anyone they had met initially, but after their closed door trainings, they became nobody, and now people could not even remember their names.

As he put away the soul stones that still had some trace amounts of Yuan Qi left, Ye Chen slowly stood up, and as his body slightly shifted, he already landed in the little pond in the yard.

His feet touched the water, his body bounced up and down on the surface yet did not sink, a spectacle that could only be achieved by someone who had mastered a movement art to its peak stages.

Now that I have already stabilized the Zhen Qi, it will be impossible for me to have another break through for a while. I should start begin training the Tyrant Fist tomorrow.

Watching the moon for a little while, Ye Chen lost his interest in it, his body floated up from the pond, and disappeared in the air in the blink of an eye.


Days came and went.

Besides accumulating Zhen Qi every night, Ye Chen spent all his energy on training the Tyrant Fist.

This fist art was indeed a low rank Earth Realm art which had high requirements on the trainer's body and the quality of Zhen Qi. If the body was not strong, then the trainer's arms would very likely damaged by the power of the Tyrant Fist;if the Zhen Qi was not pure enough, then the power of Tyrant Fist would not only be decreased but would also damage the trainer's body, and if its usage continued in such a situation, it might cause blockages in one's meridians and ruined the trainer's body.

But despite all of that, Ye Chen had already managed to reach the early stage of this fist art and understood the essence of the art.

Finally, the day for him to go back to Sky Cloud Martial School had come.

And this time back, he hoped to become an inner disciple and be qualified to train in the top rank Mortal Realm skills within half a year of time. After six months, he would be able to go on the missions given by the martial school and travel the world. Rumor said that, if he was powerful enough, he might even be sent to a foreign country for a mission;however, it would be really rare since the Windy Nation was already quite large and had a plethora of missions waiting to be completed.

Also, the further it got from the Sky Cloud Martial School, the harder the mission would be. The leaders of the school never wanted to see their disciples lost in the middle of a foreign land without being able to know if they were alive or not.


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